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Sweets by marionette

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Happy Easter! :)
Please review. < 3
"Have you seen Naruto?"

I shrug, a soft sigh drifting from my lips.

"Nah. No idea where he went"

Sakura matches my sigh quietly, thin arms crossed loosely over her chest.

"Hm. That's so weird. I mean, it's Easter and he's off hiding somewhere"

She runs a hand through long candy-colored bangs, resting her weight on one hip.

"Gods, that Naruto"

And I agree.

Where the hell could you be?

It's late in the morning, the sun now risen high in the cloudless blue sky.

And there's still no sign of you.

I checked your house already, awaiting that sunshine smile and those ocean eyes...

But you weren't there.

And your smile wasn't there.

And your eyes weren't there.

And the only trace of you was the lingering scent of ramen and sakura blossoms.

It bothers me.

It's Easter.

The first Easter when me and you...

You and me...

When we're together.

And that means you're supposed to be with me right now.

So we can eat chocolate together and coat our lips with sugar just to kiss them off in the later hours...

But you aren't here.

And the candy in my pockets suddenly seem bitter.


I wake from my thoughts, gaze drifting back over to Sakura.

She smiles gently, green eyes soft with a quiet understanding.

"I'm sorry he isn't here with you"

I stare at her for a moment and she just laughs lightly, looking away again.

"It's okay. Don't be embarrased"

A long sigh passes from my lips and I shake my head, brushing away dark bangs from my eyes.

"Hn. Hardly. Like I care"

She raises a slender eyebrow, smile teasing.

"Right, Sasuke. Do you really think that..."

Her words trail and she stares at something behind me, lips parting in an 'o'

I blink.

"... What?"

She begins to giggle then, thin hands covering her grin as she laughs.

I feel a faint irritation rising in my chest, turning around to see whatever it is that's so god damn funny.

And I can only stare.


You wink at me, and I feel my heartbeat still to a sudden stop.

You fling yourself into my arms, wrapping your legs around my waist, thin arms linked tight around my shoulders.

I stumble but manage to keep my balance, holding you tight to my chest so that I don't drop you.

"Dobe! You're heavy!"

You giggle, pressing a kiss to my nose.


I open my mouth to protest at this sudden weight on my arms but pause, suddenly registering what exactly you are wearing.

White rabbit ears poke up out of those golden locks, a thin orange shirt hanging loose on your slim chest.

Your shorts are white, ending just above the middle of your thigh.

That smooth tanned skin is warm, exposed and pressed carelessly around my waist.

A faint pink rises to my cheeks and I blink, trying hard not to notice the way your shirt had ridden up.

Sakura continues to giggle.

You turn your head to the rose-haired girl, a grin spread wide across those full lips.

"Oi, Sakura-chan. Happy Easter!"

She manages to choke down her laughter, smiling warmly into those glittering blue eyes.

"Happy Easter, Naruto"

You smile as you turn your attention back to me, shaking your form lightly against my chest.

I feel the blush on my cheeks darken slightly.

"Naruto, what-"

"I've got a bunny tail too, Sasuke. Isn't that cool? I made it this morning, that's why I was late"

You talk quickly, like a child, your forehead resting lightly against mine.

"And I brought you sweets, Sasuke. We can eat them together, okay?"

You press a kiss to my lips and I feel myself smiling at your excitement, looking calmly into those glittering blue eyes.


Sakura laughs and you just smile, nuzzling your cheek against mine.

And I know that, with or without candy, you're the only sweet I need.

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