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Happy Valentine Day! by crazykittylover

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Chapter notes: my #2 entree for the DropDeadThenDance challenges. It's quick~not quick quick, just not as long as the first one lolz. It's an idea I kind of like to do myself and thought it as a nice fluffy enjoy!

please review and say what you think; it does mean something to me, thanks. an hour late but DropDeadThenDance...i posted this at 1:07 am....can it still count? I really liked this one better than the Mardi Gras cause I feel there's more emotions to it....please?

(Jinni’s POV)

“Hey Jinni, what up!”

I turned around and saw Naruto racing towards me as I had been walking down one of the market streets of Konoha. I waited for him to catch up to me and catch his breath.

“Well Naruto, what did you need to tell me?”

He looked up at me from panting on his knees and straightened up, “Ino wants to get all the genin together to talk about the Valentine Bash the Hokage is throwing at her place.”

I raised my eyebrows at Naruto in disbelief. “Tsunade is throwing a party for genin?”

“Well…it’s for all the shinobi, but that’s not what Ino wants to talk about.” I snorted at the answer but agreed to go to the meeting Ino is setting up for the genin later today; I wonder what she wanted to say all of us. I finished doing the errands I had before Naruto founded me; I pick up some fresh fruit for Haiiro and bathroom items for bathing, then went back to my apartment and put stuff away. I almost forgot about the meeting if Haiiro hadn’t reminded me 10 minutes before it.
I swear very little but as I raced across town to get to the academy, I swore like devil was on me. I panted as I came to a jog when I arrived at the place. I saw all rookie nine there along with Team Gai, and the Sand siblings. I wondered how Ino got them to come for a moment when I remembered that they were here for the Chuunin exams as representatives of Suna. I strolled over to the gang as Ino clambered up on a chair and waited for everyone to get quiet.

“Okay is everyone here? …Good. Okay you’re all wondering why I brought you here right.” Everyone murmured in agreement, “Well usually we don’t have a party for Valentine Day where everyone is present and Lady Tsunade was generous enough to hold one this year for the all the shinobi in the village. And well…I think this year we should do something different for the holiday to go with the party.” Ino pause to let it sink and waited for everyone to be quiet once more before continuing.

“So I think that everyone has to wear a ribbon red or white for the rest of the week till the end of Valentine day. They can only wear red though if someone gives it to them anonymously and has to give them one of two identical charms with the ribbon. The receiver has to wear the red ribbon all week but no charm till the party bash; they can’t tell anyone what their charm is either. The giver has to wear the ribbon too after they given one ribbon that way you only get one secret admirer. You can only have one ribbon so first come, first served. At the party on Valentine day, they will meet their secret valentine who will have the same charm as them.”

Everyone stared at her for a few moments till breaking out into different conversations. “But what if we don’t like the person that gives us the ribbon?”

“Or the person we like gets a ribbon not from us?”

“Well I guess that’s just a chance we’ll have to take. So who’s with me?” Everyone chatted amongst themselves but, they all agreed to the idea. I watched everyone disperse into their teams till the gang was left.

“Hey Naruto are you going to do the ribbon thing?”

“Sure why not? It sounds like fun to me, right Sakura.”

“I agree, it’s kind of exciting as well get a ribbon from someone and waiting till the party reveal who they are; it’s kind of romantic in a way…” I nodded with Sakura and hooked arms with her as we walked through the streets. Sasuke and Sai remained silent as we walked; Sai broke the silence after finishing writing in his book.
“So it’s romantic to get tokens from strangers?”

“They’re not going to be strangers Sai! Ino is just having us genin do the thing; I doubt anyone else in the shinobi force will do the thing with us.”

“I see…”

“Well I gotta run guys; I have to go help Anzu with dishes at the restaurant.” I broke away from Sakura and waved good-bye at the gang and raced off to Anzu.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Jinni. It’s a good way to let those shy about their feelings, be expressed.”

