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Chapter notes: Now I thought about putting this chapter split into two chapters but thought against that and decided to squish it into one, so hopefully you enjoy.
As a child, my mother would always tell me stories about the world we live in, Gods and angels in the heavens above, demons and devils opposing them below, elves in the forests out east while fairies towards the west. Giants lived in the north and humans with animal ears and tails living all around. And then she told me about these creatures called dragons and how the were powerful creatures that roamed the earth.

There's this story she would tell me before going to bed, how the dragons would cause chaos all around, you'd expect the demons would be doing that but from what she told me, the demons were sealed away thousands of years ago but the dragons remained a problem, the gods don't even bother helping much unless they themselves are threatened. So the people were left to defend themselves with whatever power they could muster.

When the attacks of the dragons became too frequent. Knights, mages, fairies and more banned together to stop the onslaught of the dragons. Years passed, and the people thought their chances of survival were grim.

Until a group of people showed up...they called them...the Dragon Slayers...powerful men and woman able to take down dragons without breaking a sweat.

Mother told me they were so powerful they manage to take some dragons if they had a chance, those were called Dragon Riders. Now, all good things must come to an end is what my mother would tell me. The Dragon Slayers were massacred, although they helped, they were feared, people thought they were unstoppable, and they truly were, a war was waged on the Slayers and although through shear luck the people managed to rid most of them. The people who stopped the Slayers were knights who were able to wield powerful spells, they're called The Templars and they keep the peace nowadays.

Today you don't hear much about the Dragon Slayers, their numbers began to twindle until they became but a mere myth. But some say there roams one in hiding.

The Templars were powerful fighters under the command of the most powerful of them all, Master Gilligan.

The world continued to know peace from the dragons and with the fear of the Slayers gone people lived their daily life as though none of that happened.

Until that fatal day, the day that Master Gilligan was murdered, Templars around the land put a bounty on a group of knights who were said to be the culprits on the murder, but on that same day, they disappeared and we're never heard of again.

...But that was years ago...


My eyes slowly fluttered open and I was greeted by the sound of birds chirping and rays of the morning sunlight.

I sat up and scratched my belly and stretched shortly after. I threw my blanket off my and hopped out of bed, walked up to the window and flung the window blinds wide open. I pushed the window open and breathed in the fresh morning wind.

"You're...up master." A calm and slow voice came from behind me.

I turned around and gave the familiar voice a smile, "Good morning!" I called out to the maid dressed doll.

"Good...morning..." She said with a slight clock of her head.

I walked up to my closet and quickly got dressed. "How long have you been awake?" I asked as I pulled a new shirt over my head.

"Master...I do not...sleep."

I sighed at my slight stupidity, I tend to forget that she is a reanimated doll I have live a few years ago and she doesn't need sleep ..or doesn't quite understand but I don't know.

"Thats besides the point, let's open up the tavern, didn't you buy the ingredients I asked for, love?"

She tilted her head in confusion,"love...And yes I have."

I shook my head, "Don't worry about it." As I walked past her I gave her a quick peck on the forehead, "Thank you though."

She looked at me blankly and followed behind. I walked outside, flipped the sign over as it read 'Open' and walked back inside and prepared for the customers.

"Hopefully today is a busy day." I happily thought to myself as I checked the stock.


Conversations amongst friends and and other patrons filled the tavern. I walked down the bar, serving a plate of steak to an old looking man, "Enjoy sir."

A group of men walked in, "room for three more?" One asked.

I nodded with a smile,"right this way guys." I said and led them to an empty table.

I walked past a table and noticed a guy eyeing down my notice board. I stopped and looked at it too, trying to figure out what he was looking at.

"Hmm aren't those knights from like 10 years ago?" He asked.

Everyone turned and faced the board, "now that you mention it..."one guy started, "the fact that those are still up means they weren't even caught."

"I hear their leader, Ruin, is a real monster, that he's an old Dragon Slayer."

"I heard the Abysswalkers managed to overthrow countries all by themselves."

Everyone started to murmur old stories about the knights who murdered the master templar.

"Hey did any of you hear about the wandering knights?"

"I heard he was a party of the group of knights that killed Gilligan."

"That's all bullshit, everyone knows the knights are dead "

I continued to listen on the conversations in the room as i served a man his drink, when suddenly the door to the tavern slammed open, "he's here!" A man yelled fearfully, "the wandering knight is here!"

The door opened and a giant knight slowly stumbled in, revealing the so called wandering knight.

Everyone ran out in fear. I hopped over the counter and stared the knight down, "So you're the infamous wandering knight I've heard about."

The knight mumbled a few unrecognizable words before toppling over. "H-hey." I knelt down besides them, "Diane, bring me a wet towel!" I called out.

I reached over and removed their helmet, my eyebrow raised, "A...girl?" I shook my head. I stripped her from her armor and examined her body. She was suffering dehydration. I picked her up and brought her to my bed with Diane entering moments after.

