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Hi! I'm new at writing, so don't judge me. Konan is my sister and reviews all my stories.

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Other Info: I like puppies!! ^.^

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Summary: I want somebody to write about this- When Naruto was walking home and he saw Sasuke sitting on the bridge he walked over and talked to him and later on they becomes best friends and Sasuke never went for revenge. And when he saw Itachi he lost his memory and hugged him knowing that he is his brother. Itachi's eyes got watery and he went back to konoha and Itachi went to kill danzou and took the sharingans back. Charaters- Naruto Sasuke Itachi Danzou Sakura and Kakashi sorry about that
Categories: None Characters: Naruto Uzumaki
Summary: When Kakashi was little and in the middle of the war when Obito ..He told him to protect Rin and i want someone to write story where she ran away to a different village or something. It passed 11 years and Kakashi is with team 7 and they go on a mission and a member of team 7 get into a fight with Rin and Kakashi saw Rin right after he got over her they had a reunion he finally saw Rin and went the mission together with team 7 and when they got back, they went to see Obito and Obito started to follow Rin around protectin her as her Guardian
Categories: General Fiction Characters: Hidden Leaf Ninja