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Reviews For Yaburetayume

Name: Lirin (Signed) · Date: 19/10/10 - 02:45 am · For: Revealing Secrets
I know that you're probably not going to keep updating this story at this point, but I just wanted to let you know that what you do have here is fabulous. Exactly what I was looking for when I searched a Gaara and Neji pairing.

Name: Pixie (Signed) · Date: 18/09/08 - 01:54 pm · For: Revealing Secrets
AAAhhhh I want to know what will happen please update sooooonnnn. Oh and by the way if you want help with translating things in french I would be more than glad to help you!

Name: Pixie (Signed) · Date: 18/09/08 - 10:26 am · For: Introductions
I really like the beginning of this story (haven't read the rest yet) but something bugs me... Your sentence in french actually... I'm french and I can tell you... it doesn't mean anything, if I was to translate it it would be somthing like "Go to or would want you kill"... a more correct one would be " Fout moi la paix ou je te tue" or "Casse toi ou je te zigouille" if you really like the "zigouille" part

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 26/07/08 - 08:54 pm · For: Revealing Secrets
Oh maaaaannnnn!!!!! I wants details! I wants details of Kanky and Kiba! I can't take it! *Holds breath* Won't breath in until I get another chappie! *Breathes* After I tell you how much I love this chapter! Shukaku and Neji interacting reminds me so much of people who actually have split personality disorder, have you had personal experience? *Wince* I have, it wasn't fun... The personality that wasn't the real person (her own Shukaku in a way) tried to attack me. Luckily, she was like Gaara in many ways, a tiny red head, but it was disturbing either way. You really did catch the essence of a split personality disorder in guilt ridden victims, seriously. It's awesome, especially for people who have taken college level psychology classes. I actually had a psychology major read this chapter (she's my bestest friend!) and she was impressed by how well you understand how split personalities are formed both as a safety mechanism and as a way of self punishment. Not many people understand the second form of creating a split personality disorder, so it was just really surprising to find it here. I love it so much! It's making me feel intellectual! and now to my narutardness.... *Cookies!* Here are my promised cookies to you!

Name: kurisuchin45556 (Signed) · Date: 24/07/08 - 06:46 pm · For: Revealing Secrets
ooh, so cool!

Name: omgitspattyd (Signed) · Date: 24/07/08 - 03:01 pm · For: Revealing Secrets I sense a hint of jelousy Neji?? I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO!! lol yayyyy I cant for you to update so HURRY!!!

Name: omgitspattyd (Signed) · Date: 24/07/08 - 02:53 pm · For: Revealing Secrets I sense a hint of jelousy Neji?? I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO!! lol yayyyy I cant for you to update so HURRY!!!

Name: MurderScene__ (Signed) · Date: 24/07/08 - 04:07 am · For: Revealing Secrets
Ekk! &The plot thickens.
I can feel the intense-ness you promised! Haha. :D
But, seriously. Amazinggg. Neji now understands.
And I'd say more about how amazing this is, but.. I have to go
:D! Update as soon as you can!

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 09/06/08 - 07:38 pm · For: Emotional Backup
GEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *happy tears!* *Cookies raining down on you* I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Kanky to kick it in and GEEEEEE HE'S HERE! Happy happy happy! I love the cover up, how Kankuro handled Mr. Inuzuka (the big jerk) and I can't wait to see what happens to the bastard when Kankuro finds out about every thing else GEEEEEE! I think the family is about to start calling up the stairs to see what I'm squealing about and my poor rat Hamlet is trying to run away from me but JJJOOOOOYYYYY! Kankuro is so awesome! Loves! *cookies* COokies!

Author's Response: YAY!!! COOKIES!!! LOVE TO YOU!!! Thanks for the wonderful review:) I always enjoy reading your reviews because they let me know I'm doing good^.^

Name: kurisuchin45556 (Signed) · Date: 08/06/08 - 05:37 pm · For: Emotional Backup
L...O...L...!!!!! Kankuro is gay! That's the most fricking hilarious thing i've ever read!

Author's Response: Kanky has always been gay, didn't you know that? Hehehe. Yup, I have never in a single story paired him with a female. There really aren't any females I could logically put him with, and I refuse to make an original character for him. Stupid Mary Sue's that RUIN GOOD STORIES!!! *cough* sorrry. I was just thinking about some books that have ended horribly because of Mary Sue's...oh how I hate them.

Name: omgitspattyd (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 - 04:06 pm · For: Emotional Backup
I loved this chapter poor Kiba is finally getting some good lovin =^.^=...awww its ok I understand about the least your updating so dont push yourself too hard cause so many authors do and eventually fall out of the fandom and we never see them again...NOOO I DONT WANT THAT!!!...I hate it when they do that *growl*...soooo hope your days get stress free and to cheer you up you can borrow my cute chibi gaara for a day!!!!.....errr.....a few hours..... kk?? GOOD LUCK!

