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Reviews For What the hell?

Name: brpk97 (Signed) · Date: 16/09/09 - 12:10 am · For: Chapter 19 Fight
LOL it gets funnier & funnier

Name: brpk97 (Signed) · Date: 14/06/09 - 10:15 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?

Name: brpk97 (Signed) · Date: 11/06/09 - 10:07 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
The girl in Akustki's name is Konan.

Name: IDK (Signed) · Date: 15/07/08 - 11:28 am · For: Chapter 8 New help/ monster/ The four fans
I think Tobi is like a copy of the Tobi in Harry Potter... or is it the other way around???? Anyway... Maybe they're the same person, yeah! that would be sooo awesome!!! SAND MAN! SHARINGAN MAN! EMO MAN! DESTINY MAN! THE FOUR NARUTO FANS!LOL

Name: IDK (Signed) · Date: 15/07/08 - 10:50 am · For: Chapter 4 contest/ gay/ sound/ Sassy!? -_-;
HAHAHA!!!! SASSY!!! GAY GAI!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOL! do u have a pic of Sassy? I wanna see it.... >_

Name: xlovexshikamarux (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/08 - 08:39 pm · For: Chapter 15 OMG...
so the monsters name is ugly ass? XXDDDDDDD *sighs after long laughter* i love this story...

Name: xlovexshikamarux (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/08 - 08:26 pm · For: Chapter 14 Just read this chapter T_T
i feel sorry for naruto too, but he really cant help it that hes so cute!^^

ps: i died laughing again when kiba said he heard a girl screaming but it was really neji! XD

Name: xlovexshikamarux (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/08 - 06:25 pm · For: Chapter 7 Dora/ Dark hallway/ Tobi
oh my god!! total dora the explorer!!!
i died laughing! i love your story and im gonna keep on reading!

Name: rebecca (Anonymous) · Date: 20/12/07 - 09:17 am · For: Chapter 9 Shika's plan/ Trapped fox/ Giant ants
Ehh, your story is really funny, exsepcially the whole dora thing, it's just..... disturbing.... REALLY disturbing...

Author's Response: lol how is it funny and disturbing at the same time? xD

Name: rebecca (Anonymous) · Date: 20/12/07 - 09:12 am · For: Chapter 8 New help/ monster/ The four fans
soooooooo fucking creepy *shudderes* *twictches and shudders*

Author's Response: Your fucking creepy. Sorry, thats what i would say if you said that to me in person. But online, I would just thank you for the compliment. Which is true to me. WHoo! xD

Name: rebecca (Anonymous) · Date: 20/12/07 - 08:56 am · For: Chapter 5 Akatsuki/ new competition
>.< this is sooooo fucking scrweeeed up! It's hillarious, but so screwed up. XD

Author's Response: Thats because I'm screwed up. Don't ask. But everyone has a freakin messed up crazy side, right?

Name: naru_chan_fan (Anonymous) · Date: 19/12/07 - 06:00 pm · For: Chapter 4 contest/ gay/ sound/ Sassy!? -_-;

Author's Response: Is it...? Secret smile of doom!

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 22/08/07 - 06:07 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
yes i read the chapter its just well you kept the name a secret for so long it was kind of a let down. but whatever anyways so what happened to the bazookas

Author's Response: ...Well...okay.rnThey still have them, they're just not using them.

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 20/08/07 - 02:41 pm · For: Chapter 18 Escape
okay yeah if you havnt heard i stopped writing and i did stop reading but then this one author convinced me to so now i still read a=but not writing.well i got dougnuts yesterday. and that was the unvailing of his name. or you couldnt think of one. well this is some person with a lot of usernames and stuff. so bye

Author's Response: ....did you read this chapter. If not, don't bother to review.rnSorry i'm a little cranky. Your review didn't help. -___-;

Name: JustAnotherSoul (Signed) · Date: 15/08/07 - 06:58 pm · For: Chapter 18 Escape
XDDD.. J.k..

I feel a little sorry for the monster O__o..


-- RamenFox : LOL Sorry. ^_^; Thanks. Your my first reviewer for this chapter. T-T.

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 04/08/07 - 05:56 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
im sorry its just that im used to talking to mean on here like rasengan_welch hibiki96 *scractes head* so sorry *punches sakura again* then *naruto punches ramefox* "why do you always pair me with old people, at least under 30" *ramenfox lands on konahamuru* "why me" he said "im going to kill him for that" ramenfox says while cracking her knuckles. "i have a bad feeling" oheyeah says. "ome on ohyeah we need to do research" jaraiya says. "right behind you"

will ohyeah be killed by ramenfox...find out next time on weird author and naruto character adventures.

