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Reviews For The Ten Tails

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 17/07/17 - 09:48 pm · For: Chapter 117
;-; beautiful... It is over she found peace ;-; the baby's round butts are healthy and they have a mother ;-; thank you for letting me read such an amazing story. I loved every part of it. Thank you ;-;

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 15/07/17 - 07:45 pm · For: Chapter 116
;-; I want to stop half way through because it was too much for me to handle. How could you?! It was good but still... Rie and Ryota ;-; I am crying but her dad better save her!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee but it's your story... ;-; please. Thank you ;-; to make me feel sad and make me cry means you are a really good writer ;-; a little to good ;-;

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 15/05/17 - 09:25 pm · For: Chapter 115
Thank you for the long chapter! ^^ I found it adorable had she had a special connection with her babies. They are gonna be so adorable >~< I love this story and the main character. Such a well written story and it isn't even over so much to look forward to even if there is a little bit left. ;-; thank you

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 13/04/17 - 08:12 pm · For: Chapter 114
Sorry for the late review! >~< Spring Break started but I'm still busy with a lot of things... :( BUT this was a great chapter for me to relax and enjoy but also be excited and nervous ^.^ Thank you for writing another amazing chapter! Thank you for sticking with this story! NEJI!!! ;-; oh have you seen Boruto??? And kiyoko is badbutt (^o^)/ thank you and I can't wait for the next chapter (I can wait but just so excited *³*)

Author's Response: Don't even worry about not reviewing its FINE. You are busy with school and I totally understand that! I haven't seen Boruto, but I have seen snipits of it. I want to watch large portions at once so I'm trying to not watch them every week. I'm currently writing it. So it may be up this week or the next. Thanks for reading!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 21/03/17 - 06:05 am · For: Chapter 113
I love it! It is getting so intense and interesting because I have no idea what is going to happen because I have only seen the original without kiyoko but kiyoko is badass so she is going to bring a new dynamic into >^< so exciting and the babies! ♥

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 11/03/17 - 03:29 pm · For: Chapter 112
... I'm speechless first I'm over joyed that you aren't an evil person that would kill her or her baby. But then the ending is mind boggling boggle. Like WHAT?! And then it is a cliffhanger too. And the babies!!! Ughhh ma heart ♥ thank you thank you thank you the babies are adorable thank you for writing this beautiful chapter like ♥♥♥♥♥ I loved it

Author's Response: aww thanks. yeah i am too nice to kill her. Yeah and the babies are special just like her. youre very welcome. i hope to write soon but i have finals soon so it make take a bit longer than before. thanks for the support

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 04/03/17 - 01:38 pm · For: Chapter 111
Hmmmmmm ;-; Hmmmmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. The babIES but Kiyoko!!!!! ;-; why you do this? All the other stuffs were evil but now THIS hmm ;-; I neeeeeeeeeeeeeds the next chapter! Thank you for updating fast! c': but now kiyoko is feeling like poops and stuff is happening. She isn't going to die because that's no nice ;-; well thank you for writing another chapter and fast. :')

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 02/03/17 - 06:15 am · For: Chapter 110
;-; mannnnnn why? Baby is almost ready to be born but no buttgaces want to cause a war. >:( I really want them all to be safe but the war is bad so I don't know what will happen :'( why you do this??? ;-; thank you for writing another wonderful chapter. I have been reading this chapter over the last 3 days in between classes c: sorry if I reviewed late. I really can't wait for the next chapters that are too come and to see how it all ends. I love this story a lot. C: thank you!

