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Kurosaki Kitiguya, a girl of many names.. by KiraHatake2014

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'Run faster.' that is all that is going through my mind. 'Gotta run faster.' The assassin ninja were on my tail and I couldn't shake them off. My little legs were getting tired, but all that went through my head was, 'Don't let catch me. Don't stop.' My brother Kai was behind me, fighting the ninja. "Run!", he kept yelling. So I did. Through all the madness, a ninja ended up in frontbof me. He took his kunai and cut out my right eye. Next thing I see is me using ice kill Kai.

I wake up in a dark room, panicked. A pain shot through my right eye. Instinctively, I ran my fingers over the bandages covering it. I had been having the same nightmare for years. After pulling my hand away from my bandaged eye, I looked at it. The hand the killed Kai. I imagined it still covered in his blood, like a blanket. I got up and went outside to clear my mind. The stars were bright tonight. All of a sudden, my face felt wet. That's when I realized I was crying. 'Why am I crying?' I thought.

I sat alone for a while, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Kakashi Hatake, the person who took me in and raised me as his own. I know him because he used to visit us every week. He had the hots for my mom. They thought I wouldn't notice. "Did I wake you?", I asked. He shook his head, and I looked back out at the stars as hebsat next to me. He asked why I was awake. I flinched. 'Should I tell him about the dream? If I do, he'll only overreact, but still.' I thought. Finally I ran my fingers over my again. He knew immediately what had happened. "It'll get better soon."

I chuckled. 'Better? When?' I scoffed at the thought. "Yeah right. When?", I asked as I went inside. On the way back to bed, I noticed Kakashi's book just sitting there. I love to prank him, so I took it and put it my weapons pouch. Laying down, I tried so hard to fall alseep. Eventually, I drifted off, and this time there were no nightmares.

The next day, I was on my way to the academy. The village was peaceful. A little too peaceful, but I didn't question it, I just enjoyed it. Then a kid with blond hair ran past me, two jonnin on his tail. "Naruto! Get back here!", they yelled. One of them knocked me down. "Hey watch it!" That's when I realized that I brought someone down with me. I looked down to see a boy with raven black hair. He looked really annoyed. I got up and offered to help him up. "Sorry for bringing you down with me Sasuke." he only pushed my hand away, got on his own, and started walking again. "Just don't let it happen again."
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