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Such a Pretty Smile by marionette

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

I decided to use Violet's idea. :]
It seems like a lot of fun.
Here's the first chapter.
If you want me to continue, then review.

naruto's 6 years old.
sasuke's 7 years old.

I hear someone crying.

It's a soft sound, but it's so sad.

So lonely...

I follow the quiet noise, peering carefully behind trees and bushes.

Who could be out here all alone...

And crying?

It's getting louder.

I'm close.


There is silence.

The soft sobs quiet.

I pause, looking around.

"Anyone here?"

And then they're running.

He bursts out from behind a nearby bush, stumbling and pushing on towards the path.

I lurch forward, taking hold of his wrist.

He freezes, caught mid-step.

Terrified blue eyes turn to me.

"Don't hurt me..."

I falter, watching as the tears escape quietly from beneath those long lashes.


"Don't worry"

He sniffs softly, rubbing the tears from his eyes.

He looks so sad.

"I won't hurt you"

"Y-You promise...?"

"I promise"

I lean slightly forward, wrapping him in a gentle embrace.

He blinks, eyes wide and watery.

I place my hands lightly on his shoulder, pulling away.

"Why are you sad?"

"No one likes me... They're all so mean..."

I tilt my head to the side, pushing blonde bangs away from his face.

"I like you"

"Really? You do?"

I laugh lightly, admiring the perfect blue of those eyes.

"You're prettier when you smile"

He scrunches up his nose, tilting his head.

"Pretty is a word for girls"

He giggles.

I like the way it sounds.

"That's alright. It fits you"

He leans forward and I pause, feeling his lips brush a tiny kiss to my cheekbone.

"Thank you"

He says it softly.

I feel my cheeks burning.

He smiles.

"You're pretty too"

I don't know why, but my heart feels warm.

And it feels nice.

"What's your name?"


"My name's Sasuke. Let's never forget eachother, okay?"

He giggles, hugging me again.



I untangle myself gently from his arms, picking a daisy from the grass.

He watches curiously and I straighten, placing it easily in his hand.

"Here. For you"

He stares at it for a moment, and the complete awe in his eyes makes me smile.

He looks up at me.

"Thank you, Sasuke. I won't forget"

His gaze moves to the darkening sky.

The sunlight is fading.

"We should go home now, Sasuke. I probably won't see you again for a while. But let's promise to meet again"

I press a tiny kiss to his forehead, a faint blush rising to my cheeks as I do.

He giggles.

"I promise, Naruto. I promise"

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