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Meant To Be by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! Violet or A Vampires Butterfly here! This story like killed me >.< I know it is late...So um sorry...I hope you will all forgive me...>.< With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Valentine’s Day. The day that every Sasuke fangirl looks forward to the whole year. The day that was made JUST for the chance to confess to your crush your undying love.

Every year, a day before the anticipated holiday, every Sasuke fangirl would show up at the secret club meeting place. They would all stop themselves from killing each other and try to decide what would be the best way to gain Sasuke’s attention. Some would even hold demonstrations, or sell things to help. It was more like a convention than anything.

This had been going on for years, only missing three years, when Sasuke had gone. Those had been dark, dark times for the devoted fangirls. But they were over and to be forgotten. Their precious Sasuke was back, thus this year’s convention was bigger than ever.

There was he low buzz and murmur of fangirls, as they move from booth to booth, meeting friends and looking at merchandise. A few squeals were heard every few minutes, but was so normal nobody even blinked at it.

But then…A hushed silence fell over the huge crowd and everyone turned to the stage in the middle of the building. Every fangirl stared wide eyed as two girls stepped onto the stage.

“What are they doing here?”

“I thought they said they were too busy for the club anymore!”

“They said they were never coming back!”

“Do you think something happened to Sasuke?”

At this a few cries of alarm was heard and the two girls on stage held up their hands for silence.

“Please, my fellow fangirls. The time has come to realize a great truth that many of you have refused to come to terms with over the years. Ino and I were just like you at one time, not too long ago. When we saw our beloved Sasuke for the first time, his handsome features and broody personality clouded our judgment. He tore apart our friendship, as well as many of yours I am sure, without even knowing it. We did anything we could to gain his attention. And Valentine’s Day was both the best and worst day of the whole year for us. There were many times when we nearly killed each other just for a box of chocolate that was found in the trash the next day.” Sakura said this with an air of leadership, Ino at her side. The fangirls looked away, remembering with some sadness at the boxes of chocolates they had found over the years. Sasuke never really did care for hiding his trash as well as he should…

“But the time as come, my fellow fangirls! The time has come to forget these memories! To forget the torn up cards, the thrown away chocolates, and the wilted flowers! It is time to look towards the future! Towards the future of Sasuke fangirls everywhere! It is time to look towards the option of…”Sakura paused in her grand speech and every fangirl held their breath, watching their long time leaders. Sakura looked at each of the fangirls, then over at Ino who nodded her head once, sharply. Sakura nodded back and took a deep breath, looking straight ahead with a look of great determination.


With that one word a wave of cries and emotions flooded through the whole building, breaking some of the glass Sasuke figures that were being sold. The fangirls all started to scream and protest, some stomping their feet and some bringing out kunai to throw at their once beloved, traitorous, leaders.

Ino stepped up to the mic, taking Sakura’s place and held out her hands in defense. The fangirls quieted down, some still keeping out their weapons.

“Girls, girls. Please, calm down. I understand how you must be feeling right, but think about it really. Haven’t you all seen Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei? Haven’t you seen how they look at each other? How Iruka-sensei blushes every time Kakashi-sensei says his name? Haven’t you guys seen Shino and Kiba? How Shino actually opens the collar of his jacket whenever Kiba is around? Or how Kiba keeps letting Akamaru knock Shino over, just for the excuse of letting Shino take a shower at his house? Haven’t you all seen how my own teammate, Shikamaru and Neji play Go with each other? All the time? Or how they both sneak off to lie in the grass, watching the clouds, without any underwear on? Haven’t you all seen this? How can you possibly be against such cuteness? Such love? Such hotness? My dear fangirls we have a chance to do something great! Tomorrow instead of wasting our time, money, and love we could be doing something so great that eventually even Sasuke will be thanking all of us! He will smile and laugh, he will blush and cry, he will feel and think about love and warmness! He will have his emotions again! Are you all willing to give him his emotions? Are you all willing to sacrifice yourselves and your love for his happiness? Are you willing to give him the best Valentines gift he will ever receive, no matter what it costs? If you aren’t, you aren’t a true Sasuke fangirl and should just leave now.” Ino finished, pointing at the door.

