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Rising Sun by wolf of rasengan

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Here is the first chapter for you. Hope you enjoy. I also do not own Naruto in any way.
It had been two weeks since the village known as konoha, or otherwise known as the village hidden in the leaves, was attacked by the infamous kyuubi the nine tailed fox. With its attack came the deaths of civilians and many brave shinobi, the damage done to the village was that of a natural disaster. The village received no real warning as the fox began its rampage towards the village, its bloodlust knew no bounds, as it slain its victims. To end the nightmare that had taken the form as the nine tailed fox known as kyuubi, the fourth hokage sacrificed his life to seal the beast away into his only living son. To protect his son from his own enemies, both in and out of the village, he was to be given his mothers maiden name. Due to the fact that they kept their relationship a secret no one would be able to connect the dots and discover the boy’s heritage.

Due to the need of a strong hokage, after such a disaster as this, the recently retired third hokage had to come out of his short lived retirement. Currently the third was in his office dealing with the worst enemy of any known kage, paperwork. The third took a look to the left of his office, there asleep in a small crib laid the container of the kyuubi. It hadn’t been two hours since he had to call a squad of his most trusted ANBU to force the mob, which called for the child’s death, to disperse and arrest those responsible for starting it. It took fifteen minutes to calm down the frightened child, who proved that he had a healthy set of lungs with the sheer volume of his crying.

The aged leader was worried for the infant. The way the council had acted towards the innocent child angered the old man than anything that he could remember. Because of the village council Naruto, the kyuubi’s container, had to be placed within an orphanage by the end of November. The third knew that all of the council members weren’t against the boy, but they were too few and afraid of what could happen if they sided with the hokage on the any matter that involved the boy. Even though they were the heads of the strongest clans of the village hidden in the leaves, they still had to worry for the safety of their families. There was so much tension over the container of the nine tailed demon that a civil war could erupt within the village, and due to the state of the village a compromise of sorts was reached. All it did was preventing the child from being executed, and unless anyone was willing to raise the child, his life will be an absolute hell. The sad part was that no one was willing to raise the child scared of the fact that they would be attacked by their fellow villagers.

Not too long into his thoughts of what to do to help Naruto, knowing that sending the boy to the orphanage would lead both physical and mental abuse, and more than likely the child’s death. His personal secretary stuck her head through the doorway. “Sir the woman you requested is here,” said the secretary.

“Alright bring her in,” replied the aged leader. His secretary soon withdrew her head out of the office to do as told. Not too long afterward a tall redheaded woman with green eyes walked into his office. Not as soon as she stepped into the room, she was across the room standing by Naruto’s crib holding the wrist of some assailant preventing him from stabbing the poor child with a short bladed weapon.

“What is this,” shouted the seriously pissed off woman. She soon began too apply pressure to the mans wrist causing it to shattered into many pieces, the man screamed out in pain only to be sliced across the throat with a dagger silencing him forever. “Alright you old bastard why is there an assassin trying to kill this innocent child!”

The third explained the situation to the woman, which scared him to death when her killer intent began to flare to such a level that he couldn’t breathe. Luckily for him it soon ended when Naruto began to cry from being awoken from his sleep, as soon as he began to cry the redheaded woman picked him up and was rocking Naruto gently in her arms. Naruto soon fell back into a peaceful slumber where he has no knowledge of what kind of hell awaits for him.

“How did you do that I could never get him to go to sleep that quickly, also how did you sense that man not even I could even being in the same room who knows how long,” asks the aged leader with amazement in his voice. Here a woman not even in her mid twenties outdid him in detection skills, speed, strength, and the mass production of killer intent.

“Sorry lord hokage but that is my little secret, as for the rest it is the results of a highly forbidden training method that has a sixty percent chance of killing you, and close to about twenty-five percent chance of driving you completely insane,” replied the woman giving the man a glare.

The hokage gulped not wanting to know anything about that brutal training that she received. He soon began to get a closer look at this woman, if it wasn’t for the fact that her summon help gave the fourth enough time to complete the jutsu she wouldn’t be inside the village. Her read hair went down to the middle of her back, she wore an tight long red sleeve shirt that if it wasn’t for the black sleeveless vest the old man would be knocked out by an massive nosebleed. She wore black shinobi pants, with far too many pockets for him to count. On her feet she wore steel toed combat boots, which hurt like hell when kicked with. Covering her hands were black fingerless gloves with steel plates on them. She had a beautiful aristocratic face, however the bottom half of her face was hidden by a red mask similar to Kakashi’s own. Around her hips were two belts angled in a way so that the belts cross like an x. On one of each belt is a katana, one on each side, positioned in a way to make it impossible to draw both at once. The said woman began to glare at the hokage for letting mind wander, while also sending out a small blast of killer intent but not enough to wake up Naruto.

“Oh yeah um the reason why I asked you to come here was because I never got your name, and to also offer you a chance to the village as a special jounin,” says the third with a hopeful look in his eyes; they need all the strength they can get.

“I am known only as The Rising Sun, and yes I will stay since everyone I know is probably dead,” she replies with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Well welcome to the village, hopefully you will be able to start anew and one day find your lost loved ones,” with that the old man noticed a small smile on her face.

“Thank you lord hokage, but what about this little one,” she says looking at Naruto.

“I’m afraid to even think of what will happen to him, if I can’t find a suitable guardian for him,” he replies with a great sadness in his voice with his head bowed in shame at what his beloved village has become.

“If you don’t mind lord hokage I would like to take in Naruto, and raise him as my own.”

“Very well, there is a small apartment located into the southern portion of the village. I’ll take you there personally,”

“Just wondering, why are so trusting with me; I mean I’m a new shinobi to the village, and your bypassing all security measures.”

“Well for one you have shown no sign as a potential threat to this village, another is the looks in your eyes shows that you truly care for the child.”

With that the third hokage lead the Rising Sun towards the apartment that he setup for her earlier in the day hoping his proposal would go well.
Chapter end notes: I hope you enjoyed this story it is the second part of The Beginnings. Cya!!
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