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Konoha Civil War by N1nj45tyl3

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I don't own shit =O but yeah I know what you're thinking if you read Skipping the Rift and now this. But i meant it to be that way. Many thanks to antilogicgirl for her amazing beta-skills.

Dear Naruto,

For many years I’ve watched you from afar, wanting to tell you so many things but was to afraid, too shy to even tell you. There were many letters I wrote, hoping that I could give them to you, but found myself keeping them, for fear of rejection. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a chance to tell you all those things I wanted to. To hug you, and kiss you, and to let you know that you weren’t always alone when we were younger. You had an angel watching over you, silently giving you strength from afar. It’s unfortunate that I was too weak of woman, both then and now to tell you with my own words how I truly felt. I beg of you to not hold any grudge against me for Kiba-sans death. As the only thing that I can truly and countless draw inspiration and pride from, having you be upset or angry with me is a fate worse than the one I’m about to face. Though I’m sure you won’t even notice that I’m gone, know that some how, I will be with you just as I always have been. There are many more things I want to say, but I don’t think I have enough time to write them all. Please, Naruto…I beg of you, as my last request that no matter what happens, keep this letter with you. Do this so that even if I cannot be with you in spirit, my last words will be with you: the person I admire above all others..


Naruto read the letter to himself one last time as he stuffed it inside the pocket of his jacket. There was no turning back now. They had already decided on their plan. There was nothing left but the execution.
“Everyone here?” Naruto asked, and got enthusiastic response from all his friends. In unison, many calloused and tired hands secured metal plates, inscribed with a the symbol of their village. With a newfound resolve they ripped them away from arms, necks, waists, and foreheads. As they defiantly tossed them away, Naruto felt a freedom he knew was possible. “Alright, Operation Skipping the Rift begins!”
They all leapt away in different directions, scattering to the four winds around Konoha. Naruto was the last to leave, knowing full well the action he was about to take was damn near treason, but that might be putting it mildly. He didn’t care. If anything, the village had already hated him before, why not remind them that he wasn’t to be trusted? This time, they would have good reason. A reason better than being the container for a Nine-tailed Demon fox, anyway. No, they were gonna hate him for being the shinobi who saved his friend, defying all the laws he was taught to die for. Naruto’s jaw clenched. This was righteous treason.
He wasn’t a tool to be tossed away, and neither was Hinata. And once he rescued the damsel in distress, he’d tell her…tell her how she had touched him. How he was sorry that he had his head too far up his ass to notice how she had been pushing him along. As he leapt towards his destination, there was only one thought in Naruto’s head.
If breaking the rules will make me trash, He thought to himself. Then I’m going to be the biggest piece of trash there is!
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