Author's Response: No worries. Focus on your schoolwork!! I'm actually working on the next chapter already so I'm excited to update. I'll let you know!! Thanks you for your comment and support!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 12/02/17 - 06:39 am · For: Chapter 109
This chapter was so long.. I loved it! Thank you for writing a long chapter c: the story progression is wonderful. But I hate danzo >:c she is pregnant for crying out loud! Is it bad to say thank god he died? ¯(°_o)/¯ oh thanks for telling me you updated ^.^ I was really happy when I woke up and saw the message. Thank you for always writing amazing chapters and for making a beautiful story. I hope the best for Kiyoko, Kakashi, and the baby! ♥ also remember you don't have to stress I will be here always (๑・ω-)~☆

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 31/01/17 - 04:22 pm · For: Chapter 108
OMG! She ughhhhhh omg ;-; she is growing up. Does she have the basic sharingan or one of the super powerful ones? Oh my gosh! Will she be able to protect the baby before the war? Will the baby come before the war?! Omg I'm excited!!! 〣( ^o^ )〣 I loved this chapter! Kakashi came back things are beautiful and happy again. :') beautiful thank you for writing another chapter!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 15/01/17 - 04:49 pm · For: Chapter 107
;-; that's not nice. Pain is a little ughhh >:( why he do this? ;-; why must he hurt innocent peoples? ;-; the next chapter kakashi is going to be alive right? ;-; if he isn't then I will just go in a corner and stay there until he comes back ;-; thank you for writing a chapter ;-; and you did well on the scenes and I didn't see many mistakes. Thank you ;-;

Author's Response: Awww thanks. I am writing the next chapter all ready, but I don't know when that one will be up. I will try to do it soon. Thanks!!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 08/01/17 - 12:19 am · For: Chapter 106
I feel like crying :( the village and I'm scared for the baby :'( whyyyy? Is the south bunker safe from pain?! ;-; mah heart... Thank you for writing another amazing ;-; chapter ;-; so much sadness in one chapter. I remember watching the episodes and if the upcoming chapter is similar imma cry ;-; kakashi neeeeeeds to see that baby and kiyoko neeeeeeeeeeds to stay safe and well ;-; thank you ;-;

Author's Response: Awww. Don't cry!! Thanks for reading and letting you know I read your chapter in Wattpad. It looks interesting. Keep writing. I voted on it! If you're curious my wattpad name is imaginingofthings. Thanks. I'll try to update within this week.

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 01/01/17 - 12:50 am · For: Chapter 1
I posted it on wattpad my account name is The Anime Muffin. Here's the link: I will post it on TONFA soon just need to revise more stuff. Ahhhhhhh I'm so nervous!!! 〣( ^Δ^ )〣

Author's Response: I have a wattpad too. I was thinking about posting this story there after I finish it here. Don't. E nervous!! Hope you enjoy the chapter! Happy new years

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 27/12/16 - 10:00 pm · For: Chapter 105
For me don't worry about not updating fast it is really okay because I really really really love this story and even if you don't update for a year I will probably still come back 😂 also I understand the finals thing I am an early college student so I am taking college courses plus my high school courses so it does get stressful. If you ever feel overwhelmed don't look has writing this story as your job or duty because you will always have a loyal reader 😊 if you need a break from most things it is fine. This semester for me was one of the most stressful so I completely understand that but I wouldn't know about writing a story on top of that. You are amazing for being able to write an AMAZING story and attend college at the same time. Also this chapter Jiraiya... R.I.P. ;-; the development on the baby to me is adorable and their development in their relationship >.< so cute. Thank you so much for writing!

Author's Response: I am so happy that I have a reader like you. I am completely blessed to have you. I understand the college course and high school, I did that to so I understand your stress. I REALLY LOVE YOU! I wish I could know you in person lol. Honestly if no one else reads this story I would still finish it for you because you are so loyal. I am truly grateful. I wish I had a freind in real life like you. Lol <3!!!!! I hope to update before going back to school, but I will promise to finish this story. LOVE YOU and THANK YOU! PS: are you writing your story? If you are send me a link I want to read it! Good luck on your classes!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 11/10/16 - 08:52 pm · For: Chapter 104
Thank you for this writing such an amazing chapter yet again. Your writing is improving a lot. There is so much more details and it is wonderful. It is fine you can't update regularly. I have been here for 2 years and I am going to see the end to this story. No pressure take your time. c: this is my favorite fanfic because I come back read it almost everyday. I love kakashi and kiyoko they are perfect ~♥~ thank you so much!