I pressed the wet towel against her forehead trying to cool her off. "Bring me some water." I commanded Diane and without a word she went and brought my some water.

"What in the world is up with this girl?" I quietly said to myself.

"Did she...walk in...Master?" Diane asked as she watched over the girl.

I nodded,"yea she just dropped over, passed out." I turned and faced Diane, "Hey go and watch over the tavern in case anyone else walks in."

"Yes...Master." bowed Diane before walking out the door.

I sat at the edge of the bed and studied her features, she had blond hair and pale white skin, "what's your motive, girl?" I thought.


A few hours passed and the girl that passed out inside my tavern began to awaken. Her eyes slowly opened, she reached up and held her head, wincing from a headache.

"You're up." I said as i met her gaze.

There was a slight red tint to her face, "I...if you don't mind me askin' I exactly?"

"You're in my tavern, The Bloated Goat, you walked in And passed out."

She looked around, trying to familiarize herself with the place. Diane walked in the room, " awake."

The girl looked in awe at Diane,"that's a talking doll!" She exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

"I reanimated her a few years back." I explained.

"No way?!" She said as she circled around Diane. "My mother told me about stuff like that." A growl echoed from her stomach.

"I'll whip you up something to eat, let's go." I said as i led her out.

"Oh no you don't have already done so much for me." She protested.

"Nah I insist." I said and sat her down on a bar stool. I hopped behind the counter and in moments I reappeared with a nice juicy steak.

"The Bloated Goat is famous for its steak and drinks, so go ahead and eat up."

She looked at the steak with awe, "it looks delicious." She said. She cut a piece off and bit into it. Tears began to stream down her eyes

"I-is something wrong?" I asked from the sudden tears.

"It's so good!" She exclaimed.

A small smile came to my face from her praise. Diane looked at the girl, "do you...know, Master?"

"Oh yea...What is your name?" I asked.

"Oh I'm sorry." The girl said, "I didn't introduce myself, my name is Annie."

"What were you doing walking around in that armor?" I asked.

"I'm looking for the members of the infamous knight group..." she looked towards the notice board of the infamous knights, "...The Abysswalkers."

"What for?"

"I know they are a powerful group of people, and I believe they're my only hope...My only hope to save my homeland."

Before I could say anything else we were interrupted by screaming outside, "what the hell?"

I walked out the tavern door and looked towards the town and saw it in flames. My eyes grew, "the fuck?" I heard a blood curdling screech and saw a black creature with wings spread out flying in the sky. It was a Dragon.

I ran back inside, "we gotta go, there's a Dragon outside destroying shit." I pointed towards the back door, "Diane take Annie and run I'll catch up."

Diane nodded and took hold of Annie and they both ran out the back. "What's a Dragon doing here?! I thought they weren't real!" Annie said as they ran through the forest out back. The Dragon sensed them and followed behind, "i-it's getting closer."

The Dragon landed in front of Diane and Annie right next to a cliff. "W-what now?!"

The Dragon reeled back and spewed out fire. Diane and Annie closed their eyes and braced themselves for the flames.

The sound of earth breaking was heard ahead of the two. They both slowly opened their eyes and saw me with my back pressed against a gargantuan sword that was sticking from the ground that was acting like a shield to the flames.

"You alright?" I asked and received a nod from Diane.

"You...barely even know me yet you...treat me so kindly..." A tear slid from her eye, "why...? I don't even know your name."

"Well when you put it that way..." I said and stood up and pulled a gargantuan sword from my back, "My name is Ruin...but most know me by The Dragon Slayer."

Her eyes grew as she remembered the picture from the notice board, "y-you're Sir Ruin?"

I nodded, "yup."

"But ho-that inhuman sword..." She thought, "he is Sir Ruin."

I looked at the Dragon and he looked back, "so..." He bellowed, "you're the remaining Dragon Slayer..."

I stayed silent.

It was a showdown on who'd move first. I oh so slightly stepped forward and the earth below me shattered and a gust of wind blew behind me.

"W-what?" Asked Annie as she watched.

"Thats a true Dragon Slayer." Answered Diane.

Within mere seconds I was tearing through the scales of the Dragon way before he could even react. "Wh-"

My ultra great sword dug into the dragons right side and without a second delay and I reversed my hand position and pushed it forward causing the sword to rip out it's chest.

The Dragon fell forward, "b-but...ho.." The Dragon breathed his last breath before he could finish his sentence.

Annie watched in awe, "it really is him."

"So..." I say turning around and facing both Diane and Annie, "you're looking for the Abysswalkers, aye?... Well you found one...So let's go find the others..." I said and strapped my sword to my back.

"B-but why?" Annie asked.

"Because I figured I should start looking for my old friends." I answered. "So you coming or not?"

Annie smiled and jumped, "yea!"

...And so the legend of the Dragon Slayer and Abysswalkers is once again rekindled...
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