The large crowd of fangirls were silent, a determined look on each of their faces, some even crying from Ino’s speech. To see their Sasuke happy…To see him laugh! It would be the best thing that would ever happen to them! And to have him one day thank them? It would be worth whatever they had to do. To see all of their love actually smile from a gift they gave him. It would be heaven.

Not one fangirl moved towards the door.

Ino smiled and Sakura stepped back up to the mic.

“Tomorrow our plan will go into action. We will do whatever it takes to make sure Sasuke has the best Valentine’s Day ever!” She shouted into the mic and raised her fist into the air, Ino followed and the fangirls shouted in determination raising their fists as Sakura started to tell them their plan.

This Valentine’s Day would be one no one would ever forget.


Naruto found himself at the training fields. He didn’t really care that it was Valentine’s Day. He was so used to being ignored, that he had never really paid attention to the holiday before. He grinned as he threw another kunai.

He had already given Sakura her card; he always gave her a card. When they were little, she would just insult him and throw it away. But now she actually read it, smiled, and put it in her pocket. He grinned, very happy with himself. Though he didn’t have a crush on her anymore and thought of her as a friend and a sister, it was still nice for her to like the card he had made himself.

But he frowned as he remembered she had been actually kind of funny…nervous or anxious…And had been holding a cute teddy bear really close to her face the whole time…When he had asked her about she had just laughed quickly and said Lee had given it to…He shrugged. Who knew? Girls always acted weird on Valentine’s Day.

He had gotten more cards this year than he had ever gotten before. Sakura had given him one, Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji; even Gaara had sent him one! He grinned again and threw another kunai, laughing as it hit the target straight in the middle. His life was pretty good. He had friends. He was getting better and better at his ninja skills every day. The Hokage herself respected him and thought of him as a son. He got enough missions to get tons of ramen every week. And he had finally gotten the bastard back this year.

He frowned and sighed as he thought of Sasuke. He hadn’t given Sasuke a card and didn’t expect the bastard to give him one. They hadn’t talked since he had dragged his stupid ass back home. He had already forgiven the bastard, but whenever he tried to talk to Sasuke, he just got the silent treatment. He didn’t know what the Uchiha’s problem was and didn’t know how to handle it. He just wanted to talk to his best friend again…

He shook his head and kept practicing. He blinked as he heard a small whooshing sound and silently moved an inch to the left, watching with squinted eyes as a kunai flew past him, landing with a dull thunk into the training log he had been practicing with. He quickly twisted his head to look at the direction the kunai had come from, but the person was already gone.

He went into full defense mode as he went towards the kunai. He frowned and furrowed his brow as he saw a piece of paper crudely tied around the hilt of the kunai. He gripped the hilt and pulled it out easily before untying the paper, making sure it wasn’t a paper bomb, just in case. He looked around once more before reading what seemed to be a short letter, made with jumpy cursive lettering.

‘Dear Naruto-kun,

Um…You know Sasuke Uchiha, right? You guys are like friends or something, right? Could you like, um, give him some stuff for me? I’m really sorry to have to tell you this through this method, but it would really help me. I’m willing to pay you. Enough money for the supplies is attached to this note; I’ll pay you more when Sasuke receives the materials. He is expecting the package, so don’t worry about surprising him or anything. Just say you were sent by a good friend. Thank you so much, Naruto-kun.


A Helpless Friend’

Naruto tilted his head in confusion and blinked, seeing a bill fold of money pinned to the letter, along with a list of items, where to buy them, and how much they cost. Naruto didn’t understand it all. Somebody needed him to get all this AND deliver it to the bastard? He frowned and kicked at the dirt in front of him. Stupid morals…They always got him in trouble…He should just stay at the training grounds, crumple up the stupid note, and keep training for the rest of the day…Yes! That’s exactly what he would do! This helpless friend or whatever could do their own freaking shopping!