*rock and computer show up* "hey why doesnt my name show up first" computer says. "because your owner made fun of mine, now you must die" *rock morphs into some giant thing* "hey take it easy it was an accident" "wait why am i running". *turns around and shows naked pictures of gai and sarutobi to rock* ahh my eyes they burn, if i had eyes ahhhh".

will rock get revenge. will computer get sued. find out next timme on inanimate objects created my authors who watch naruto the abriged series and developed there own to battle the log and wall. "to long of it title you must die" says garra. "at lest its youthful" says lee. *gets raped by garra**ramenfox punches ohyeah* "thats my idea and dont forget about next episode" *ohyeah faints from loss of blood"

-- RamenFox : LOL, that's okay. Anyway...poor rock. It has been tormented by the nakes pictures of Gai. *holds rock* It's okay rock, I'm here. xD

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 07:55 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
you for doing such a sad thing thing to naruto your just lucky he hasnt read it or he would find out you made me write it and come after you

-- RamenFox : Oh....*smacks the shit out of you while eyes twitch* Basard!!! In your review you said..."*punches 'him' in the face causing him to fly off*" I'M. A. GIRL. -__-; *sighs* Sorry Naru-chan...I should have put you with Jiraiya instead. That's less creepy than with Sarutobi...xD

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 03/08/07 - 06:53 am · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
yes there the most powerful weapon of mankind ecept maybe naked pictures of sarutobi witch you made me pair with naruto you pervert *punches him in the face causing him to fly off* "nice punch" sakura said. *punches her even harder*

-- RamenFox : ...did you punch me or did you punch Naruto or Sarutobi?

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 27/07/07 - 08:38 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
yeah i agree but ill take the wall since its basicly even against you but what should i do if it evolves wait i know i will bring up naked pictures of gai sensei everyone were blind folds

-- RamenFox : Okay then I'll go for the log. Bring the nakes pictures of Gai! That's a great idea, we'll need them.

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 26/07/07 - 08:37 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
yeah the rock and the computer will win because the computer has fanfic muhahahaha as the people from the twilight zone would say the world will fall apart if you turn man against his brother pure chaos will break out upon them okay maybe they would say that but i dont really care wait we should fuse the rock and computer the ultimate inaminite object the the the...uhhhh..rock powered a a the ...the rocking computer nope a lets see the computer rocks okay im out of ideas tell me if you like any oof these and if not try your own we will beat the log and the wall dang we need fans ankos on the walls side and the wall can evolve but the other people at the park hated the wall so we can count them. no way were having sakura she completley usless until shippuden hey wait no shikamaru's too god damn lazy ask people to vote for us maybe we can make a fic about it lol

-- RamenFox : We should'nt fuse our objects. Who do you want to battle? Sasuke's or Naruto's object. GO ROCK AND COMPUTER!!!

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 26/07/07 - 10:44 am · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
whatever but your rock is awesome

-- RamenFox : Yeah! The rock can kick Sasuke's log's ass! xD Let's team up our objects and beat Naruto's and Sasuke's object. Wall, are dead!

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 24/07/07 - 09:50 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
i need a name for the inaminite object that is my computer and also i know the perfect name for yours if you made doll out of the rock but see i dont get into a conflict with pickles at least i dont think i do well anyways i need a name for thing i despise the most my rival the computer that works slow when it wants to annoy me it has a mind of its own im serious wait as soon as i get my wooden training swoord i can call it the 19 inch bitch ok maybe not how about the the lords sword nevermind this is hard

-- RamenFox : How about, shut the hell up! That's a good name for it. I'm just naming mine rock. T_T, cause Sasuke's is the log, I want mine... the rock! ^_^

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 24/07/07 - 06:59 pm · For: Chapter 17 AH, PERVERTS ARE HERE!!!
well now that i think of it and weird since im a male naruto is cute but this disturbing and i knew you'd do this so i dont care abou his name anymore and also have you even thought of it yet and im not sure if the pickle jar is working out what i fight a constant battle wit h is my computer so do you think you could come up with a name for it

-- RamenFox : Um...what?

Name: JustAnotherSoul (Signed) · Date: 23/07/07 - 09:21 pm · For: Chapter 17 AH, PERVERTS ARE HERE!!!
SHINO!!! He's so awesome.
Why didn't Shino get a costume?..He'd be like... bug man or something.. XD


-- RamenFox : ...because Shino isn't a Naruto fan. Cause he doesn't love Naruto like the four fans do...yeah...if he was I would name him that. ^_^

Name: ohyeah (Signed) · Date: 22/07/07 - 07:37 pm · For: Chapter 1 Where am I?
well i cant say i blame you

-- RamenFox : Eh, ^_^

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