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Reverse This Curse by xXxTiNkxXx

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Chapter notes: DISCLAIMER: This is the sequel to my first story, "How to Adapt and Overcome." If you haven't read that story, there are many circumstances you will not understand in this sequel. You can read it without having read HTAO, but I'm not going to explain everything to you when you ask me, "why?" And, as always, the only copyright I have is my original character and the plot line of this story.

WARNING: This story is a time skip; it begins during Shippuden. There-will-be-spoilers. If you have not kept up with the anime/manga, do-not-complain if I ruin something for you.

I cannot tell you how many times I've sat down at my computer within the past few weeks trying to write the first chapter. It's been so difficult for me to not throw in too much because I'm SO FREAKIN' EXCITED ABOUT WRITING THIS STORY!!! The first chapter is short. I know that; I planned it that way. You think I'm just going to give it all away in the beginning without leaving you asking what the hell I'm thinking? Aside from the stress of writing, the banner for this story legit took me 45 MINUTES to correctly size!!! The corners kept appearing out of the box; I uploaded and deleted so-many-banners to Photobucket. Shit was cray cray.

Chapter One: Dead Man Walking.
2,303 words. 7 Word doc. pages.

"Once upon a time..." ;P
A blistering sun shone down on the cracked ground of Kumogakure. Mid March, yet the sun was harsh as the fires of hell, radiating off the cracked, dusty earth which blew in the fierce wind across the land. Tumble weeds of dried, withered grass blew around, brittle and breaking as they were carried through the air.

It had been 11:13 a.m. on the dot that the Akatsuki team approached the Hidden Cloud. Their target wasn’t hard to find. Even if he hadn’t been standing at the top of the staircase before the entrance of the village, his chakra stuck out like a sore thumb from all the rest. The Haichibi; the eight tails jinchuuriki, Killer B.

A fight ensued at 11:16 a.m., consisting of a swordsman battle, which didn’t last long due to B’s expert handling of multiple weapons at a time. Back and forth, they threw attacks at one another, until the blades of Bee sunk into the skin of the Uchiha boy fighting him.

“What a strange team.”

Aside from the identifiable Sasuke Uchiha, there were three others; two young men, and a woman. The men themselves were outwardly different, one with the ability to shift into water, and the other able to extend his body with an unnatural color coating over his skin. The only worth that the young woman showed was the ability to sense the chakra around her, as she pointed out Killer B as he hid behind a few rocks.

Truth be told, B had always been barred from transforming into the haichibi. That was the point of being a jinchuuriki, you didn’t let anyone know you were one. However, when it came time for a battle which would prove to be fierce, sometimes, it was the only card left to play. Around 11:40, B transformed into the eight tailed coating. While he had aimed at Sasuke, he easily dodged his attack which was disconcerting. However, B disregarded this, and quickly went for the rest of the team.

“Are you okay?!” Sasuke’s voice was commanding. He actually sounded concerned for what was clearly his group. No shock that he was the leader.

“Let’s see if you can make it in time!” Killer B rushed forward at Sasuke, who had been making his way over to the others. Before Bee could reach him, Sasuke activated his Sharingan, attacking with a genjutsu. Unfortunately for him, it proved worthless as B struck at his neck, fracturing his wind pipe and collar bone as he tore apart his skin with chakra. Tumbling backward and over himself, Sasuke came to a stop by his team, who frantically surrounded him for a diagnosis.

“In order to break the illusion, I need a partner who can disturb my chakra and snap me out of it. My partner is the beast inside me. Illusions won’t work on a host who can control their beast.” B’s skin began to shed as his body expanded. “Disillusionment and destruction await. That will be your fate. When I transform into my true form, a beast you must meet, yeah. Cower before the power of the beast!”

The haichibi was out to play, and cower they did. Quickly a tentacle descended upon them with a crushing force, but was blocked by a large wave of water. The young boy on their team was now half aqua man, standing tall as he blocked the attack from the haichibi.

“Sacrificing himself for his team. Commendable.”

“You guys get out of here! I’ll hold him off!”

“I won’t let ya get away, ya stupid idiots!” Turning his neck back, the haichibi gathered all of his energy for the signature jinchuuriki attack; the giant ball of black, destroying anything within its path.

“Th-that’s.” A young Cloud trainee gasped at the sight of the large beast over the edge of the cliff.