An hour later Naruto found himself in the middle of the market, grumbling to himself, fishing out money from his pocket and reading the note’s list for the hundredth time…

“Why the hell would Sasuke need half of this crap?! This better not be some kind of stupid prank…” Naruto growled under his breath and tried to count the money in his hand. He had been doing this for what seemed like hours and was already sick of it. The whole market place was crowed and filled with people, mostly couples, buying stuff for their significant other. All around him people were kissing or trying to kill each other over somebody who probably wasn’t even worth it…

He growled as he side stepped yet another dramatic kiss made by some nameless guy to some nameless girl, who swooned impressively. It was disgusting and what made it tens times worse was all the items on the stupid list seemed to get him funny looks!

He had only bought ginger root, a leather spiked dog collar and leash, and a few can of whipped cream and all people could do were look at him funny when he handed over his money! It was ridiculous! Sasuke didn’t even own a dog, nor did he like sweet things, he didn’t even cook for himself! It was just one big mess…He knew he should have spent the day training. Freak good deeds, he just wanted to throw sharps things around for a couple hours…

He sighed and ran a hand through his spikes in frustration as he moved to get the next thing on the list. A tube of warming hand lotion? ‘Normal enough…’ Naruto thought, shrugging and walking towards the store the list said they were sold.

Little did Naruto know that he was being watched…


“The Dreamer is moving towards the store…He seems to be doing exactly as the note said…” a girl said discreetly into teddy bear, a mic planted in its ear. She pulled the toy closer to her and pretended to look at some flowers as Naruto went into the store. She waited and watched as the blond came out ten minutes later, growling to himself, mumbling something about weird looks and how stupid couples were blocking his way. The girl nodded to herself.

“The Dreamer is doing everything right, he has a gotten several items so far…” she spoke into the teddy bear again and continued to follow Naruto as he stood in the middle of the street, frowning and looking at the list. He shouted something unintelligible and kicked a post, only to hop around on one foot, cursing and damning all sorts of things and people to hell.

The girl sighed and looked at the teddy bear in her hands and then at Naruto again, looking like the idiot he was. This was the guy they were setting Sasuke up with? This was the person that deserved Sasuke’s heart? A mindless moron? It didn’t make any sense to her. She wanted to just throw the teddy bear into the trash, rip the sacred list from the idiot’s hands, and tell him to go back to his stupid training. She knew tons of girls that would beg and give him whatever he wanted, just to give dear Sasuke those precious items. It didn’t seem fair…What did that idiot have that she didn’t?!

She looked down at herself, then back up at Naruto.

Well besides the obvious…

She watched as he fell over his own feet, falling to the ground in a large orange and blond pile.

Well she had more than enough brains to make up for it! She huffed and pouted, glaring at the teddy bear in her arms. She should just throw it away and tell Ms. Sakura that this was too hard of a mission. She couldn’t do this! Watching the idiot make a fool of himself and knowing that she was dooming her love to live with that! It was just too much! What if this was all wrong? What if, the one time, Ms. Sakura and Ms. Ino were wrong? What if this idiot was all wrong for Sasuke like he seemed to be?

She bit her lip and stared at Naruto as he grumbled and picked himself off the ground and headed for yet another store to buy yet another strange item for the mysterious friend that had hired him through a note. She could still hear Ms. Sakura’s and Ms. Ino’s words ringing through her ears and she wanted to believe this was right. That this, she couldn’t stop insulting him, idiot would really make Sasuke happy. Was it really possible? She wasn’t sure…

She blinked as she heard her teddy bear start to sing the Barney song. She smiled sheepishly at the people surrounding her who just smiled knowingly at the cute gift. She smiled back before rushing off after Naruto, who was just emerging from the store, looking as if a rain cloud was over his head.

The Barney song was a code. She stuck her tongue out at the teddy bear. It meant while she was stuck following this idiot all around town, some lucky fellow fangirl got to go Sasuke’s house! She could’ve strangled something, but knew it would look strange if someone saw her trying to murder her teddy bear.

