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Name: Spunkycliche (Signed) · Date: 20/03/09 - 04:16 pm · For: why did it have to end this way?
Lol serious wtf moment! I .... Luved it!

Name: IDK (Signed) · Date: 15/07/08 - 04:33 am · For: why did it have to end this way?
hahaha. that, sasuke's crying.

Name: pietra521 (Signed) · Date: 28/04/08 - 06:00 pm · For: why did it have to end this way?
Okay, it's actually a pretty good story I like it! But you just have some grammatical errors and spelling errors. I reccomend getting a Beta cause you have so much potential as writer but grammar just isn't your thing and thats okay. If you want, I'll be willing to do it if you can't find anyone else. Let me know! ^^

Name: MikoKriszty (Signed) · Date: 05/01/08 - 06:25 am · For: Settling in
Okay, I can see you accepted some advise in this chapter, and it was somewhat better than the first one, but this story still makes little sense to me. I'm sorry.

Name: MikoKriszty (Signed) · Date: 05/01/08 - 06:20 am · For: why did it have to end this way?
finalLy and coming. there are two errors in the very title.

you should start writing things happening, not just conversations. this chapter was boring for me, there was nothing but ppl thinking and saying things, no fight scene (if you can't write a fight scene, then you shouldn't have written the chase at all, just start the fic with Naruto lying in hospital! I mean, nothing happened before that hadn't happened originally, so why waste words?)

And then, Jiraiya somply went and raped Sasuke. Why? Did he like him, did he go mad, had he been sick from the very start? Didn't he know that it would be punished? How could he be so stupid as to actually rape Sasuke, and then tell Tsunade, the HOKAGE??

Also, Shikamaru and Neji. They have been beat up while trying to rescue Sasuke, Neji almost lost his life. However, when Sasuke was brought backk, they just decide to stare at him, and wander why he's CRYING and shaking? THAT'S just stupid and meaningless.

Jiraiya just leaves Sasuke on a chair. And nobody notices that Jiraiya is back with Sasuke.

I'm sorry to say this, but this first chapter was one of the worst things I've read; it seems to lack any thought, style, sense. You really should work more on this before posting.

(and don't tell me to "fuck off flamer I don't care what U say" cause this is no flame, this is criticism. and if you can't take constructive criticism, you're not simply a very amateur writer, but you're also pathetic)

Name: Arukasandora (Anonymous) · Date: 30/12/07 - 02:14 am · For: you're what?!?!?!
it was a little short but it was alright

Name: ? (Anonymous) · Date: 29/12/07 - 11:08 am · For: why did it have to end this way?
bloody hell!
what kind of weird assed story is this?O_O
it's so bizzare! where did ya get the idea from?

Author's Response: you not really sure....i was just bored one day and i just suddenly thought of the idea.

Name: june005 (Anonymous) · Date: 29/11/07 - 04:19 am · For: im reallllyyyyyy sry u guys! =(
ok good luck with that!!!!!!!!!

Name: tenten_Onichama (Anonymous) · Date: 01/10/07 - 07:41 am · For: the makeout scene
the pic is adowable

Author's Response: thnx! if u want the pic then just go to,and then type in sasnaru and you'll find it. ^^

Name: Tenten_Onichama (Anonymous) · Date: 01/10/07 - 07:38 am · For: Settling in

Name: tenten_onichama (Anonymous) · Date: 01/10/07 - 07:31 am · For: why did it have to end this way?
poooor sasuke-kun nobody deserves that T.T

Author's Response: yea i kno,but i wanted something major in the story to happen.

Name: june005 (Anonymous) · Date: 30/09/07 - 06:17 am · For: i missed you!!!!!!
ahhh.... what happen what... happen i want to know.... more more more more pls pls plsssss........

Author's Response: k! i'll make sure top update soon! ^^

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 27/09/07 - 03:21 pm · For: i missed you!!!!!!
love it!

Author's Response: thnx!

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 27/09/07 - 09:33 am · For: just in time!
love it can't wait for your next update

Author's Response: thnx! i'll make sure to update soon! ^^

Name: Arukasandora (Anonymous) · Date: 27/09/07 - 05:36 am · For: shit!!!!!!!! not again!!!!!! O__O
OMFG noooooooooooooooo now im angry at jiraiya that BASTERD @#^%$*^%@&%@*^%#&$#&%#*%^#&%$@&^%$*@@&^$#%^$#@%^&I&$% asshole but sasuke will be okay and when it is all over he can go back to naruto and they can have even more babies and live happily ever after

pft like that'll ever happen

Author's Response: yea....i dont think they're gonna have more than 1 kid. if they did 1 would be hyper 24/7 amd the other one would be antisocial(maybe).

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 29/08/07 - 02:20 pm · For: shit!!!!!!!! not again!!!!!! O__O
You need to come up with a better ending

Author's Response: i know....the ending sorta sucks. but i can't really think of a good way to end it! got any ideas?

Name: Jess249 (Signed) · Date: 26/08/07 - 03:57 pm · For: Settling in

Author's Response: alright then! well keep reading! it gers better! xD

Name: angelgirl555 (Signed) · Date: 04/08/07 - 10:31 pm · For: omfg.....IM PREGNATE?!?!
OMG!!! that was good
but poor Naruto.

Author's Response: yea i kno! ^^

Name: lovefantasystuff (Signed) · Date: 02/08/07 - 12:01 pm · For: FINALY!
hell of a gd so far
carry on writing

Author's Response: thnx! im glad u like it so far! XD

Name: angelgirl555 (Signed) · Date: 29/07/07 - 04:40 pm · For: Roomates
pooooooooor Sasuke

Author's Response: yea i kno..... =(

Name: lovefantasystuff (Signed) · Date: 28/07/07 - 03:11 am · For: Running Away
poor sasuke
hehe girls bk away narutos in da house now lol

Author's Response: yeah....haha! i agree with you! ^^

Name: lovefantasystuff (Signed) · Date: 16/07/07 - 06:52 am · For: the makeout scene
hahaha update soon tis a gd story

Author's Response: k! ^___^ glad u like it!

Name: angelgirl555 (Signed) · Date: 15/07/07 - 02:58 pm · For: the makeout scene
That is soooooo good for Sasuke.
I hope Naruto finds out so he can beat the crap out of Jiraya.

Author's Response: read on and you'll find out! ^^

Name: emogirlS2 (Signed) · Date: 15/07/07 - 02:54 am · For: the makeout scene
Awwww, how come you stopped it right there?!?! They were just getting to the good part. NO FAIR! Update Soon Please!

Author's Response: i kno! i would have continues,on but my mom made me go to bed cause it was waayyyy past my bed time. but really,i would have continued on if my mom hadn't made me go to bed. ^^

Name: angelgirl555 (Signed) · Date: 14/07/07 - 03:15 pm · For: why did it have to end this way?
Oh man, I can't believe he did that to Sasuke. What is Naruto go to say?

Author's Response: keep reading and you'll see! ^^

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