“Killer B…why is he in beast form?! How many times has the Raikage told him not to transform?!” Jei, a young Chunin of the village looked down in awe. “We have to go tell the-“

“Don’t bother.”

Jei turned his head in a flash to look at the tall bonde woman, leaning against the rock to his left. “A-ah, Samui! How long have you been here?”

“A while…”Lazily, her ice blue eyes rolled over in his direction as she stared, her pale lips slightly parted. After a brief moment, her gaze returned to the battle. “They’re part of the Akatsuki, here to collect B in order to start a war.”

Aqua man’s sacrifice blocked the attack well enough in order to save Sasuke and the others. Stumbling around himself, Sasuke regained his stance, staring up at the large ox-opus that growled at him. His Sharingan eyes were fierce.

“Really? How would you come to know that?”

“…Clairvoyance.” Samui’s eyes watched with little to no interest as Sasuke collapsed to the ground, his team surrounding him. He was almost at his limit; even from afar, she could see the fatigue on his face. The young woman he had at his side seemed to be pleading with him.

“Should we help B? The Raikage would want to know about this, especially since the Akatsuki took-“

“I said don’t bother.” Right hand bent across her chest with her fingers spread, Samui glared. “I’ll report to him later, personally.”

Sasuke stumbled once more, quickly opening his eyes as they swirled and bled from the corners. “Amatera-“

Discharging the energy she gathered in her palm, within the split second of release, Sasuke dropped to the ground as he was hit. A small shock wave, numbing his nervous and muscular system was enough to make him pass out. Scaling the rocky wall, Samui descended upon the dried earth, dust pouring out from where she landed. She strut slowly over to the side of the eight tailed ox-opus, yards from where the Akatsuki stood.

“B, you should return to your normal form before those bumbling idiots run off and report to A.” In response, the ox grunted, steam pouring from its nostrils.

“Karin, I’ll handle this. Protect Sasuke and Suigetsu.” The taller man of the group instructed the red headed female. Samui raised an eyebrow as Karin lifted Sasuke’s heavy head, attempting to get his mouth open. She almost laughed.

“If you think lending out chakra is going to save him, you’re wrong. There’s nothing you can do for him.”

“Says you!” Karin snarled.

“Karin, stop.” The tall man scolded. “Leave with them, I’ll catch up.”

Samui pointed her chin down. “That won’t be necessary, seeing as you’ll all be leaving together.”

Again with the strut, Samui walked forward as she was charged by the ginger headed man. Holding her right hand over her left shoulder, she stopped in her tracks as her attacker was merely a step away. With a full forced fling of her arm, an exact 64mph wind swept its way from behind her, knocking the man back just as he was about to land a punch. Although she tried to withstand it, Karin was forced backward by the wind as well, traveling far, far away from where she had previously been standing. To Samui, she looked like a speck in the distance.

“Bitch! Get away from Sasuke!”

“What an annoying girl.” Samui muttered under her breath as she walked forward to the young Uchiha, who laid unmoved on the ground. He had numerous tears on his cloak, along with wounds to his body. Scrapes on his face left streaks of blood that traveled down his cheeks. His breathing was uneven. Not only had Samui’s electric wave numb his system, he had actually suffered damage to his internal organs. His chakra was depleting fast, along with his heart rate. Samui crouched to the ground.

“Hey! I said get away!” Karin’s voice was high pitched, shrill, and annoying…yet, somehow easy to ignore.

A single finger brushed away the bangs on Sasuke’s forehead, damp with perspiration. Brushing the back of her hand against his skin, Samui could feel his fever. Slowly, she ran her hand down his face, sliding it gently across his soft skin. Extending her index finger, she lined his slightly parted lips.

“If you don’t get away from Sasuke, so help me I will…” Karin continued her rant as she trampled on closer, which Samui hardly took notice of.

“You don’t have the chakra to sustain his injuries. He’ll die in your hands.” Karin stopped, asking Samui what she had said as if she didn’t hear her clear enough to the first time. “Are you naive enough to believe that you alone can balance the chakra flow of three men, two of which have kekkai genkai? Each time you offer yourself to any of them, your chakra grows weaker as you continue to do so. Similar to taking antibiotics for a cold, after time, the body will become familiar with it, rejecting it when it comes times for the medicine to do its job. You’re nearly dried up.”

