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Of Alchemists and Shinobi: The Broken Law by baldragnarok16

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I in no way own any characters, plot, or settings of Fullmetal Alchemist and/or Naruto. I do, however, own my OCs and the plot for this story.
Chapter One: Through the Gate

Edward stared blankly at the immense and ornate gate doors. He knew what had to be done to save the one person who ever mattered so much to him; the one person he’d give his life and afterlife to save.

“Open, you know what I want and what I am willing to sacrifice for it,” commanded Ed in a resonating voice.

The golden doors opened slowly, revealing the dark amorphous masses within, reaching out with long disfigured limbs, groping for the touch of a mortal’s flesh. Edward willingly walked into their grasp, waiting for his mind, body, and soul to be either separated, destroyed, or sent to the “other side.” While he was in the gate though, he felt a presence near him. He tried seeing what it was, but he could see nothing but the demons attempting to devour him.

“Edward Elric, I’m afraid that I’m going to intervene at this point. For you see, I need you to complete a mission for me, and if you do not, well, Alphonse will be the one to pay for your mistake,” whispered a voice. It contained every emotion Ed had ever experienced before in his life: fear, love, hope, sadness, glee, surprise, hatred, jealousy, sympathy, empathy, it was enough to make a person become insane.

“I guess I have no choice then do I?” reluctantly responded Ed.

“I’m glad we agree,” whispered the voice, except now it was filled with malice and greed and sounded more similar to a hiss.

“Make sure that this person does not live beyond the age of fifteen; you have eight years to complete it, and make sure you do,” threatened the hissing voice. Ed felt as if though something was trying to be shoved into his head through his eye sockets and screamed out in pain. It felt like no pain he’d ever felt before; is hurt more than being killed by Envy and lasted longer than the pain of getting two auto-mail limbs. When the pain finally subsided and the image he saw was of a young man of around seventeen.

“This person looks seventeen though!” retorted Ed.

“In that picture he is,” calmly answered the voice. “You’ll have to figure out who it is by yourself, and just in case you do decide to betray me, I’ll take a little something as a down payment.” Ed then felt as if someone was trying to open his head with a screwdriver and then pull out his brain. His eyes then closed as the pain overwhelmed him.

He awoke on a dirt road surrounded by shrubs and trees at what seemed to be either dawn or twilight.

“Where am I?” he muttered, rubbing his throbbing head. The last thing he could remember was returning to Resembool after creating the Philospher’s Stone. “Al? Al where are you?” shouted Ed. After having no response he started running down the dirt road looking for his brother. After around five minutes of running he found a gate with two men around the age of twenty two guarding them. For some reason, they looked abnormally tall to Ed.

“Little boy, why are you out here at such a late time?” asked one of the guards. Ed got incredibly pissed with a stress mark on his forehead.

“I’m not a little kid!” screamed Ed. But to his surprise his voice came out in a much higher tone than usual, like a seven year old’s and he immediately covered his mouth with his left arm.

“Yeah, and I’m an old geezer,” sarcastically retorted the guard. “Now do you want to enter or not?”

“Yeah yeah,” muttered Ed.

“What did you say shrimp?” asked the other guard.

“Do not call me shrimp!” screamed the alchemist. He tried punching the giant guard in the face with his right arm, but it was caught and the guard slowly twisted it, hard, causing Ed to be in immense pain.

‘Wait, why does this hurt?’ questioned Ed. For the first time he glanced at his arm and noticed that it was flesh, bone, muscle, and blood, not automail. He then felt his body shatter as he collided with a tree fifty yards from where he was standing previously.

“That’ll teach him for attacking a jounin,” scoffed the guard.

‘Jounin, what the heck is that?’ wondered Ed, and this was the last thought he had before blacking out.

Ed’s eyes fluttered open as he felt something jab into his spine. He screamed in pain as his assaulter tried to shush him.

“It’ll be alright, just calm down,” soothed the woman who was standing over him. She was wearing a white dress and had long black hair. He soon felt the pain ebb away as the woman retracted what seemed like a sword made purely of energy. “That was just to realign your spinal cord; you received a nasty blow from being thrown into that tree. You’re lucky that boy found you or you would’ve been in much more agony once you would have woken up.” She pointed to a young boy sitting on a chair swinging his legs back and forth.

“Hey what’s your name?” asked the young boy, grinning.

“It’s not exactly polite to ask the name of the person you’re introducing yourself to without giving your name first!” snapped Ed.

“I’m Uzumaki Naruto, believe it!” shouted the boy.

“Uzumaki, quiet! This is an operating room!” snapped the doctor.

“I’m Edward Elric, nice to meet you,” sarcastically greeted Ed.

“Wow, you have a weird first name, Elric,” snickered Naruto.

“My name’s not Elric Uzumaki. It’s Ed,” growled the boy.

“That’s even stranger,” remarked Naruto, a fox grin on his face.

‘The more I talk to him, the more annoying he gets and the less I like him,’ reflected the boy, before passing into a peaceful slumber, only half-hearing the nurse’s explanation of sedation.

I awoke to find Winry, Rose, and Pinoccho were standing above me. I felt different, lighter some how, like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It seemed as if Rose was bursting to ask something. The same went for Winry. I was about to ask them what was wrong with them when they both cracked;

“Al, you’re awake! Where’s…” started Winry.

“Ed,” finished Rose. Both girls had a very shaky tone to their voices, like they were upset about something.

“Ed? Who’s Ed?” I asked.
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