Some lucky girl got to sneak around Sasuke’s house, make sure he was home, and that he would be ready for his Valentine’s Day ‘present’. She watched as Naruto kept grumbling to himself, looking down at the list and ran straight into the wall of a building, falling to his butt. She sighed and gritted her teeth. If Sasuke did hate this idiot in the end she would happily to the honors of disposing of the body’s remains. She knew how much Sasuke loved to kill his own hated people…And yet how he hated to get his hands dirty…

She sighed…’Laughing Sasuke…Happy Sasuke…All of this is for Sasuke…’ she repeated this again and again, even as Naruto tripped and fell over nothing at all this time…It was going to be a long day…


Sasuke paced his floor, once again checking the doors and windows. Yes, they were all locked. He checked the paper bombs and various deadly traps. Yep, they were all still intact. He sighed in relief and ran a hand through his perfectly messy spikes. Today was the worst day of the whole year.

Valentine’s Day…

He scowled and threw himself onto his bed, trying to keep the pout off of his lips. Ever since he was old enough to go to school, this day had been the bane of his whole existence…

Well besides the whole Itachi thing…

Ever since he was little, girls flocked to him and gave him cards and disgusting chocolates and dirty flowers. And then when he had gone to Orochimaru, it had been even worse…He shuddered as he remembered the ‘gifts’ he had received from the snake like Sanin…And finally when he killed the disgusting pervert and went after Itachi with Team Hebi, it maybe got even worse! With Karin…And gods the lace! The lace!!! He cringed and buried his head in his pillows.

This was his first year back and he knew the fangirls were going to be rabid. All morning he had been expecting attacks from all sides and had even set up various traps and jutsus to keep them away.


No fangirls had been close to him yet…No screaming girls at his door, no underwear theft, no marriage proposals, no kidnapping, no threats, no blackmail, no suicide notes saying they were going to kill themselves if he didn’t love them (Like that would ever work, he was the king of emos and he knew a suicide letter when he saw one), and even more strange, no cards, no chocolate, and no flowers…

It was weirder then Orochimaru’s gifts…

He sighed and decided to forget about the stupid fangirls. Instead he closed his eyes and relaxed against his pillow. He had bigger things to worry about anyway. Things with blond hair…and blue eyes…and the ability to piss him off without saying a thing…A certain thing that wouldn’t stay out of his mind…Something…or well, someone who just had to butt his stupid head into Sasuke’s mind at all times…

Sasuke sighed once again, punching the fluffy pillow next to him in frustration. He had been avoiding Naruto ever since he got back. He just couldn’t face him. He knew the blond had forgiven him, but he couldn’t stand it. It was so much easier hating the idiot! Avoiding him at all costs and beating the crap out of him!

“Why is friendship so freaking hard?!” he said loudly in frustration. He just couldn’t make up his mind. To hate or to love? To kill or seduce? And was any of it worth it?! He wished he could talk to the dobe without feeling awkward. Without feeling guilty. Without feeling…empty…He knew the idiot would know exactly what to do. He would know exactly how to deal with this. The blond was great at people skills and all that crap. Sasuke growled and continued his assault on his pillow.

“Why is love so hard to understand?” he said quietly, not caring that he sounded sort of cheesy, he was alone, right? No one would ever hear him anyway…

How wrong he was.


Outside the window another Sasuke fangirl sat, watching him with dreamy eyes. She had dreamed of this moment for so long! She had to be the luckiest girl in the world! She watched as Sasuke paced for a minute or so before rechecking the locks and windows, something he had been doing continually ever since he woke up.

She ducked quickly as he checked her window, though she knew he wouldn’t be able to see her either way. Ms. Sakura had taught her a cloaking jutsu that even the Hokage used! She had stayed up practicing the whole night before, just to be ready. She knew it needed to be powerful to get past her precious Sasuke’s eyes.

