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Reviews For The Shinobi Effect

Name: Vixkill (Signed) · Date: 18/05/08 - 03:59 am · For: Don't Press my Buttons
i don't get this trial. but good job using riddles before! i liked the first one best because it made the most sense.
good story, please continue.

Author's Response: I didn't think I did too good of a job explaining this one...hopefully it'll become clearer as the story goes on. I'm glad you like it, though!

Name: Nusukin_Rokotsu (Signed) · Date: 22/06/07 - 07:14 pm · For: Reanimation
That was such a great first part! I bet Sasuke (and you) had fun with this! I can't wait for the second part!

-- DancerOfShadows : Heh, that I did. I don't think Nakisa did, though. XD

Name: Nusukin_Rokotsu (Signed) · Date: 22/06/07 - 07:12 pm · For: Life is Like a Bowl of Ramen
Yay! Naruto appears. The rest of the exam is going to be great!! Great writing!

-- DancerOfShadows : Haha, thanks.

Name: Nusukin_Rokotsu (Signed) · Date: 22/06/07 - 07:09 pm · For: Five Star Restaurant Dish
This such an awesome story! Sasuke makes such a great proctor ^^ *laugh*

-- DancerOfShadows : That he does- but I wouldn't want him as my proctor. XD

Name: Artemiy (Signed) · Date: 22/06/07 - 03:14 pm · For: Reanimation
Sasuke is evil XD
I like your version of the exams, it turns out very interesting! And also anticipating how evil will Shino be... XD

p.s. Agreed, the first's the best, the third's quite good too. Second is somewhat weird and fourth (Last Watch) is, well, um, a bit over the fence sometimes... And generally odd... XD

-- DancerOfShadows : Heh, of course he is! I'm glad your enjoying it; they took a while to plan out. Shino won't be *too* evil, but you never know...XD What's the third one called? I only thought there were two ^^;

Name: Artemiy (Signed) · Date: 22/06/07 - 09:34 am · For: Life is Like a Bowl of Ramen
Great story ^^ Haven't expected Shika to become somewhat evil XD

Very interesting plot with some breathtaking ideas ^^

P.S. Day Watch (Dnevnoj Dozor) rocks! I recommend reading the book, it's good ^^'

-- DancerOfShadows : Thank you! I just started reading the book last night, right after I finished Night Watch. So far I prefer Night Watch, though. ^^

Name: Ally_Monrue (Signed) · Date: 21/06/07 - 11:41 pm · For: Five Star Restaurant Dish
i love it but when is Naruto coming?! nakisa needs more friends and Naruto would be awesome!

-- DancerOfShadows : Oh, don't worry, he'll be there! Nakisa will need some help training for the final part of the exam, won't he? Maybe I'll make a short chapter next from Naruto's point of view. I'm glad you like it! ^^

Name: fanngirl_92 (Signed) · Date: 21/06/07 - 10:42 pm · For: Pyromaniac
those riddles were cool. im getting real curious about who's the kid's father. but i guess i can wait eh?

cant wait for the next chapter =]

-- DancerOfShadows : It shouldn't be too very long until you find out- or at least, it shouldn't be too long until there are enough hints! Glad that you like it; I'm working on the next chapter now. ^^

Name: Nusukin_Rokotsu (Signed) · Date: 21/06/07 - 09:10 pm · For: Pyromaniac
ooo, very cool riddles!! yeah yeah, we made a deal...I'll have to work on my end of it now that you've got another chapter up! I love this story so much! Keep going!!

-- DancerOfShadows : Haha, thanks. =D

Name: shadow shriken (Signed) · Date: 24/04/07 - 06:37 pm · For: Prologue
actually thats pretty cool your oc and my oc with the same name

-- DancerOfShadows : Huh, that's unexpected!

Name: shadow shriken (Signed) · Date: 24/04/07 - 06:33 pm · For: Christmas
hey i got a oc named jade....weird

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