Karin was nearly speechless. “Wha-who the hell are you, anyway? Why are you diagnosing Sasuke like this?”

“We have a particular attribute to our chakra that others lack. If we learn how to execute it properly, we can sever organs, or permanently damage someone’s internal workings… His organs have been hit with high voltage electrical waves from Bee’s chakra.”

“So, he was electrocuted from the inside out?”

Playfully running her fingers down his Adams apple, Samui continued until her hand rest above Sasuke’s heart. Turning her head, she looked upon the face of Killer Bee, and the lacking faces of Jei and the scout. “I can absorb the chakra that’s been diffused within his body. Once I’m finished you are to leave this village immediately.”

“What? Hey, what are you doing to him?!”

“You make a pretty shitty medical nin if you can’t even retain a diagnosis.” Samui glared as her chakra began to coat her body in electric sparks. The humming sound cracked as the sparks around her snapped, flowing from her arms down to the base of her palms. Adjusting her glasses, Karin studied her.

“Why should I trust you? You could be trying to kill him for all I know.”

“You are incredibly annoying.”

“We attack your village, yet you’re helping us. Out of everyone, you targeted Sasuke. I demand to know who you are!”

“It doesn’t matter who I am as long as his life is spared.” Samui looked up to the flickering eyelids of Sasuke. “He’s regaining conciousness. I’ll stabilize him, then you will leave.”

“I don’t understand why you’re doing this. Did you know Sasuke?” Samui took a breath. Her chakra flared as she lost her concentration for a brief moment. “Sasuke told me once…he knew a girl from this village-“

“I’m a little old to be a girl he once knew, aren’t I?” Samui smirked at Karin as she began to stand. “I’m simply returning a life for one that was given. A favor for a dear friend.”


“Enough with the talking. Pick him up and get going.”

“Miraculous. His muscular and nervous systems have totally relaxed and repaired. Your chakra is an extraordinary heal-ant. It’s similar… to the hachibi’s…” Karin achieved a divine epiphany. “Are you a jinchuuriki?”

“Rather than pester me, you should be thanking me for sparing his life. When he wakes up, you can take credit for doing so.”

Karin startled. “What?

“Would you really bother to tell him his life was saved by someone on the opposing side?”

“If you’d give me your name, I’m sure-“

Samui reached forward, grabbing the collar of Karin’s cloak. From the stretched material, numerous bite marks could be seen on her skin. It made Samui’s stomach turn. “I will be clear. You are not to make mention of me to anyone. I have the sneaking suspicion we will cross paths again. You don’t want to make the mistake of dishonoring my wish after I did you a favor. Understood?”

“Hearing that just makes you more suspicious.” Karin smirked as Samui narrowed her eyes.

“The Captain has a hold on the Akatsuki girl!” A voice rose from behind.

“Take him and go.” Letting go of Karin, Samui crouched to aid her in picking up Sasuke. Reaching for his left arm, a glimmer of emerald caught her eye.

“What is it? Is there still something wrong with him?”

“Che.” Shaking her head, Samui wrapped her hand around the bracelet on his left wrist; it grew instantly warm. Pulling him up, she forcefully shoved Sasuke’s body into Karin’s.

“Wait.” With Sasuke slung over her arm, Karin bowed her head before Samui. “Thank you.”

“Leave.” Again, with the flick of her hand, Samui sent Karin flying backward through the air, further back than she had been before. After regaining their balance, she passed Sasuke onto the large man, while picking up the puddle that was Suigetsu. From behind, Samui heard the heavy footsteps of Killer B.

“Yo! Why you gotta step on my toes? I knew what I was doin’!”

“I did it to protect you.”

“That was my out! I would have been gone!” B watched Samui slump down on her knees as her hand pressed against the ground where Sasuke’s body had been. “That was the kid you used to know. The one you had the beef with when you left the Leaf.”

“…yeah.” Exhailing, a cumulous white cloud surrounded Samui’s body. A smaller one replaced her form as the cloud evaporated.”

“Bro isn’t gonna be happy ‘bout that little show.”

“I know.” Grey eyes stared out towards the horizon line as the black figures made their way across the land. A small smirk came across a pair of lips, curling the edge of a familiar black marking upward. “It looks like my purpose has returned.”
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