She tried to sigh happily again, but yawned instead and went back to watching Sasuke as he threw himself on the bed. After a minute of silence, his face twisted as if he had bit into a lemon, and then buried his head in his pillow. She pressed herself closer to the window, teddy bear in her hands. She looked at him with pitying eyes. What was torturing her dark prince now? What horrible memory was haunting his handsome head? She longed to sneak into the house and brush back his silky onyx locks. She yearned to whisper comforting words to him, to tell him whatever he needed to hear.

She moved back from the window as Sasuke moved, sitting up and leaning against the pillows, closing his eyes and looking as if he were trying to relax. She smiled, happy that he was finding some relief from whatever was troubling him. This was the whole point of this mission. To get her beloved Sasuke to be happy again. To be relaxed at all times. To smile. To laugh! She leaned against the window, teddy bear left on the ground beside her, though she knew she needed to report to headquarters soon.

She just wanted Sasuke to be happy. She had always been a caring girl and had only fallen for the young Uchiha because he seemed to always be crying out for help. Begging with silence and a cool attitude to be loved. She frowned against the glass.

Was this really right? Would Sasuke really be happy again? It was almost too good to be true. She didn’t really know Naruto, the boy they were supposed to be pushing Sasuke with. The boy that was supposed to be the one Sasuke wanted. The boy that would make Sasuke’s, therefore hers and the rest of the fangirls’, dreams come true. She almost wished she was the one trailing the blond through the market, just to see if he were really the right person for the job.

She shook her head. She was acting crazy! She looked back at Sasuke, who looked unbelievably sad as he punched his pillow. She lifted up her teddy ear and spoke quietly into its ear.

“The Prince is fine. He should be ready for his gift when The Dreamer is ready.” She reported quickly and put the teddy ear down on the ground again. She watched with wide eyes as Sasuke sat up straight, looking frustrated and depressed.

“Why is friendship so freaking hard?!” she heard it through the glass very clearly and smiled sadly. Ms. Sakura and Ms. Ino were right. Her beloved Sasuke did need someone else. She wished and dreamed that it was her he needed, that he even knew her name, but it wasn’t meant to be. She reached her hand towards the window as Sasuke laid back down, resting his troubled head onto his soft blue pillow.

“Why is love so hard to understand?” she heard that, though she had to strain her ears. She gasped quietly. Her Sasuke was so poetic!

“It isn’t, my dark prince…Let us figure it out for you…” she whispered, leaning her head against the window, content with sharing the peaceful moment with the one she had devoted her life to helping and loving.

She literally jumped two feet off the ground as she heard her teddy ear start to play Underneath It All. She grimaced and peeked through the window to make sure Sasuke hadn’t heard. She let out a sigh of relief seeing that he hadn’t moved, still lost in his deep thoughts.

“The Prince is confirmed at home and is ready for The Dreamer. I will report when I see The Dreamer approach. Sending the note now!” she said quickly and quietly, tying a note around the hilt of a kunai. She tied a silk blue ribbon around it and kissed it. She then stood up; teddy bear tucked under one arm, and moved back a couple feet. She turned her head and closed her eyes before throwing the kunai through Sasuke’s window, breaking it with a crash.

“I hope he forgives me for that…” she said before running for it.


Naruto was fed up with this! Sick of it! He had gone to almost every single store in the market and had bought the most random crap just for some mysterious person who wanted to make that stupid bastard happy! His arms were loaded with bags and packages. His head and butt hurt from constantly falling or running into things because he had to look down at the stupid list.

He leaned against a wall of a building, glad to feel the shade at least. He set down his load of bags and other materials. Running a hand through his hair again, he sighed. At least this gave him some kind of excuse to see the bastard. He wanted to at least wish him a happy Valentine’s Day. Maybe ask him if he wanted to go down to the bar for a couple drinks, remember the past a bit. The good past. Before the bastard had messed everything up.

He shook his head and pushed off from the wall, picking up his packages. He just needed to get two more things. Just a wooden hair brush with soft bristles and a simple Valentine’s Day card. He looked down at the list, gathered up the rest of his money, and went towards the store. It was near sundown and he just wanted to get home, take a shower, and forget about stupid notes and depressing bastards.

