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Name: inuyashas_only_1 (Signed) · Date: 26/06/11 - 11:09 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl
I've had too many people mention that my writing was reminiscent of yours to not check you out, and someone recommended this work in particular.

I hesitate to use the words "grrrl power" and the like; it makes me feel anti-male to even say "grrrl power". But this is something I like. There's a kind of rawness to it and underlying anger and frustration at feelings of inadequacy and not wanting to be what is expected of you but never truly escaping that given title. Sakura has always been a character close to my heart, and this really tugged at aforementioned heart. Thanks for writing it; I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Oh my. Really? I can't believe the lovely people here still remember me. Much less say that my writing is similar to yours! Or recommending my work! I'm all blushes~<3 Especially for people to think of someone like me when they read your writing. From what I've read (which is very little, for which I apologize profusely) of you, you are a wonderful author! It's so good to see that TONFA hasn't died in my absence and I do hope you are also posting your work elsewhere, such as or even livejournal. TONFA is amazing and all, but you can never get too many reviews, right? Or maybe that's just me. >w<;; rnrnBelieve me, hun. You are more than welcome. I thank you for reading it and I thank whoever recommended it. I'm so glad that the feelings were felt because I wanted to channel that. Especially for Sakura, a character that is shoved into the role of 'Girl' too often to count. She's discounted as the minority and the first thing that anyone thinks is /girl/ with her hair and her teammates and her everything else. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it and I wish you complete and total luck with your future writing and stories. Not that you need it, do you, hun~? With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Katana (Signed) · Date: 23/11/09 - 12:21 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl

Name: Miki Everless (Signed) · Date: 02/11/08 - 04:12 am · For: Not A Pretty Girl
Amazing. Most people who hate Sakura hate her because they consider her in the same class as Ino; a pretty girl who can't do anything.

This is a really beautiful story. There are so few Sakura fics that revolve around her TRUE personality.

Shit, I can't even explain my feelings for this story =D FAVOURITED.

Name: Sahari Hagani (Anonymous) · Date: 21/11/07 - 04:25 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl
OMG,I just love your stories I'm working on a story but I don't think they'll be as great as you'rs.

Name: lovin_Garra36 (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 09:43 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl
That was good.It showed a different side to Sakura

Name: Weird is my thing (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 07:55 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl
Awesome song fic! Now I definately need to listen to this song =)

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 05:27 am · For: Not A Pretty Girl
awww Violet, relax! you have ALLL the right in the world to be busy, damn, and those who are angry with you deserve a good kick in the crotch! I so miss The Note, but I understand that you have life *pats violet* now about this story! i've never heard this song before heh. i really think you did justice to Sakura and once again, it is beautifully written^^

-- A Vampires Butterfly : Thank you, Nao...I just feel horrible about it and I can just feel the pressure getting to me...I mean I will update, but I just feel as if I'm letting people down. And if you knew me, you now there is nothing and I mean nothing I hate worse than letting people down. *sighs* I love this song! It is so full of emotion, you know? ^-^ I'm glad I could do Sakura justice. When I heard this song for the first time I was like...this reminds me of something for Sakura and Rock Lee...but then I just made it about Sakura. Glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Tari (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 01:01 am · For: Not A Pretty Girl
This is really eally good! I've never really thought about Sakura in this light before. Like a lot of people, I don't really start liking her ubtil during the chunnin exams. She rocks after that. The main reasoon I didn't like her was she was so busy chasing Sasuke, she reminded me way too much of this girl I met at an archery course at Oasis. But she really des get better.
And you are not a horrible person! YOu have plenty of morals!
*snickers* I was lookin on the thing where you can name your fave auhtors, you were on like 95% of them. Thats how popular you are on this site Butterfly, do you believe me now?

-- A Vampires Butterfly : Thank you! Yes, that was what I was going for, showing Sakura in a new light, give her another level to her personality. I hate her too, because she is always chasing Sasuke and just clinging to him and everything so I changed that up some. Makes me hate her less. *blushes* You are too kind. I am horrible though. I haven't updated anything in forever, plus I haven't reviewed half as much as I should. Nor read some of the updates that people are depending me to read for them. I feel horrible, but thank you! I really don't get how that I am that popular...I think it's just because of how many stories I have written. ^-^; Thanks for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Swords_and_Bandages (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 12:23 am · For: Not A Pretty Girl
Hmm... I like that. Sakura's a tough, no-bull$hit kind of person, and this definitely proves it. I think lots of people share her sentiments- to prove to others that they are more than what they seem to be.

Great job. Nice songfic.

-- A Vampires Butterfly : Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I agree with you. Sakura is really a tough person, but nobody really describes it well enough. Not that I did in this, not well enough in my opinion, but I tried. Thank you! Thanks for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: evaxgaara (Signed) · Date: 02/08/07 - 11:59 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl

-- A Vampires Butterfly : Thanks? I hate to think my hard work was only worth one word. Thanks for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: MurderScene__ (Signed) · Date: 02/08/07 - 11:55 pm · For: Not A Pretty Girl
Ahh, that was fair awesome.
I laughed out loud when it said that she rebelled against the flowers. Anyway,
I enjoyed reading it. [:

-- A Vampires Butterfly : Thank you! I'm glad I made you laugh. I was trying to work in a theme with the flowers and everything...Glad you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

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