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Reviews For Fixing Her Hair

Name: hi (Anonymous) · Date: 06/06/12 - 06:45 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
Aww that was sad! I felt sorry for Ino why can't Sakura accepts the fact that Sasuke doesn't love her I wish Sasuke could just go to Naruto and leave Sakura alone but Ino is always there for Sakura so they deserve each other! Anyway, great and sad story!

Name: xXCrazyAkiraXx (Anonymous) · Date: 04/08/11 - 02:49 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Wow, that is one of the most beautiful Narutofics ever.
I swear you nearly made me cry (and that does NOT happen often).
Maybe it's because Ino and Sakura remind me a bit of my crush and me.
Just that my crush is in a happy relationship and doesn't get that her best friend loves her. *Sigh* T.T
Anyway, I love your story, very touching.
Akira :)

Name: sebastian-the best (Anonymous) · Date: 19/03/08 - 10:03 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
well i know who is narutos father and that he is alive.

well hes father is the 4th but well known as yondaime hes alive becous when he sills the kyuubi most people says that he died but he has the power of going to other demitions and he did it but he dosent go back to see naruto cus he is wating for the right moment.

Name: Hitori-kun (Anonymous) · Date: 12/01/08 - 08:05 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
Oh, that's so nice, and sad!
Poor Sakura ^^

Name: Archaic Aphorism (Signed) · Date: 28/12/07 - 09:02 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Muauhahaha... because I hate un-round numbers... and ten is a rounder number (in my opinion) than nine... here's another review.

I doubt it's getting old (you writing a lot of SasuNaru) because, obviously, your fans are just eating it up. And, if you write well, and keep the many, many stories you've done varied and original, it shouldn't ever become a problem. In fact, it could become your strongest point.

Although... I'd love to do a fic exchange with you! Like, you write me something, and I'll write you something! Keep it hush-hush, so the stories are a surprise when we get them!

What do you think? It's not a stupid idea, is it? ^_^' I'm notorious for bad ideas.

Anyhow, I'd love to write something for you! I'd even be willing to go so far as to write SasuNaru >.< Maybe. I'd have to think real hard and maybe stick my head in an oven for a while.

Anyways... if you write something for me... give me a crazy pairing! I'm always up for some (plausible) Neji x Shino or good Iruka x Mizuki. Heck, a good humor!fic for Kakashi x Iruka would be great...

I'm easy to please X3 Sorta -.-'

Gah, this is getting long and demanding... erg.

Anywho... I propose a fic exchange! What say you? (And if you say yes, go ahead and set a 'finish-and-post-by" date for us) ^.^ I think this could be fun.

Loves and Kisses and Sand Castles for All! -Casild

Author's Response: I like round numbers too and I get another review, so it's all good. ^-^ Yeah...I know...But still >.< Oh yes! A fic exchange! *nod nod* I like it! Yes! *cheers* I get a fic from you! And write whatever the heck you wanna...Though I may just wanna test ya and make you stick your head in the oven for awhile, to see what you can come up with SasuNaru. *snickers* Neji x Shino? Iruka x Mizuki? How about Itachi x Sai? >.< Or Shikamaru x Gaara? Or...I don't know! But I'll figure something out! If not I will run around all of my house five hundred and a million times! And probably cry in my emo corner for a bit...Grow some mushrooms...Cook the mushrooms...Run more laps....Die from running all the laps...And let my laptop get dusty....xP Hm...Finish and post by date? I dunno know. Whenever you finish it? Oh! Uh...January 2? 'Cause I go back to school January 3 and who knows when I will have time to write after that. xP Or whatever is good for you...Damn I better at least figure out what I am going to do tonight...>.< Can;t wait to see what you come up with. ^-~ With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Archaic Aphorism (Signed) · Date: 28/12/07 - 07:43 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
Oh my gosh! I thought the title looked familiar when I saw it! This is the story I (attempted) to edit for you a while back, isn't it? Sorry I never got it back to you... Um... but I did catch a few mistakes. Not many, but, um... (gosh, I feel mean pointing them out, but... that's what constructive criticism is, right? Ergh...)

Just little things, really. In the sixth paragraph of the beginning scene "your" should be "you're". Mmm... I can't remember the other one now... oh well.

There, my feeble attempt at criticizing one of your stories. Mission: utter failure. ^.^' heh.

Um, either way! On to my opinion...

Amazing! I loved the entire thing, but the ending especially. The whole story was very raw (I think that's the right way to describe what I'm trying to say... if you haven't noticed, I'm not very literate outside of stories ^.^' of course, that's supposing I'm literate inside of stories...) Anyways...

Amazing! So sad... props!

Author's Response: No problem, I think I sent this to you before by mistake >.< And I think the other mistake you might have saw was when I put 'the years pasted...' When I saw that myself I felt so stupid * sweat drop* I just changed that and the your-you're thing. *nod nod* And at least that means I did pretty good on this? I was really proud of this piece, have no idea why >.< I was going for raw, emotional. So yeah, raw is actually the perfect word for it, at least in my mind. (And I haven't noticed you aren't literate in your reviews....Your reviews are some of the best I get. ^-^ ) Glad you liked it! And I am still writing SasuNaru to your response to your other comment...I'm almost scared that I might mess up any other couple...Though I really should try something else, it must be getting old...Any suggestions? I don't really have anything I have to update or write or anything. So give me what you want. ^-^ Thanks for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Mitsuko Okanami (Signed) · Date: 06/11/07 - 05:27 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Very impressive story. It's heart breaking for me, because despite the i dont particularly like Sakura or Sasuke, id still want them to be happy w/ each other. darkness isnt normally my thing, but this is going on my favorites!

Name: Rasoe (Anonymous) · Date: 15/10/07 - 09:49 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
Beautifully capitivating!

Name: Swords_and_Bandages (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 05:14 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Excellent work. This makes me remember a song I heard.

"...But please don't cry, dry ya eyes
Never let up
Forgive but don't forget girl keep ya head up
And when he tells you you ain't nothin
Don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love ya, you should leave him
'Cause sister, you don't need him
I ain't trying to gash up, but I just call'em how I see 'em..."

Guess who sang that.

Poor Sakura. She still thinks he can change, doesn't she?

Poor Ino. Sakura's trapped in a hell of a marriage, and she can't do anything about it.

If I could cry, I would.

Name: Akane Uchiha (Anonymous) · Date: 11/10/07 - 02:48 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Very nicely done, I loved it!

Name: Star Princess (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 02:16 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
That was so good. That was really deep too! Great job. Such suffering throught it!

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 12:25 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
I've seen this story far too often in real life. It's one of those horrible, tragic tales that no one seems to ever escape. Definitely shows the darker side of devotion. Keep up the good work.

Name: stylin_crimson (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 12:16 pm · For: Fixing Her Hair
Awwww. Bless her

Name: Sleepless Knight (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 10:21 am · For: Fixing Her Hair
[AkiraHatesYou here]
You've seriously improved since the last time I read your work. I'm so pleased to know that you've never stopped writing...

Missed you. :]

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