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Leaf's Squad 15 by Zaku Hyuga

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Table of Contents

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"Man Zaku, I can't believe you were promoted to chuunin and not me," Mizuki moaned as the squad sat at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop," I mean, you couldn't get past the academy graduation."
"This is true," interrupted Satoshi, "but he calculated and displayed his jutsu skillfully in front of the procters, allowing him to win the match and graduate."
"Yeah, and besides that cloud ninja owned you in your match. In front of the whole village too. There's no way they would have passed you!" Shinabaru cackled.
"Look who's talking! His sister beat you!"
"And? I don't know many good jutsu yet."
"Escuses, excuses!" Mizuki let out, as she and Shinabaru leaned closer together staring into each other's eyes.
"Stop you two! Don't get started again." Satoshi bellowed from his seat between them.
"Jeesh. What a pair." Zaku thought to himself. "Anyways....Anyone want to spar when we're done? It's great training." Zaku tried to coax them.
"No thanks. I'll pass." Shinabaru let out quickly.
"Me neither. You hit way to hard you jerk." Mizuki snarled at Zaku.
Satoshi said looking at Mizuki disapoitedly, "How many times do I need to tell you, there is no need for name calling."
"Sorry sensei." Mizuki apologized dryly. Sninabaru snickered while slurping down the last of his ramen and Mizuki shot him a dirty look.
"And Zaku, she is right. You do hit a bit hard when sparring. I'm still not peeing regularly since you hit me in the bladder in our last match."
"Sorry about that sensei. I didn't mean to put that much chakra into the hit. I got carried away again." Zaku said as he and Shinabaru tried to hide the smiles on their faces, caused by Satoshi's comment on his bladder problem.
"It's okay. You just need to control yourself a little better in your mock fights." Satoshi said as he lingered on the thought if he hadn't made that slight dodge before the blow hit he'd probaly have been put in the hospital for a day or two.
"OH NO!!! Look at the time! My mom said she wanted me home 15 minutes ago! See ya!" Mizuki yelled as she ran down the street.
"Well, whatever Mizuki says. I could beat Zaku if I wanted to, chuunin or not. Probably any other genin too." Gloated Shinabaru, spinning on his stool, which he did whenever he grew bored, which was very easy to happen to him.
"Oh, really" replied Zaku, spotting his opportunity to teach Shinabaru a lesson.
"Yeah, really."
"Here we go." Satoshi mumbled to himself as he shook his head.
"See that kid over there?"
"The blonde one walking over here?"
"Ya, that one. Why don't you challenge him to a fight?"
"Sure! Who is he?"
"Something like Narodo, Narugo. I don't know. We were in the same class one year at the academy."
"It's Naruto Uzumaki." Satoshi answered.
"Wait! Naruto Uzumaki! That's the kid who beat Neji at the last Chuunin Exams!"
"So. You said any genin, and as far as i know he's still a genin. Not going to back down are you?"
teased Zaku.
"No way!" exclaimed shinabaru as he got off of his stool to walk over to Naruto, meeting him in the middle of the street."Hey you!"
"What do you want?" Naruto replied.
"I'd like to challenge you to a fight." Shinabaru announced pointing his finger at Naruto.
"Ah! So you've heard of my greatness, and have been waiting for a taste?" Naruto answered, grinning and pointing to himself with his thumb.
"Umm...No," Shinabaru said, "We just picked you off of the street."
"What! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! The greatest ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, believe it!" Naruto yelled, outraged at Shinabaru's answer.
Watching on from the ramen shop, Satoshi leaned over to Zaku and whispered, "You do realize that Shinabaru is going to be torn to shreds, don't you?"
"Oh, yeah, of course. I'm just tryng to teach him a lesson in humility."
"If you say so. All i know is this will end badly."
"Fine! I accept your challenge!" Naruto told Shinabaru," Lets meet at the prctice grounds tomorrow at four."
"Hehe. Perfect." thought Shinabaru, "My shadow possession will be super strong at that time of day."
"It's a deal!" Shinabaru replied, shaking Naruto's hand.
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