Author's Response: Oohh, chibi Gaara!!! SQUEE! Yeah, the internet doesn't work well here, but I finally have a few minutes to update:) YAY!!! Don't worry, I still have several chapters ready to be posted and am working on the next one. So I won't fall out, I promise. I even know how I want it to end.

Name: MurderScene__ (Signed) · Date: 05/06/08 - 02:55 am · For: Emotional Backup
Ohwowowowow. :)
Amazing! This is the only story on my favorites that is still be updated. It makes me so sad,
but seeing this updated has made me happy! So, yay for you? You get.. chewing gum? That's all I really have at the moment..

But,, oooooohhh! Can't wait for some more! :DDDD!

Author's Response: Are you ready?? Are you sure you are because I am soo updating and the story gets intense :) heh heh heh....rnBubble gum. Nice.

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 28/04/08 - 08:22 pm · For: Aftermath
I could have sworn that I reviewed... But I can't see it so I'm gonna do it again... COOKIES TO THE WRITER! *hands over cookies* Papers are hard, school has to come first, we'll just have to be patient and suffer until you get your next chapter out :) Go go NEJI! I mean, I love DeidaraxGaara, but... NEJI! He's just to smexy...

Author's Response: Yay, COOKIES!!!! Thank ye:) Yup, if you read my response to the last review before yours, I had two weeks of straight hw. Then a week of friends attacking me, and then an anime convention. So this is actually the first time I've had a chance to respond to my reviews since I got the chapter out. Just you wait, you will like Neji even more in the upcoming chapters:) I will be updating in the next few days, so don't hate me too much for not updating *puppy dog eyes*

Name: omgitspattyd (Signed) · Date: 22/04/08 - 03:17 pm · For: Aftermath
*cough* ok so maybe I over exagerated on the 2 months...but it sure felt that long!! NOOOOO!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END SO SOON!! I have to say you have officialy got me addicted to DeiGaa, I almost dont want him to get with Neji....almost...hehe. Hmmm...I wonder where Dei-kun is taking Gaa-chan?? Or when the next lemon will be?? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Ok Im done...well great chapter and cant wait until you update...b29;wuvs and hugsb29;

Author's Response: I understand why it seems to take forever for me to update. It has been over a month since I last updated T.T For which I apologize. The last couple weeks of school didn't even leave me room to respond to reviews as you can see. And then I had a week straight of my friends hording me and keeping me away from a computer, and then I had an anime convention. So. Here I am. I will be updating in the next few days, do don't fret too much. Oh, I can understand why you like DeidaraXGaara...for now...*evil grin*

Name: kurisuchin45556 (Signed) · Date: 21/04/08 - 06:00 pm · For: Aftermath
uh oh.

Author's Response: *evil grin* I know. I love to do evil things. Sorry it took so long to respond. Thank you for the review:)

Name: omgitspattyd (Anonymous) · Date: 04/04/08 - 09:38 pm · For: Jump
UPDATE DAMNIT!!!!! *cough* sorry.....for the past like 2 months I have been waiting for you to update and I get NOTHINGS!! your story is so addictive, I find myself reading it whenever I get tired of reading the same kind of stories over and over again (which has been a lot lately) so I REALLY REALLY hope you update this soon. kkz? Oh and killer last lines in the last chapter ^.^

Author's Response: T.T In my defense it's only been a month...*lip quiver* I'm glad to hear that you like it so much though:) I really try to bring fresh new ideas to the table whenever I write. I will try to update it really soon! I just want to at least start writing a new chapter before I post. I can't let myself get too far behind in the chapters or my writing will get clogged. *horrible memory flash* And I don't want that to happen again *look away from the darkness...noo!!!* lol. Oh, I love those couple lines too, they make me grin with evil malice...on the inside...

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 19/03/08 - 07:40 pm · For: Jump
"A fucking *parade*" Gahahahaha! I love it! This is so cool, I love this story so much! I wonder what kind of beating Kiba got this time... Kankurou's a good brother! Yay! He rocks so much! Deidara and Gaara is so hot it almost makes me sad that Neji is going to kick in sometime... Almost... Gaara is going to bring out the freak in him ain't he? Tehehehe! I love you so much *Girl scout tag-a-long cookies* I didn't have time to bake... *Cries* I'm sorry I failed you! *Get's baking*

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond to your review, school is a killer:P But thank you^^ yup, Deidara and Gaara are really hot together;) And the whole, Neji thing is coming quicker then you would think *wink* But you'll just have to wait to see how things turn out. Aww, thanks, I luv you too^^ *giggle* I love girl scout cookies! Just like my good friend always tells me "Girl scout cookies are worse than crack!" :D

Name: kurisuchin45556 (Signed) · Date: 10/03/08 - 03:43 pm · For: Jump
Wow. That is the only coherent thing I can say at the moment. Please review.