“I know Auntie, I nearly thought Ino wanted to do something bad for the party but, this, this was like brilliance!”

Anzu nodded away as we ramble about Valentine day; she even teased me about getting a red ribbon from a guy. I told her there is no one that liked me that way but she just winked at me and continued to hum as we washed. I left her and got home later than I thought I would and was really tired from the day.

As I changed into some PJs I noticed something on my bed; it was red ribbon with a gold little bell. As I picked it up, it tinkled a cute little ringing sound like bells on cat collars or belts. I looked up at the window and saw it was slightly opened; someone came in and put the ribbon on my bed on purpose.

Haiiro flew in after a few moments and whistled at the ribbon.

“Wow, the day isn’t over and you got a ribbon already! “ I tried to smack the bird for his remark but he flew up and over onto my wall mirror.

“Can it Haiiro; I can’t imagine who it’s from anyway. I mean, who gives a bell as a charm for Valentine?” I held up so he could see the bell, he tilted his head and stared at it then fluffed his feathers and shrugged it off.

“Maybe they think you’ll understand the bell as something they’ve had or use….”

“I don’t know…” I looked at the bell for closer inspection but saw nothing unique about it; it was just a normal little bell, “Well who ever gave it to me will have to reveal themselves at the party, so I’ll just have to wait.”

Haiiro chuckled but said nothing more as I turned the lights and crawled into bed. I stared at the ribbon and bell in my hands till I fell into the cool darkness of the night.

The next morning I got up and yawned in my bed. The ribbon was still in my hands from when I fell asleep with the small golden bell attached to it.

**Well I can’t wear the charm till the party so where to put you? ** I wondered as I looked around; I spotted a small box on my dresser and went and slid the bell off the ribbon into it and then placed the box in one of my drawers. I toyed with the idea of wearing the ribbon but, complied to wearing for not risking offense to who ever gave it to me.

I decided to wear a nice white loose blouse with jeans to go with the ribbon and ate quick breakfast before going to Anzu to help with waiting tables. Anzu nearly shrieked when she saw the ribbon; she begged and pleaded for me to tell what the charm was but I wasn’t budging. I didn’t want her to spoil the game; I kind of liked the idea of a secret admirer.

As the day went on the same happened with Ino, Sakura, and Naruto; they wanted to know what the charm was even though they got ribbons too. None of us said what they were but, we all wondered who gave them to us. I spotted later Sasuke and Sai having ones as well; I wonder if Sai gave someone one or if he got one.

I didn’t see Kakashi at all that day, Tsunade told me he got a mission earlier in the morning and wouldn’t be back till after Valentine day; poor guy. He wouldn’t get a ribbon then, though I wonder who would give him one…

The rest of the week went on in a blur as Valentine day came upon us. Ino and the other girls all had ribbons and wanted to go shopping for dresses for the party. They dragged me to a ton of stores and then to my horror a beauty shop. I refused to get a pedicure and a manicure even after they begged and pleaded; I still had my dignity to hold. I got home tired and unwanting to go the party but with my hair down in curls and going through that hell with the girls; might as well use what was given.

I walked to the party with butterflies in my tummy. I didn’t know what to expect from this game. I wore a bright red short dress with thin straps on my shoulders with a small orange red daisy pinned to one of them. The girls forced me to wear wedges with reddish orange straps to my ankle and foot. I felt like was the leaning tower of Pisa on those heels. The girls meet me at the doors and we rushed inside to the festivity.

Sakura was wearing a nice pastel pink summer dress with white belt around her waist to match the silver dove outline charm on her red ribbon. Ino was wearing a purple cocktail dress to go with her butterfly charm. Ten-ten wore a forest green strap short dress to go with the yin yang silver and gold sign charm she had on. And Hinata had on a midnight blue short dress with cup cut sleeves to go with the gold dragon fly charm she wore. I felt my charm to be out of place with theirs as we searched the guys with matching charms; their charms just seem…more personal than mine.

