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Hello lovies, I'll tell you riight now that if you steal any of my OC's without permission that I'll have to hunt you down. Also, I am a big fan of crackfics, so if you know any good ones email me at my msn address with 'crackfic' as the subject and the link inside. If you wish for me to write something for you, (i.e crackfic or other) I refuse to write anything if these conditions apply. One: I am working on a previous commission. Two: I am working on my own story. Three: I am having a bout of writer's block. ^.^ Other than that, (I'll let you know wether or not if the conditions apply at the time of your email), I'm pretty much free. So commission away, just make sure I can understand your email. No major spelling mistakes or it won't be read.

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Summary: Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, and Neji are vampires from a different dimension, they are being sent to Dimension Earth 1 with a single purpose, to save it. Their doubles in DE1 are supposed to grow up to become terrible rulers of the Naruto lands, with no remorse for anyone, they have to stop this before it can surface. They have 2 years to change their double's ways of thinking, if they cannot do that, then they must kill them.

Other rules

~Vampire Naruto is not to be stupid in this, hyper maybe, but he needs to be laid back like after the timeskip in the manga. V. Sasuke is not to be an asshole, and is to be on 'somewhat' friendly terms with V. Naruto. V. Neji has no caged seal, as they don't believe in slavery in their dimension. V. Gaara and V. Naruto are lovers, because that pairing rocks.

~If you take this challenge, make sure you use correct grammer, spelling, etc.

~Kyuubi is sealed in V. Naruto and Regular Naruto. He/She has the same personality in both realms. (i.e:Angry)

~In the beginning there must be some voice resonating from seemingly nowhere as they get their assignment.

~Must have one of the Reg. chars bumping into one of the Vamp. chars and saying: 'Hey, you look just like me!

~They can do anything you can think of as vampires, but they are not invincible. They'll die if they get hit in the heart and bleed too much stored blood, but sunlight doesn't affect them.

~Under no circumstances can they be 'Gary Stu's'.

~V. Gaara is 'somewhat' psychotic, R. Gaara is psychotic anyway. (Unless you decide to put this after the Chuunin exams, in which case, he's not.)

~Must have one instance where the vamps. are attacked by some gigantic monster coming out of the ground while they ride on the back of a cart.

~Can contain all or none of the characters listed that aren't main characters.

~Have fun writing, make it at least 10 'good, long' chappies. (Meaning 4-5 pages a chappie.) ^_^
Categories: Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance Characters: None