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I haven't even realized that two years have passed. Its been a long and hard process. Again I will keep apologizing for not updating frequently. If only there was some way to let you know when I update. Thanks again. I'm currently working on the next chapter so hopefully it will be out soon. Fingers crossed. Love ya!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 15/08/16 - 08:51 pm · For: Chapter 103
:'( asuma... I love this story it sticks close to the plot of the story without drifting too far away, every chapter there is something new, and the details and dialog are natural and really good. This is one of the best fanfics I have read. This chapter... :'( tear tear. Thank you for updating! And take your time :) I will always be reading and ready to write a response... I have to see this to the end *3* you are a wonderful writing!!! Thank you! (σ≧▽≦)σ

Author's Response: Thsnk you so much. I wish I had more time to write. And I am sooooo sorrrryyy that I update irregularly. I'll try to update soon, but my inspiration isn't easily motivated these days Thank you so much for believeing in me and sticking to this story.

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 10/06/16 - 01:09 am · For: Chapter 102
Good luck in college. Even though you probably won't be able to update I will still be here waiting patiently. I going to see the end to this wonderful story.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. I will try to update soon because I have summer to write the rest of the story. I appreciate your patience and I'm sorry for the long wait. Thank you!! 😬😋

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 10/06/16 - 01:08 am · For: Chapter 102
Thank you soooo much for the long chapter and for updating. I'm so scared for Kiyoko! I really love your story!!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 07/05/16 - 05:54 am · For: Chapter 101
Hey sorry for really late review! Hope you are doing well in school. Thank you for long chapter!

Name: naash (Signed) · Date: 28/01/16 - 07:45 am · For: Chapter 2
Great development of events. You really know how to keep ppl hooked

Author's Response: thank you. I hope you like the story. Please continue to comment I love reading your reactions!! Thank you and love you!!

Name: naash (Signed) · Date: 28/01/16 - 07:43 am · For: Chapter 1
For a kid to have deep feelings and thoughts meant that she must have went through a lot.
It's like another gaara.
Love the cliffhanger

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 23/01/16 - 08:42 am · For: Chapter 100
Congrats on a 100 chapters!!! Also thank you for what you said in the reply!!! This chapter was really good but kiyoko NEEDS sleep!! Baby NEEDS to be born! Sasuke needs to do something with his life and really liked the details in this chapter. Thank you for writing!!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 16/01/16 - 09:58 am · For: Chapter 99
Thank you for writing I have been missing your writing because I have been thinking of writing my own story. I tried and I didn't like so now I editing it. Your story is like the best and it inspirations me to write even when I know I'm horrible at ^-^ I'm so sad that the war is about to happen in your story ughhhh. I like how the story flows and how Kikoyo is her own person! Thank you for writing !!!!

Author's Response: I would love to read a story of your's. Try your best and I know that if you try your hardest you're writing will improve. It honors me that I inspire you to write. Thank you so much and don't worry about waiting too long for the next chapter. I am currently writing it. Try your best and good luck with your story!!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 13/11/15 - 06:18 pm · For: Chapter 98
Noooooooooooooo I so sad right now why is the naruto world sooo cruel!!! Good luck on the application for college!!!! Ugh I'm cry o(╥﹏╥)o thank you for this amazing chapter!!!!

Name: MissMuffinman (Signed) · Date: 09/09/15 - 01:25 pm · For: Chapter 97
Ok I woke this morning and I was like maybe she posted let me go check and I was like c': I read it and I'm oh snap lady tsunade what you want and the elders are there and I'm like oh no because I hate them. Then I read really slowly when she saying the news and then I read the pregnancy part and I'm like O0o. Then I think that how she didn't want to bring a baby into the world and the war and all that and I'm about to cry. I keep reading and then the elders are like she may not be able to keep the baby and I start crying just a little tho because I was mad. They are messed up old people that need to go away!>:( I read in my car on the way to school so my mom saw me cry a little. I didn't get to finish so I turned into a daredevil 😂 and I had my phone out during class I didn't get caught but I just wanted to say that because that was my first time having it out during class and it was worth it because it made me smile all day!^w^

Author's Response: Aww thanks. Don't get caught though!!! I loved that you loved the chapter. I will try to update soon. Love your reaction. It just makes my day to hear your thoughts.

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