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Top 10 Challenges
Summary: No one does song fics! So here's the chance to use your favorite songs and make a song fic! Here are the rules: 1)Must have at least one song incorporated. 2)Try to create something no one else has.(like you use a song no one's every heard. You can use a song you composed!) 3)have fun with it! :) Have at!
Categories: General Fiction Characters: None
Summary: First off, I'll explain what a joint story actually is. A joint story is when the writer comes up with the idea but allows members to submit their own original characters in a review or through contact. Then the author places the OC into the story, writing the fanfic with all of the accumulated OCs.

The author can choose how many characters they want in the story, any specific requirements in creating an OC, etc, etc.

The challenging part is writing about characters that aren't yours and getting their personalities right. Also, creating a story out of a bunch of random characters is a difficult task all on its own.

So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?
Categories: OC-centric, General Fiction > Naruto Characters: All, OC
Summary: Hey y'all! I don't know about you people, but I'm really getting tired of all these pathetic SasukexOC stories. You know what I'm talking about-- some new, beautiful girl with amazing powers comes to Konoha, usually with some freaky bloodline limit. Though she's not interested and may even hate him, she somehow makes Sasuke IMMEDIATELY fall for her and blah blah yada. He acts OOC and it's really annoying. I need a really good SasukexOC story! No Mary-Sues, please. Lemon or no lemon, whatever floats your boat. Hurry! I'm going to die without a good SasukexOC.
Categories: OC-centric, Het Romance, General Fiction Characters: None
Summary: Yes, we all know at least one Narutard, or we are one ourselves. For those who do not know what a Narutard is we should make a warning sign list. If you do the following, you may very well be a Narutard. Now I want to see how you all define a Narutard.
Categories: MadFic > Other Characters: None
Summary: Hi! So, one thing that I *love* to read would be OC-centric stories... However, it can be pretty hard to find good ones. What I'm looking for would be a completely OC-centric story not centered around mushy-gushy-OOC romance. Try post-Naruto for cookies - Create a whole new generation! Or try a self insert WITHOUT MARY-SUES! >>; Good self-inserts are *really* hard to find, so cookies and icecream for those too. Just give me something good to read without oodles of gushy romance or the normal cliches! C'mon, I know that there are good ones out there!
Categories: OC-centric, Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Real World, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden, General Fiction > Post-Naruto Characters: None
Summary: Here is the challenge: tell what is weird about Fanfictions in general, but TONFA in particular. I plan to be posting a few, just so you get the idea.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: im not really good with lemons so am gonna ask someone to do it for me!(Yes i am that lazy) Alot of the times we see Sasuke as a seme and Naruto the uke. Sure he's cute and huggable but hey! he needs a turn on top too! So anyone who would like to write one of these Naruto seme X-rated ficcies please let me know! Oh and if you know any storys were he is a seme please, dear god, let me know!!!!! THANK YOU!
Categories: Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance > Top Pairings > Sasuke and Naruto Characters: None
Summary: After Sasuke leaves, his fan girls need a new idol for their affection. Remember, Naruto is off training, so it can't be him. Pick any other male genin and give him a fan club. Throw in some OC fangirls if you want.
Categories: Het Romance Characters: None
Summary: Naruto Pirate AU, and/or fusion with PotC. Once upon a time I wrote one ((PotC/KH)), and now I want you to. Now for the fun stuff:

- Must contain at least one mention of the "Dead Man's Chest". Not nessecarily the same one in PotC2.

- The line "You're not making any sense, love" after someone tries to rephrase a sentence that makes no sense from the speaker. ((if this is unclear... and example would be that Sasuke says something that makes no sense. Sakura tries to clarify it. Sasuke tells her that she's making not making sense))

- At least one battle at sea. They're pirates, after all!

May contain, but doesn't have to:

- argument of which is better: Pirates or Ninja

- Creation of the Piraja, or Ninate. Whatever.

- The Kraken :)

Anything else is up to you. I've posted this to the challenges page, too. Have fun!
Categories: None Characters: None

Summary: I want a fight. i want a fight between Sasuke and Naruto. it doesnt have to be like the waterfall battle. trick this, i want Naruto to win and I want Sasuke to die. make it graphic and intresting. make a funeral scene too. i want to know what you think the other girls would feel if they knew he killed Sasuke. Sakura and Hinata.. NO LEMONS OR SMUT! make it clean, well blood is okay, lots of blood.
Categories: None Characters: None