“At least he came home at all, right?” he mumbled to himself before entering yet another store.


Sasuke jumped off his bed as a shattering crash broke through the silence, followed by a dull thunk. He looked around quickly and saw a kunai embedded in his wall, glass all over his carpet, and his window broken. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, willing himself not to just go kill someone.

He stepped quickly around in glass in his bare feet and got a broom, picking up the large shards of glass, and sweeping up the rest of it. He dumped it in the trash and scowled at his broken window. Someone was going to pay for that. He looked over at the kunai stuck in his wall and glared at it. A blue ribbon was tied around it…Never a good sign…

“I’m going to find these fangirls one day and kill them all slowly and painfully…” he said quietly, walking over to the kunai and pulling it out. He ripped off the ribbon and frowned as a piece of paper floated to the ground. He sighed, expecting a horrible love note or a stupid suicide note. Either way he would just throw it away with the remains of his window.

He picked it up and opened it quickly, ripping it a bit in his carelessness. He frowned as he began to read it.

‘Dear Sasuke-kun,

Today your friend, Naruto, is going to come to your house. He is going to be carrying a lot of bags. Each of these bags has an item that holds great meaning to both you and him. You are free to use these items as much as you want. But, Sasuke-kun, we know you are unhappy. He is unhappy too. When you open the door and he says that a good friend sent him, look into his eyes, and remember that he risked his life for you. That you risked your life for him. He loves you and you love him, just admit and let yourself be happy for once in your miserable life.


A Helpful Friend’

Sasuke frowned at the note before crumpling it up and throwing it out his broken window. What a load of garbage, like Naruto loved him. Who did these crazy fangirls think they were? Naruto showing up with a ton of bags? What did they think he would do? Drag the blond into his house, kiss the living daylights out of him, and declare his undying love?

In their dreams.

He scoffed and shook his head. Some people were just crazy…So what if he was unhappy? He had always been unhappy! And Naruto wasn’t unhappy, he had seen him with his friends just yesterday…He had been smiling and laughing and joking, like he always did. Had they been listening to him? Those creepy stalkers! He tried to remember the last time he had taken a shower, trying to remember if any one might had been watching.

He sat down on his bed, shaking his head. If he was to be honest with himself…Well he wanted the note to be real…Too much…And he knew it wasn’t. He knew Naruto could never love him or feel the same after what he had done. After what he had kept doing. So he lay back on his bed for a moment, thinking.

“Okay…If Naruto does show up,” he highly doubted this. It was just a stupid prank, by some strange fangirl, “I will let him in, look into his eyes, and kiss him as hard he can take. Then I’ll just take the bags and use them. Whatever they may be…” he said to himself, chuckling. This was all so stupid.

He decided to take a shower, watching the sun go down through his broken window. He went towards the bathroom, wondering mildly if…Maybe…The note wasn’t…a joke…But he scolded himself.

“Stop getting your hopes up.” He mumbled to himself, stepping into the shower and turning the hot knob as high as it could go.


“This is so stupid!” Naruto shouted for the millionth time since he had started this whole stupid thing. He had finally finished buying all of the stuff on the list and just had to drop it of at Sasuke’s house. It was already evening and the bags were heavy.

He just want to throw it all on the ground, stomp on it, throw a hundred kunai at the flatten pile, and then blow it up! He settled for ripping the list up until it was a million itty bitty pieces and setting them on fire before throwing the ashes into a small puddle on the side of the road.

It only made him feel a little better.

He shouted in a relief as he saw the huge Uchiha grounds. He tried to move faster, but the bags weighed him down. He growled at them. They didn’t seem intimidated.