Author's Response: YAY! New reviewer!! hehehe^^ Glad you liked it:)

Name: scarlett_fire (Signed) · Date: 09/03/08 - 11:01 pm · For: The Truth About Kiba
AHHH thats so horrible that his dad would do that!!!! Kiba is one of my favs.!!! Any who its also really weird to read a fic that has kiba w/o akamaru. they are like peanut butter and jelly or something... its just weird. But still really good ^^

Author's Response: Ya, I know, Akamaru isn't in it. At least for now;) The reasons why I didn't put Akamaru in it are 1: Do you really think that Kiba's dad would have allowed him to have a dog? and 2: Akamaru would have given Kiba an edge up, he would have given him hope. So although Akamaru will show up much later, it was necessary to keep him out of the story temporarily.

Name: MurderScene__ (Signed) · Date: 05/02/08 - 12:07 am · For: Saturday
You know how I feel about this story, right?
Haha. :]

Can't wait for some moreee! :D

Author's Response: Thank ye:) I can feel the love of the story coming to me through the screen:P lol. I will have a new chapter up soon (I just have to first finish the one I'm working on now and then the next chapter is all yours:) Oh, and trust me, the next will lurv it.

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 03/02/08 - 07:49 pm · For: Saturday
Kankurou is going to kill Kiba's father!!!!! I love it I love it I love it! Gaara really is enjoying this, but in a sick way. Neji better get his head on right soon, or else *cracks knuckles* I wants more! *Platter of cookies* For energy to write more! *Milk* So you won't have to leave your room so you can write more! *Loves* You know I appreciate you, right?

Author's Response: hehehe^^ Yes, Gaara is enjoying it...and that's a very important point *wink* Yeah the Neji action is coming very shortly here so stay tuned! Thanks for the cookies^^ How I love them:) Thank you for all the love, it makes me happy, and makes me want to write more *giggles evilly*

Name: Sabrina (Anonymous) · Date: 30/01/08 - 12:47 am · For: Proof
Oh, this is a very nice story. Well not nice in the fact that it's happy. I really love the personalities you've given the characters and their roles no less!
It's gotten very good and I hope you get a new chapter out soon!

Author's Response: Yay! A new reviewer! Thanks! I try to keep the characters as close as possible to the originals, but sometimes it's really difficult with the situations they're in. I'm really sorry to all of my readers that I haven't updated yet. With school starting and everything, it's messed with my schedule. Bleh. lol. But I also had promised myself that I wouldn't upload a new chapter until I had started the next chapter. Soo...yeah. I have finally started it though. So yay! Anyways, I promise this time that I actually will have the next chapter up within a few days!

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 24/01/08 - 07:37 pm · For: Proof
Wow, is Deidara truly kinda nice in this? For being a bad guy, he's actually really acting nice in this S&M situation. I'm surprised that his siblings weren't waiting, and that he hasn't killed Kiba's dad yet, but the anticipation of what is to happen next is amazingly tolerable because I know that whatever it is you have tucked up your sleeve is going to be simply lovely and worthy of several plates of cookies :) Lerve ya!

Author's Response: I'm not going to answer that question^^ hehe. As the story unfolds I will let you decide what Deidara is truly like. Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment:) I will be sure to post shortly here. Probably within the next day or two *wink* Much luv!

Name: MurderScene__ (Signed) · Date: 15/01/08 - 10:53 pm · For: Proof
I lovee this story, fer serious.
It's amazing, andddd. Yeah! I have nothing more to say.
This story is amazing!

Author's Response: Hehehe. Would it surprise you to know that my original plans for the story didn't have Deidara in it at all? I wrote the first few chapters then left it for a long while. When I came back, my original plans kinda disappeared in the back parts of my mind and it just went from chapter to chapter how I wanted to develop it. Thank you for the wonderful review^^ I love knowing that my fans are pleased:)

Name: recita1717 (Signed) · Date: 13/01/08 - 08:02 pm · For: Inside My Head
Tehehehe! I have no more coherent thoughts, which is why I need another chappie to get them back into one place. *Starts chasing thoughts around the room* Come back! I need those! This story makes me so happy!

Author's Response: Wow. lol. Glad to see you like it so much:) I might update tonight if I get the chance *wink* Oh, and trust me, there is a lot more drama to come!

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