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Killing Loneliness by AllTheRightMistakes

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: The authoress does not own Naruto but does however own Kurohyou no Sato and all of its villagers, Hensen, and Kyuusaisha.
Hues of purple and blue coated the horizon. Stars dusted the twilight. Trees swaggered drunkenly in the harsh wind. A lonely wolf howled hauntingly. Darkness had invaded the forest and it was disturbed only in a small clearing where a crackling fire had been built. The orange flames licked at the air, pulling oxygen from its grasp. The light this small blaze gave off only beat back the darkness for a few meters.

A woman, probably in her early twenties, sat very still near the fire. Her face was shadowed, but serene. Night black hair that blended with the shadows cascaded down her back. Her entire posture gave the impression of being completely relaxed. This was not the case. Inside of her expressionless shell, her mind was frantically scrabbling for a taste of reality. Her back was tense and every muscle in her body was cramped and hurting. Her unusually stoic face held fiery golden orbs alight with panic and frustration. She didn't blink. Not once. In truth, this ominous figure had been sitting there for years, heartbeat slow and steady. She was witnessing a girl's entire life pass by within the recesses of her mind. She didn't care that she was wasting precious seconds of life; she had all the time in the world. This impossibly beautiful woman was not human. She was Hensen, the Goddess of Change. She had been exiled to Kurohyou no Sato; the Village of the Panthers. This town had been under the rule of a vicious tyrant who used the locals as slaves of the army for years. It was the perfect place to trap a hellion of a goddess.

The Crescendo of Crickets was instantly silenced when Hensen stood up quickly. Her gorgeous face was glowing with hope. The three year long trance she had put herself under was over and emotions ran wild. She waved a hand at the fire and disappeared in a flash of purple. The once snapping fire had finally been laid to rest and darkness triumphed over light, leaving the woodland desolate and frightening.

: : /// : :

Looking around, the Council of Elders silently agreed on the plan of action. The twelve men sat in an underground tunnel, the only place they found privacy. A huge, oak wood door blocked this cavern from the outside world and black robes fluttered when it slammed open. Hensen strode in briskly. Every man hastily stood up from the old crates and stolen chairs they sat on to bow deeply. "The plan will never work," the sole woman in the room spoke, waving her hand in the air. The room's tension increased dramatically. "But there is a child," she went on. "A girl of thirteen years who will end the Dynasty. It is she who will destroy them." Her slow voice grew softer, "She will save us."

Whispers erupted from a dozen of surprised men. One even had the {level of stupidity} guts to shout, "A girl?!" Hensen snorted angrily; her fine hands glowing purple. Power crackled fiercely like curling fire when she back slapped the man harshly. He flew into the concrete wall and slid down slowly, leaving a trail of blood. Every other person in the room stared in silent fear and awe.

"The girl," she said in a shaky voice, "Will be more powerful than me. No god or goddess that ugly bastard we call 'Master' prays to will be able to stop her."

In the midst of a pregnant silence the oldest, most fragile man on the Council spoke up in a hoarse whisper, "She will help us win this war." The door burst open once more and at least fifty younger men flooded in and handcuffed the conspirators; tying up those who resisted. As the old man passed the struggling Hensen he voiced, "I hope that she comes soon." With that he was shoved roughly out of the room, stumbling slightly. The guards, also ninjas, used complicated jutsus to place the lesser goddess in unbreakable chains and threw her to the floor. She cried out in pain when they whipped her again and again. She knelt, letting them penetrate her back with the glass covered whip. They laughed at her, taking turns to rip her flesh apart.

Panting heavily, she whispered, "Me too."


There we are. The beginning to a new story I would really love to have help with. Constuctive criticism is not is demanded. I want help! Give me ideas, please!
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