“Stupid bags…Stupid bastard…Stupid notes…Stupid Valentine’s Day…” he continued to mumble to himself, stopping abruptly as he reached the gate. He straightened up and suddenly looked serious, inside of moody and pouty. This would be the first time he had seen the bastard under causal terms…

He gulped, looking around at the obviously deserted houses and unlit lights as he walked down the dirt paved path. It was very creepy and along with the thought of seeing and maybe…Actually…Talking to Sasuke…Well, his heart was running at full speed and his stomach was practicing to be a gymnast…

He finally reached the main Uchiha household, knowing that this was where Sasuke stayed...He bit his lip and considered just knocking, leaving the bags, and running for it. But he was not a coward! He shouldn’t be afraid of talking to his best friend! The guy he had spent the past three years chasing after! He had worked that hard for a reason after all! He should just pound the door down and demand the Uchiha talk to him!

So why was his hand refusing to work?

He took a deep breath, gathered his confidence, put some of the bags down and lifted his fist again. He closed his eyes and gave the door two good knocks, ready to run for it if needed.


Sasuke had just stepped out of the shower when he heard two knocks on his door. He practically flew out the bathroom door, a blue towel wrapped tightly around his waist. Could this really be happening? Was the note true? He didn’t know what he would do if it was just a stupid late fangirl with some sort of show of affection. Probably kill her as slowly and painfully as possible….

He walked coolly to his front door. Well…as coolly as he could while dripping wet and only covered in a towel. He needed to be cool and normal about this…If it was Naruto…He almost gulped, but stopped himself. Uchihas did not gulp in fear. They did not feel fear. Instead he felt…anxious? He tried to remember if Uchihas could feel anxious, but could barely think as he came closer and closer to the door.

If it was Naruto and he did have a bunch of bags and he had been sent y a good friend…What was he going to do? Kiss the living daylights out of him like he had said? Confess is undying love? He could feel his heartbeat increasing. What would be the coolest, most Uchiha way to do this? Well just be smooth! Say three words at the most and just be as smooth as possible! Cool, yet caring. Smooth, yet seductive. A Uchiha, yet loving. He kept up his internal pep talk as he neared the door.

He reached the door and stopped for just a minute before scolding himself. Uchihas did not hesitate. He quickly reached for the doorknob and swung the door open.

As the door opened, both boys froze. Naruto because Sasuke was only in a towel and was very…wet. Sasuke because he had been both hoping that it was and wasn’t Naruto and was trying to decide whether this was a good idea or not. Naruto was of course the first one to speak.

“Hey bastard! Nice towel…Well…um…See a good friend sent me? I’ve been in town all freaking day buying this stuff for you! Why the hell do you need a collar and leash? You don’t even own a dog! Or did you get one? What’s its name? What kind of dog is it? Is it a purebred? Or a mutt? I bet it is a purebred, a stuck up bastard like you would never buy a mutt! But why didn’t the list say I should get dog food? What are you feeding it? Raw fish? That isn’t good for a dog, bastard! And why did you want ginger root? And a hairbrush? And chocolate sauce? And whipped cream? You are so weird, asshole! So I can see your dog? Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Naruto knew he was rambling and knew he was nervous and was rambling because of it, but he couldn’t help it. His eyes couldn’t stop staring as a drop of water started to trail down Sasuke’s bare chest. He didn’t even know what he was saying or if he was even talking.

Then his head was jerked up and he was staring into a pure onyx eyes.

“Shut up, dobe.” Was all that was said as Sasuke pressed his lips roughly against Naruto’s before dragging the blond idiot into his house, bags and all, and locked the door behind them so he could have some privacy for his undying love confession and the whipped cream and chocolate sauce covered after show.

Two fangirls sneaked away from the bushes surrounding Sasuke’s house, teddy bears tucked under their arms, cameras in the other hand.


The next day the fangirls gathered in their normal meeting place, though there were no booths open this time and nothing was being sold. They were all anticipating the outcome of ‘Code Happy Sasuke’. What had had happened? Had Ms. Sakura and Ms. Ino been right? Was their Sasuke happy? Was Naruto really better for Sasuke then any of them? It didn’t make any sense, but if it had actually worked…

All whispers and talking was silenced as the two girl hired for the job of setting the whole thing up stepped up to the stage. They looked…different…More wise and peaceful. The fangirls stared in awe as Rose, the girl hired to follow Naruto, stepped up to the mic first.

