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Penname: DigiAnimeArtist [Contact]
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I realize I've never put a bio on here about myself, so for those who are curious, I'll write something.

I'm currently 30 years-old and I live in the South of the United States. I grew up watching a lot of anime. One of the first animes I ever saw was Voltron and Thunder Cats as a child. When I was a child I wanted to learn Japanese and be a ninja after seeing The Karate Kid. Back then, Japanese was a language that no one taught and there was very little information on it.

I started writing officially when I was 12 years-old and wrote my first 'book' that was over a hundred pages long. As time passed, I got into other series: Reboot, Star Wars, and Inuyasha. None of them seemed to take off very well due to me not researching the material, or not giving the characters enough background info - which makes them interesting.

I got into Naruto about 5 years ago when I downloaded my first episode. It was before it hit the states, and at the time, I had no idea what I was watching. After it hit the U.S. I watched probably the first 20 episodes of it. I liked the idea of ninja living in villages and the scenario behind Naruto.

Currently I have seen 265 different Animes, to date. That's not counting manga, or other types that I have read. I love characters, backgrounds, and plots within stories. It gives me the great initiative to change things, or borrow certain things from other characters that I've liked over the years.

ABOUT ONARI: (For those Huge Fans ^-^)

The real truth behind the story: ONARI that is my main focus,is I wanted to write a story about me and my friends. lacked something heavily. Other characters, plot, Japanese culture and mythology, the entire works. So I began creating characters in December, 2 years ago, and based a few of their personalities off of myself. The first actual character I came up with was Ryu Yuhi. A friend of mine designed him and I thought he turned out well. The next in line was actually, Saori Nara. Onari came some time after when I changed her appearance and attitude. Can anyone figure out who she acts like? I'll go ahead and tell you. I was into Chobits and DearS at the time. So I wanted Onari to have that special innocence about her at the start of the story. She's basically Chii, from Chobits, and Rin, from DearS combined. As she gets older, her attitude becomes more serious.

My first real characters, that I started to add to match Ryu, Saori, and Onari were: Daiya and Idai. I knew I wanted Daiya to act kind of like Neji and Sasuke. I wanted him to have a ponytail like Shikamaru and wear a hat like Chouji Akimichi. Idai's personality is kind of goofy and yet, kind of aggressive in nature. I wanted him to resemble Naruto, Gaara, and Kimimaro, in a sense. I wanted him to be the perfect match for Daiya. They were my first real 'friend pair'.

Next, I designed Yanagi Lee, Masaru Uzumaki, and Gin Akimichi. I wanted Yanagi to be sweet and caring and also have strong Taijutsu like Rock Lee. I wanted Masaru to have the Hyuuga eyes and be a bit of a problem, like Naruto, but also more resentful of things he doesn't understand. I wasn't too sure what I wanted for Gin at the time. I know I wanted her to use plants like Ivy in the Batman series. I thought it would be neat since there's not a whole lot of plant users. I wanted her to be shy and be forced to become a leader for her team.

Eiyu and Kandai Hyuuga were a bit problematic. I wasn't sure how they would act, or what value they were to their teams. Kandai is the weaker of the twins and he also doesn't grow as much as Eiyu throughout the series. Here's another shocker: I was unsure whose teams they were going to go to, and what their ninja skills were for a long time.

Areku Inuzuka was added last because I was having difficulty coming up with his personality. I wanted him to be serious, unlike Kiba. I wanted Areku to be a problem-solver like Shikamaru and be able to step up to guiding the team when Gin falters.

As for some of the characters with intense backgrounds, I'll start with Daiya first: Daiya's background was based off of my own. He's reserved, scared inwardly, loud and aggressive, and yet also has social problems at the beginning of the story. I wanted him to overcome the obstacles I could not, at his age.

Idai's background is more of a sad, tragedy than Daiya's. I wanted him to have something special in his past, unlike Daiya, that he missed. I also wanted Idai to still be lost -as Daiya was- so that they could bond in that special way as friends. However, Daiya still battles with himself, unlike Idai, whose found his positive influences to change his attitude.

Ryu Yuhi's past is a conflict of unresolved questions and answers he is searching for. He has problems with his real father's status, as well as, where he is status wise in the story. He's one of those laid back types that is really smart, but doesn't want to show what he knows.

Onari's past is based entirely on Mythology. I wanted to really delve into the Asian culture with her connections to history. She's a complete
Pandora's box with her skills, family ties, and thought processes.

Takeru Uchiha struggles with his identity due to how the village perceives Sasuke and Izumi. His parents were the elite, or Sannins of their village. Takeru became the child of a strange bond, so he's out of sorts at points in the story. His true self comes out when he gets Onari and Daiya living in the house with him. I think Takeru has a hidden sadness in his soul of loneliness.

Hire' was an added addition to Sasuke's team when I realized Onari couldn't enter just yet. She's from an aristocrate ninja family that actually shadows their true intentions of stealing, murdering, and other deceitful things behind the Hokage's back. Hire's growth happens when Areku takes an interest in her and shows her that she can change her life. Nothing is set in stone.

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