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Micky D's Boy by i_lubb_gaara

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I had this story already made, but I felt lazy on posting it on here, but now that am in a hyper mood, it'll be posted yay! All three chapters of it. I think is two, but whatever, hopefully ya enjoy this. I did. Enjoy.

A sixteen-year-old blonde rushed out of school to get to his work early. Ever since he applied for McDonald’s he had to miss school days in order to work properly. Day in and day out, he worked his butt off, until there was no more butt left to go off on. He didn't enjoy the job, but that was the only place that was looking for new employers, so he got a form, did his resume and got the job the next day. Now here he is in a red shirt with a bright "M" on the left side of the shirt and his nametag. Black pants, with of course a black belt and black shoes and always with a kool-aid smile on his face as he greets the people.

"Hi, welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order?" Nobody ever took his patience. He was a happy-go-lucky kid, except when it came to losers who would constantly just go in there and ask for his number.

"Yes, I would like to order a big mac, hold the onions and the mayo. An ice-cream and your phone number?" The guy would smirk at him and wait for a reply. It was always the same dude with the same order and with the same stupid smirk as if that would work on somebody.

"Alright so is a big mac, no onions and mayo. You want an ice-cream and you want your ass kicked right?"

"Naruto!!!" Naruto turned and looked at Jiraya and rubbed his neck in embarrassment. He turned and looked at the smug bastard in front of him.

"Is there anything else you want?" His bright-blue eyes were now into slits glaring at the bastard who once again almost got him inside the manager’s office. The bastard known as Sasuke, smirked and shook his head, but then pondered again.

"Actually yes, another ice-cream and this one make sure is mixed with vanilla." Naruto grinned lightly, but then scowled it off.

"Alright sir, your total is 16.78. Is it for here or to go?" Sasuke did his credit card thing trying to show off he had one of the transparent credit cards. He signed whatever he had to sign and finally responded back.

"For here, I just want to keep looking at the cute, grinning dobe who stands in front of the cash register the whole day." With one last smirked, he grabbed his cup and went to fill it up. Leaving a pissed off blonde and once again a pissed off Jiraya.

Naruto glared at the bastard retreating and continued. Sometime he hated his job, nothing good came out of it, especially when a bastard as the one walking away always comes in, orders and asks for the same damn shit. His number. It was getting rather tiresome.

He looked at his watch and noticed than in six more hours he would get off work and finally go home. In and out people would come in and order, but sometimes he would get a fry or two freshly out of the frier. Ah, yeah having this job rocks! Not!

"Number 32, your order is up." Naruto would say out loud. He grin turned into a thin line when the smug bastard came up and grabbed his food. He smirked, hn'd and walked off.

"Teme." Naruto growled lowly, but somehow Sasuke heard him and turned.

"Dobe." Naruto hmph'd and walked back infront of the cash register.

Three hours later, Sasuke hasn't left yet and was staring at his soon to be dobe intensively. The way his lips would pout when Jiraya would smack him in the back of the head when he would be rude to him and call him a pervert. The way his eyebrows would forrow together when in thought. The way his eyes shined even when he was having a good time or day. Everything about him was great. But, he knew the smiles where fake and his happy-go-lucky self was too. He was hiding something and he would be the first person to know.

Once again, Naruto said the same words.

"Hi, welcome to Mc.Donalds, may I take your order?" When he looked up he scowled.

"You again?"

"Me again."

"What do you want?"

"Another ice-cream."

"How long are you planning on staying here?"

"Until you leave."

"You are an idiot."

"So are you."

"Why you little..."

"Naruto! Don't mistreat the young man." Sasuke smirked, Jiraya grinned, and Naruto pouted.

"You know dobe, the way you pout, looks good on you, make me want to kiss them." Naruto smiled lightly, blushed and looked away.

"Alright, so that's another ice-cream mixed together or...?" Sasuke put his index finger on his chin and tapped lightly.

Naruto yawned and waited. He checked his watch again. Only two more hours with forty-five minutes left till he got off work. "Well?"

"Mixed." Naruto nodded and Sasuke gave him a dollar. Naruto got his ice-cream and handed it to him.

"There you go, enjoy it once again." Naruto grinned at him, but his grin faltered lightly when all of a sudden Sasuke's face was so close to his, he could smell the slight minty breath.

"Trust me when I am eating the vanilla I'll be thinking of you and how great your cum will taste in mouth." With a kiss on his lips, he walked away and out the fast food restaurant. Naruto stood there dumbfounded and touched his lips. A grin formed and a slight blush adorned his cheeks.

"Stupid dumb bastard."

Two hours and forty-five minutes later he was finally walking home. It was pass ten already and he was exhausted. He had to go home, take a shower and do his homework. He didn't know that for the past ten minutes a group of boys was fallowing him. He didn't know how or why it happened. However, all of a sudden, everything turned black.

Chapter end notes:

So hows the first chappie? Next chappies are up so don't you worry about that and thank you for the people who have reviewed my two stories. Chatting Can Be Fun and Pretty Boy meets Gothic Boy I really appreciate it. Review and rate because they make me happy.
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