“My fellow fangirls! Yesterday I followed Naruto Uzumaki around from the time he received the note to the time of his arrival at Sasuke’s house. I watched his every move and heard every word he uttered. And what I saw was just what everyone else has always said. A complete and total idiot.” The fangirls gasped and started to whisper hurriedly among themselves. Did this mean that Naruto wasn’t right for their beloved Sasuke? Was the youngest Uchiha still up for grabs? This started a few fights and Rose quieted everyone down once again.

“Please, let me finish. As I was saying, he looked and acted like a complete moron. He tripped over himself constantly. He ran into walls. He talked to himself when he thought people couldn’t hear. He cursed after every word. And he complained about it every step of the way. But! My dear fangirls! Just as I thought of giving up and calling it quits he showed a side I didn’t think he had! A serious, thoughtful, kind side! A side that could almost be called a nicer Sasuke personality!” Rose raised her hands in the glory of the findings and the fangirls were shocked into silence. Rose lowered her hands and smiled at the crowd, before moving away from the mic to let Lily, the girl assigned to watch Sasuke, talk.

“I was told to watch our dear Sasuke. I watched him through his window from the time he woke up to the time of Naruto’s arrival. He was very nervous and frustrated. He set traps, though there was nothing to attack. He even burned a few pillows just to take out some of his anger. I could barely stand to watch him suffer.” The girl said softly. The other fangirls nodded in understanding, remembering when they had wanted to help the Uchiha, but couldn’t.

“But when he thought about Naruto! When he said things about love and friendship, he looked guilty and horribly sad. He looked as if he were going to cry for a few moments. But when he read the note we sent him, he actually laughed and smiled! He was actually happy! He even prepared for the boy’s arrival by taking a shower and saying things about kissing and love! Though it hurt me to hear about it, it was one of the best moments of my life when he looked into Naruto’s eyes!” Lily said passionately, her eyes dreamy, her soft voice echoing in the quiet room. The fangirls were shocked to say in the least. So…they had actually made Sasuke happy? They had done it?!

Cheers and sobs of joy irrupted in the building. Girls hugged each other and screamed in each other’s ears. They jumped up and down. Some even dance around a bit, throwing teddy bears up in celebration. Rose stepped back up to the mic, Lily at her side.

“We both have seen the love that our Sasuke feels for the blond idiot and the love that was returned! We have deemed the subject, Naruto Uzumaki, worthy of our precious Sasuke’s love! And if you all agree, we would like to change the name of the fanclub from ‘The Sasuke Fangirl Club’ to ‘The Sasuke and Naruto Yaoi Fanclub!’ And that we allow both boys and girls to join!” The fangirl shouted in agreement and continued to celebrate. Lily stepped up to the mic and the fangirls quieted down just a little to hear the soft spoken girl.

“I just wanted to add that, in my opinion, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki were meant for each. They complete each and I am just happy to have Sasuke happy!” The fangirls all cheered their agreement, before Rose pushed Lily out of the way.

“We are also selling video tapes of Sasuke and Naruto’s special Valentine’s Day night! Twenty bucks for ‘Chocolate Boy’! Fifty bucks for ‘Naughty Pet’! Get ‘em while they are in stock!” The fangirls stampeded the stage, throwing money at Rose and grabbing for the videos.

And that was how ‘The Sasuke Fangirl Club’ became the world’s largest and most well known club, known for their great dedication and hot merchandise.

And two days after Valentine’s Day, Sakura and Ino received huge thank you notes as well as several scary death threats telling them to never come near the sender and his lover again. Also that they needed to give him two hundred dollars so he could replace his window. These are now in a display case at the very front of the huge club building.

All because, well everyone knows, Sasuke and Naruto were just meant to be.

Even the fangirls know.
Chapter end notes: Should I cut this up into chapters? I hope you guys liked!!! *hug* With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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