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The World Is Ours by MoonlitxPursuit

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Chapter notes: A five part ficlet/drabble series.
Well, that wasn't right. Was it good that he had thought that way? And bad that he had said it aloud? Or even vice versa...? Well, one thing was for sure, his uncontrollable [at the moment] mouth had gotten a reaction that was certainly good. Very good, in fact. Aw, fuck it; what's done is done.

"E-excuse me?!"

An adorable blush was fanned out nicely across caramel cheeks, even with that the initial fire that had attracted him in the first place had not even flickered. Oh, this one was feisty one, fun. Akutsu Jin decided to throw his hesitation to the wind, because Akutsu Jin DOES NOT hesitate.

"I said," here his hands came up out of pure instinct, but he certainly didn't try to stop it; he trapped the smaller male between a nearby tree in the park and his own body. "You're fucking sexy when you get pissed off."

It seemed that it was taking a awhile for that comment to sink into his prey's mind, he took this time to sensually run one hand down to caress a cloth covered hip, then without much care, began furiously attacking soft skin of a honey tanned collarbone with harsh nips and sucks. He felt the male under him jolt and smaller hands than his own try to push him away; he should have expected it really, but the flying punch still caught him off guard. Holy damn could that guy pack a punch; but fuck, it was worth the stinging pain on his now bruised cheek and looking utterly ridiculous sprawled on the ground, seeing the pink blush turn a fiery red and travel past the collarbone he just attacked. And, nice, you could still see the very prominent love bite he left. Bonus.

"Y-you-you pervert!"

And with that declaration, Akutsu Jin was left staring after the still flustered and running form of one Kaidou Kaoru.
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