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Ms. Know-It-All by Kleptomaniac

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: So I am not really that happy with the title of this story. It came to me while I was listening to the song 'Miss Nothing' by The Pretty Little Reckless. That song actually inspired my story so if you wish to listen to it you may; thank you for reading. Let me know if I should continue with this story because I am actually not that motivated what so ever.
Chapter One: He Said She Said

It all started because she really had to pee. She could have totally prevented all of this from happening, but no. Nyx couldn't wait, she really had to pee and the girls line was not going to move any fucking faster so she did what any sensible girl who had to piss would do. She ran into the boy's bathroom, opened a stall, yanked down her pants, and emptied her bladder. She sighed in relief glad she hadn't made a mess in her pants. Maybe, for once fate would be on her side. Well isn't that a laugh. Seconds after flushing the toilet, the door slammed open and two boys walked in. Blinking in surprise, she lifted up her feet and hoped to god they would do their business and get the fuck out. They didn't. Slowly, she stood up on the toilet seat and peered over the top of the stall. Being 5' 7" did have its advantages. Spotting the two boys who had walked in she immediately wished she hadn't and due to the shock of whom it was she slipped and fell just barely landing on her feet. Due to the odd angle of her fall she ended up head-butting the stall door, and dear god that stall door was fucking hard as hell.

"Kuso..." she groaned in pain, her hand finding its way to her now red forehead.
"Who the fuck is there?!" She recognized that voice. She wished she didn't, in fact at the moment she wished she was a potato hidden away in one of those ugly itchy potato sacks, because despite the uncomfortable bag they were forced in potatoes didn't have to deal with this kind of bull shit.
Slowly, she pushed open the door revealing to them a tall 5' 7" pasty skinned female with choppy shoulder length crimson hair.


"What the fuck." Apparently they weren't used to being caught making-out in the boys bathroom by a tall third-year female.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well you see... when a person bladder becomes full of what is known as urine they have to release said liquids unless they want to explode in their pan-"

"Yeah I get that what are you doing here, in the boy's bathroom?"

"Is that what this is?" Nyx gasped putting on her best 'surprised' look. "I thought it was the girl's bathroom. Well I'll just be on my way now. Don't worry I saw nothing." And as fast as her long legs could carry her (which wasn't very far), Nyx fled the room. By the time she stopped running, Nyx was out completely out of breath. Bent over with her hands on her knees, she attempted to catch her breath which she had left two corridors back. Honestly she knew she wasn't much of an athlete, even so she didn't think she was that out of shape.

"Hey you." Whirling around, she came face-to-face with the person she had been running from. While she was panting for air and unable to breathe properly, said boy simply stood there with slightly raised eyebrows. They had only ran down two corridors why was she so out of breath? Well that was simple. Because her athletic ability resembled shit.

"F-fine, you caught me." Nyx panted, she'd finally come to the conclusion that she'd rather face the closet-gay Uchiha than run down anymore god-forsaken halls.
Closet gay? Indeed, Nyx had caught the Uchiha Sasuke making out in a bathroom with none other than the openly-gay misfit, Sabaku no Gaara.

Fucking. Shit.
Chapter end notes: Kuso- basically a Japanese swear meaning 'shit'.

Osu- an informal way of greeting someone (usually used with friends). I believe the meaning is something like 'sup'.
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