I chuckled as I watch Ino and Sakura go straight towards Sasuke to see if they matched him; they didn’t. He had a sliver star charm around his neck. I looked around to help them find their matches and saw a few of them. I nearly exploded with laughter when I saw who matched Ino, it was the last person I’d expect to give her the charm; it was Choji. I watched him work up the nerve to walk over to Ino and tap her shoulder. It was comical to see her mouth drop when she saw him have her matching charm. He asked her to dance and she thought about it long and hard then finally told him yes. I nearly did an anime fall from her answer.

I saw Sai go to Sakura and ask her the same thing; she accepted him being her admirer faster than Ino but was just as shocked to it. I smiled at the two pairs as they danced together; Ino’s idea was a really good one for Valentine day. I walked around looking for my match but noted the others; Neji was Ten-ten’s, Shino to Hinata. Kankuro had the same silver dog kanji charm as Kiba, as Gaara’s love gold Kanji to Lee’s, Karin’s silver water drop to Suigetsu’s, and as Temari’s silver fan to Shikamaru’s. I smiled as the pairs of matched loves danced across the floor but, then frowned… I still couldn’t find my match.

Panic seized me at the thought of them not coming at all that they would remain hidden instead of confront me with their love. I fought the thought away with vengeance; they would come, the party had just begun!

I waited and searched the crowds throughout the party for the person that had the same small gold bell as I but found none. Anko and Anzu tried to comfort me and tell me that they’ll be here soon but, I started to lose faith in that.

At the end of the party, Sasuke got Naruto on the stage and kissed him right in front of everyone to prove his affections for him. They poofed away and everyone cheered for the guys; hell I cheered for them. At least they got their match. I nearly sank down to the floor at the party and broke down from shame and heartache as everyone went home. I felt so foolish for agreeing to come to the party at all; the guy or person that gave me the bell must of chickened out or prank me and never intended to come to the party.

Anzu let me after walking me back to my apartment. When I finally got to be alone on my bed still wearing my stupid red dress; I wept and wept. I didn’t know when Haiiro flew in but, I felt his feathers on my head as he tried to comfort my aching pain.

“Sh…Sh…Jinni, I’m sure they had a good reason…”

“A reason for what Haiiro; for letting me stand and wait for them to show up and sweep me off my feet and they never do?!” I ripped from my neck the ribbon and wretched charm and chucked it across the room, sobbing angrily, “Just leave me alone!”

Haiiro sighed and flew over to where I threw the ribbon and scooped it up in his beak and brought it back to me. He gently put it next to my face and then flew back outside saying not another word. I scooped up the ribbon and held it close to my heart quietly crying from the disappointment.

I felt a breeze pass me waking me up from my sleep and remembered that the window was left opened. I sat up to close the window when I froze at the touch of a hand on my shoulder. I whirled around and grabbed the wrist of the offender to stare stupidly at them.

“What are doing here Kakashi?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

He sighed and with his free hand pulled out of his vest pocket a ribbon with a gold small bell twinkling in the moonlight. I felt my mouth go dry as I stared at the charm he held then looked to mine in my other hand; they matched.

“I tried to get back as fast as I could but, I couldn’t make to the party to surprise you; I’m sorry I caused you grief… I didn’t think it would hurt you that bad.”

I tried to speak but, he placed his hand without the charm on my mouth, “I know I messed up not being there but, that’s why I came now; so you could wake up in the morning knowing who gave you the charm.”

I reached up and removed his hand from my mouth and held it close, “Why did you choose a bell?”

“Because I figured it was the only thing that would say it was me; from the series in your world, I had two bells…”

“As a test for Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura…” I smiled at his reason and brought up the ribbon to my neck and tied it back on. He came closer and tied his bell on his neck and held me close to him. He lifted my chin up to his deep dark eyes and pulled his mask down and kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed him back; happy to have found my match at last.

I originally got the ribbon idea from a story that ended well angst but, I liked the story. Can't remember what the story was named though, lolz.
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