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The Hunt by suzieuchiha

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Story notes: [BLANKET DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of the associated characters, they are the property of Masashi Kishimoto] AU fantasy fic set in Konoha City. Please note that although the characters supernatural powers are only based on their favourite jutsu to match their characters and they don't actually have ninja powers.
Chapter notes: [BLANKET DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of the associated characters, they are the property of Masashi Kishimoto] Prologue of yet another new story ^^;
In Konoha City it was said the wind whistled blindly through dark alleys like a thousand lost souls crying out for redemption. But Naruto didn't believe that.

Still there was something eerie about the gusts that battered his temporary home. Naruto shivered as he drew a thin blanket closer to himself trying to bury deeper within it's limited folds. His luck had recently run out leaving him at rock bottom. And rock bottom in Konoha meant no job, no home and no food. Naruto's stomach growled at him to remind him of the fact that he needed to find food soon. But it was never as easy as stealing food from the rubbish. He could do it of course... he just didn't want to.

His 'temporary home' was currently situated in the middle of a series of alleys running through the red light district. Pounding music assailed his ears from a nearby club as one particular occupant was thrown onto the street. Naruto watched as the man emptied the contents of his stomach before stumbling away. Glad the man hadn't decided to come in his direction Naruto nestled back into his box only to sit bolt upright a second later.

Someone was approaching from the opposite end of the alley. As they walked with measured footsteps towards him Naruto could hear the ominous click of stiletto heels. A chill ran down his spine preventing him from burying deeper as his brain told him to. He had always had good night sight and found he could make out every feature of this woman. She wore a sadistic smile as she watched him with eyes that seemed to glow. Every one of his instincts told him to leg it right this second... but he couldn't move.

But then he did move. He began to get to his feet with slow movements that he couldn't explain. Naruto tried to run, he was on his feet now surely he could run... He heard a tinkling laughter, like glass breaking on cold marble, erupting from the woman as she watched his frightened expressions.

"Come now, young one," she whispered, beckoning to him with long silver taloned fingers.

Naruto opened his mouth to tell her to get lost but the words dried in his throat as his legs began to propel him towards her clutches. He struggled against an invisible force for control of his own limbs as his heartbeat pounded in his own ears and he was forced to watch the hungry expression on her misleadingly beautiful face. A hand, cold as ice, trailed down his cheek as he was pulled into her deathly embrace. Naruto clenched his eyes shut as she smiled revealing elongated canines.

'I'm going to die!' he thought frantically. 'I thought I'd already hit rock bottom, that my life couldn't possibly get any worse!'

Naruto waited in her arms for what felt like the longest few seconds of his life. Any moment now he would surely feel those unnaturally sharp teeth pierce his flesh...
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