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Naruto Bloopers by Zaku Hyuga

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. I am not him.
“Okay Naruto I’m going to teach you a very special jutsu.” Jaraiya said looking at Naruto.
“Alright, what is it already pervy sage?” Naruto asked impatiently.
”Get on with it already!” Naruto shouted trembling with anticipation.
“The Super Sexy Jutsu!”
“The what!?” Naruto shouted.
“You see I took your sexy jutsu and developed upon it. Now when you use this jutsu you’ll turn into the person your target wants to see the most.”
“Hehehe. This’ll be fun.” Naruto giggled.
“Now start practicing.”
[A couple of hours later]
“Ok who to try this on first?” Naruto thought to himself looking around the area, “There’s Lee. This is going to be great.” Naruto cackled. Naruto ran in front of Rock Lee, “Super Sexy Jutsu!” A cloud of smoke came up around Naruto. When it dissipated there was a nude Sakura surrounded with clouds in front of Lee.
“Hi there, Lee” The fake Sakura teased.
“OOOIIIIIYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” Rock Lee screamed holding his face with his hands. Rock Lee passed out and fell over on his side with a giant smile pasted to his face.
“Man, he was a bigger perv than I thought.” Naruto told himself as he released the jutsu. “Oh well, who’s next?”.Naruto searched around for a while but didn’t see anyone. “Man this stinks where is everyo-.” Naruto walked right into Shikamaru.
“Hey watch i-.” Shikamaru started to yell, until Naruto cut him off.
“Super Sexy Jutsu!” Naruto transformed into Temari,
Shikamaru eyed the nude Temari, “Hmm, nice.” he mumbled and turned around and walked away.
“That was no good, but then again you can’t expect to get a very good response out of him.” Naruto said thinking about who to try the jutsu on next. “Got it!” He said rubbing his hands together.
[A few minutes later]
“Hey Sakura.” Naruto announced himself as he climbed through her window.
“Naruto! What are you doing in my ro-.” She was cut off as Naruto activated the jutsu once again.
“SASUKE!” Sakura screamed as she saw the cloud surrounded form of her crush before her. She fell to the ground and began to have a semi-seizure.
“Sakura is everything ok?” Naruto heard her mom yell, followed by footsteps run up the stairs.
“I better book it out of here!” Naruto informed himself. As Naruto ran down the street he saw Ino working in her parent’s shop. “I might as well.” Naruto shrugged.
“Hey there.” said the fake, nude Sasuke, standing in the doorway. Naruto looked down at who he was this time. “Aww man, Sasuke again! What’s with this guy?” Naruto looked at Ino who was staring at him wide eyed.
“Sasuke!”Ino yelled as she charged after Naruto who had already begun running down the street, with the clouds nearly being blown away if it weren’t for it being a jutsu. “Sasuke quit running away.” Ino lept into the air and tackled the mostly nude Sasuke. When Naruto hit the ground the jutsu became undone. “Ewwww!!!” Ino shrieked as she looked and saw she was holding onto Naruto, and jumped up rubbing herself off as if she had cuties. “Jerk!” Ino yelled as she walked back to the flower shop.
“Man I’ve got to be more careful with this jutsu.” Naruto thought.
Naruto was getting up when he saw Kiba come out of the pet store across the street. “I think I’ll follow him for a while.” Naruto carefully tagged along behind Kiba making sure he kept a good distance away. Kiba eventually got to the park. “Super Sexy Jutsu!” Naruto said activating the technique as he stepped out from behind a tree. As Naruto came out he saw he had turned into Hinata.
“Hinata! What are you doing!? And why do you stink so bad!?” Kiba shouted with huge eyes.
“I don’t think so no one’s gonna see Hinata but me!” Naruto shouted, “I mean if I ever saw Hina- oh, forget it.” Naruto ran over and punched Kiba in the jaw knocking him out.
“Kiba where are you? I thought we were going to train?” Naruto heard a girl’s voice calling. Hinata stepped into the clearing.
“This isn’t going to look good. I’ve got to do something fast.” Naruto thought, “Super Sexy Jutsu!” Naruto saw a look of astonished embarrassment go over Hinata’s face.
“Naruto.” Hinata said meekly.
“What?” Naruto asked. He looked down and saw that he was completely naked except for a few clouds. “What the- Did my jutsu mess u- Wait a minute! OH NO!”yelled out loud, “She likes me!” he realized silently and began streaking through the park, trying to cover himself even though the clouds were already doing it. Hinata with a smile on the corner of her mouth.
“That didn’t go so well.” Naruto told himself, embarrassed by what had happened. “Maybe this next one will go better.” Naruto watched Sasuke walk out of his house.
Naruto jumped in front of Sasuke and activated the jutsu. Once again the clouds surround Naruto and he saw that he had turned into Sasuke. “Hi there handsome. Sasuke said looking at his nude self.”
“Oh my God!” Naruto yelled deactivating the jutsu and running off.
“Hey come back. I wasn’t done looking.” Sasuke called after Naruto, “Oh well.”
Naruto stood panting in the middle of the street. He finaaly felt that he’d gotten far enough away from Sasuke. Naruto saw Asuma window shopping.“I wonder...” Naruto thought. “Super Sexy Jutsu!” Naruto transformed into Kurenai. Asuma looked over and saw the nude Kurenai.
“What are you doing!?” Asuma yelled, “We can only do that in private!”
“O, gross!” Naruto yelled and ran away. “Pervert!” Naruto yelled as he ran.
“What do you mean gross? We do it all the time!” Asuma yelled after the fake Kurenai.
“Lalalalalalalala!” Naruto yelled plugging his ears with his fingers.
Naruto found Kakashi sitting in front of a tree reading “Icah Icha Paradise”. Naruto walked over to Kakashi and activated his jutsu once more this transforming into the main female character from “Icha Icha Paradise”. Kakashi looked up and said, “Naruto that’s weird.”
“Ya.” Naruto agreed and slowly started walking away.
“Well, there’s one last person I wanna try this on.” Naruto said. Naruto peeked out from behind a bush and spied Jaraiya peeking on some girls in the sauna. Naruto jumped out.
“Super Sexy Jutsu!” Naruto yelled and Jaraiya turned and looked quick. Naruto began to flash between hundreds of different women before he passed out from the exhaustion of his chakra.
“That jutsu doesn’t work on me, I wanna see ‘em all!!! Hehehehe!”
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