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Thunderstorms by ObitoTheHero

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Chapter notes: I hope you like it! It's my first fic so please be nice and tell me what you think!
Tobi lay in his bed late at night, the covers over his head, his mask off. He suddenly heard a loud bang, a rumbling, and was sure there was a flash of light, though he could not see it. He whimpered and curled up in a ball, making sure the blankets were securely over his head. He did not like to be all alone at night, especially when it was thundering and lightning outside. He listened to the sound of the rain hammering on the roof, which calmed him a little. Then it thundered and he whimpered again, curling up in a tighter ball. It was then that he remembered he wasn't alone.

Deidara-sempai... Tobi thought as he slowly came out from his hiding place. He took his mask off the bed side table and secured it onto its rightful place on his face and headed to the other side of the room where Deidara was sleeping soundlessly.

Tobi tried to make his way quietly across the room but failed when he tripped on something on the floor. He looked up at Deidara, who had not even moved. He got up off the floor and walked up to Deidara's bed, poking him in the arm. Deidara grunted and mumbled something, swatting Tobi's hand away.

"Deidara-sempai?" Tobi whispered scaredly, shaking Deidara slightly.

"Wha..." Deidara groaned, still half asleep. Feeling a little more confident now he had seceded in waking his sempai, Tobi shook him a little harder.

"Deidara-sempai, wake up!"

Deidara opened his eyes and squinted at the digital clock next to his bed. It read 3:22.

"What do you want at almost 3:30 in the morning Tobi?" Deidara asked, too tired to get that angry.

"Umm..." Tobi said, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. What did he want? A hug? To sleep in Deidara's bed tonight and be told everything was going to be okay? Like that would happen. And it's not like he could tell his sempai that anyway.
Just then there was a flash of light and a rumble, making Tobi jump and whimper, hugging himself. It was then that Deidara knew what Tobi wanted.

"You're afraid of the storm, aren't you, un?" he asked, more awake now. It was so strange to Deidara that someone could be scared of a thunder storm. It reminded him of his art.
Tobi shook his head no but he was shaking like a leaf.

"It's just a thunderstorm, un. Go back to bed." Tobi, being the good boy he was, did as he was told. He retreated to his bed and hid under the covers again. Deidara turned on his side and smirked.

Tobi’s so stupid, un Then he heard a muffled sniffle and realized Tobi was crying. Now he felt bad. Sure, he did not like Tobi but he did not like to see him upset either.

“Are you okay, un?” Deidara called across the room only to get muffled, ‘mmhm’ from under Tobi’s blankets. Deidara sighed.

“Come here, un.”

Tobi came back over to the blonde’s bed, this time succeeding in not tripping. Deidara noticed Tobi was pretty bad and was hugging himself, his head down, looking at the floor.

“Are you really that scared, un?” Deidara asked, slightly surprised. It was just a thunder storm! Again, Tobi shook his head no but looked scared to death, whimpering every time a rumble sounded outside. Feeling bad for the younger ninja, Deidara pulled back the covers and coved over, making room for Tobi.

“Here.” Was all he said.

Tobi hesitated for a second but then there was another boom and he scrambled into the warm bed.

“Now go to bed, un.” Deidara said, turning his back to Tobi’s. A couple minutes later Deidara had not gone back to bed. He could feel the hyperactive ninja shaking and could tell he was still crying. Deidara sighed again and turned around.

“Tobi,” he said to get his attention. Tobi stopped sniffling. Deidara wrapped an arm around Tobi’s waist, hugging him tightly. His other hand rubbed Tobi’s back soothingly.

“It’s alright, un. Now try to get some sleep.” After several minutes of that, Tobi had finally fallen asleep again, hugging Deidara back, feeling safe in his sempai’s arms. Deidara noticed Tobi still had his mask on and took it off for him, he did not sleep with it on, did he? A flash of lightning permitted Deidara a short look at Tobi’s face. Deidara was shocked for a second but then his face broke into a smile. He nuzzled up to Tobi. I love thunderstorms, un.
Chapter end notes: I hope you liked it!
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