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Frozen Kisses by marionette

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Please review.
I really want to know what you think of this. :3 *commissioned by 'that one kid' (sabrina).

The rain beats hard against us.

And, with this icy chill against my face, it feels almost as if I'm not crying.

The tears mingle with the raindrops.

The racing pulse of my heart is lost in the thunder.

And the fear, the blinding fear, building torturously inside my chest...

It's killing me.

Lightning streaks across the sky.

I quicken my pace.


The soft voice fades beneath the sound of the rain.

I ignore it.

"Naruto, I..."

"What is it, Tsunade?"

My voice sounds unusually serious.

Even I understand that whatever mission she has for us...

It would be painful.

The look in her eyes, the quiver in her usually strong voice...

It speaks volumes.

A clap of thunder shakes the ground beneath us.

I realize that I am trembling.

"Uchiha Itachi is dead"

My heart stops.

"His Akatsuki partner was found a very short while ago. His injuries are severe, his mental state unstable. All we know for sure is that Itachi is dead..."

The pain in her eyes terrifies me.

"and that Uchiha Sasuke killed him"

"Naruto-san! To the right! I see something!"

We all skid to a hault, catching ourselves on the branches beneath us.

My heart beats furiously against my chest.

"Naruto, Kisame said that when he left... Sasuke had been in an extremely critical state..."

A bitter cold spreads icily through my chest.

"Your mission is to search him out and stabalize his condition before returning him to Konoha... But Naruto... I cannot guarantee he will be alive when you get there"

The color drains from my face.

"He is at the Valley of the End. Go to him, Naruto"

Someone screams.

"There! Naruto-san, by the water!"

And, beneath the hazy mist of the pounding rain,

alone beside the glittering white water...

I see you.

We sweep down to you and the fear pulses horribly through my throbbing heart, tears blurring my unfocused eyes.

I fall to my knees beside your head, staring emptily at that beautiful face.

The sounds of the medical-nin are lost to my ears.

They huddle carefully around your body, checking vital signs, examining wounds, trying to figure your chakra rate...

You'll be alright.

You will be.

When I promised I'd bring you home I didn't mean...

I didn't mean...


The voice is soft, gentle.

Terror grips my heart.

"He... He doesn't have long. There is nothing we can do to save him. We can heal most of the physical wounds but his internal systems are a mess, his chakra levels are dangerously low..."

I can only stare at you.

She's lying.

She has to be lying.


You can't...

The rain glitters prettily off of that marble white skin.

Like a ghost.

Like a sleeping, beautiful ghost.

Your breathing is strange, uneven and soft...

And slowly, those long-lashed eyelids raise gently over dull obsidian eyes.



My heart pounds furiously against my chest.

I tear the ANBU mask from my soaked face, tears streaming easily down whiskered cheeks.

You blink slowly, looking over my face with those tired black eyes.

The med-nin get to their feet, bowing their heads before moving to quietly repack their equiptment nearby.

The pain in my heart throbs horribly.

A thin white hand raises from your side, touching my cheek gently.

I close my eyes for just a moment as you cradle my face, hand moving up to rest softly over yours.

The tears fall quickly.

My body trembles.

"Naruto... I'm..."

Your voice is so soft, barely audible under the pattering of the rain.

"I'm sorry..."

"Sasuke, don't say that... Don't... Don't make it sound likes it's all over..."

My voice quivers.

"Kiss me"

I pause, looking over that perfect white face.

"Kiss you?"

"Hurry, Naruto"

You say it quietly.

I lean forward then, pressing my lips gently to yours.

Your hand slides up from my cheek, slender fingers tangling lightly in my hair.

Your lips are cold, trecherously soft, so perfect against mine...

And I wish this moment could last forever.


You lower your hand slowly back to your side and I stare desperately into those shining black eyes, pain throbbing through my veins.

"I've always loved you... Dobe..."

Your voice trails.

Long-lashed eyelids flutter softly closed.


I scream your name, falling lightly over your slender form.

You can't die.

You can't.


It's impossible.


All of the things I never got to say...

All of the kisses I never got to feel...

I cry into your neck, sobs finally wrenching free from my throat.

My body shakes against yours.

"Sasuke... Sasuke, I love you so much... Sasuke..."

My words tremble, voice strange and choked to my ears.

The pain rips through my aching heart.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

The words sputter endlessly from my frozen lips, tears streaming like an undying flood down my soaked cheeks.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I pull your body into my arms, sobbing into the nape of your neck, hugging that limp form tight against my chest.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I kiss you gently one last time, trying to catch the last bit of warmth left on your skin.

The rain is dying slowly.

Perhaps the angels have run out of tears.

I press a soft kiss to your forehead, trembling as I hold you for the last time.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

And some day, I promise to meet you in heaven.

I cry silently now.

For you.

For me.

For everything

that could have been.

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