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Alleta's Profile by vanillaxxraven

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: SO...if any of you were reading my story "My Secrets"
and wondering about my main character Alleta...
here's her profile
yeah i know
yeah i copied and pasted
by the way
i don't own Naruto
just Alleta
and all my other OC's
  • Mizuno Rei

  • mother[dead-suicide]

Rank: None/Genin
Rank: Genin/Chuunin

Village: None [she lives on the outskirts of a nameless one]

Chakras: Lightening

Birthday: May 17

Blood Type: AB

Height: 145 cm

Weight: unsure/underweight
Hair:White-Very long before Kiyo reasons with her

Eyes: Ruby Read-very big

Clothing (when a nin):
  • Shirt - White Robe (cut short) exposing shoulders and black tanktop under that
  • Pants- black leggings over knees
  • Hands- Fishnet gloves
  • Shoes- standard issue sandals-black
  • misc - has metal cuffs on sleeves of robe/robe tied by red and white belt-blindfold over eyes (read story)
  • weapon-staff with thin blades on each end.

Song (if she had one): Winter of Souls-Demons and Wizards
Jutsu: she mostly uses weapons and genjutsu she wants to make her opponents blind like she is...only then she injures them. She hates killing but will do it

If you really want to know what happens to the story. I'll try not to have you guys wait so long in between chapters...again sorry * * * * * *
Chapter end notes: It'd be nice if you could rate...
just don't be a jerk
but be truthful
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