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Drowning In the Rain by A Vampires Butterfly

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Thank you.
Chapter notes: Hi there! Violet or A Vampires Butterfly here!

Gosh...what the heck am I doing? I don't even know, I swear. I was just reading Bushtucker Penguin's fanfiction help thingie (which I command you all read as soon as you can) And suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to write a OC story...

If only in the vague hope she would somehow read it and give me a pretty review...I'm pathetic I know. I'm not even sure if I should continue this, really. I know I've always been one to complain about OC stories and how they are so...not my style. I;m such a hypocrite now. Oh well. If you guys like it or something, I already have way more than half of the second chapter done and would be happy to post it.

Sorry about writing so much here. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
A cry broke through the night as a dark figure slipped out of the door way and into the night, not leaving a single footprint, only a small whoosh of air. The crying continued in the small, half collapsed shed of a house. A wolf howled in the distance and the crying continued in the middle of the desolate forest before the sound was drowned out by a light pattering of rain.

It was at sunrise when a villager from the nearby Land of Rain found the long forgotten house. She had heard small noises coming from the house and when she peeked in had been surprised and horrified to find a young newborn inside, wrapped in a thin purple blanket.

The villager had quickly rushed to the baby’s side and gathered it up in her arms. She cooed gently to it and smiled down at its little, slightly pointed, face. Who could’ve left such a young baby on its own? In the woods? Where it rained almost every day? The woman wondered this silently as she wrapped the baby up tighter, holding it closer to keep its small form warm.

The woman looked around once more before smiling down at the little girl in her arms.

“I guess I could take care of you…Would you like that? I guess you would need a name, don’t you?” The woman didn’t know what to name the poor abandoned child and looked around, only seeing the dull grey sky outside, rain dripping down lazily from the sky. She looked back at the child in her arms and bit her lip before smiling.

“Sorano, child of the sky.” She whispered softly before bundling up the girl carefully and rushing out into the decaying house and off towards her village.

It was two years later when Rai, the woman who found Sorano, discovered why the child had been abandoned. It had been another rainy afternoon and Rai had been washing dishes when Sorano crawled towards the window, struggling only a bit with the effort to stand up and look out into the raining scenery.

Rai had only smiled and went back to her dishes. Sorano had started to laugh and bounce a little on her feet, reaching a hand towards the window glass, her dark stormy blue eyes watching the rain drip off the window pane.

Then a loud thunder clap echoed around the house and Rai jumped, a dish crashing to the ground and shattering. Rai spun around and stared as she saw Sorano had started to almost…glow…electricity snapping and crackling around her. She glowed neon yellow and was still giggling, still trying to touch the rain, her tiny hands growing claws.

Rai gasped as another boom of thunder rang through the house and saw it was coming from her little Sorano, her giggles transforming into thunder, her body surrounded by lightening.

The woman griped the counter’s edge with white knuckles and gaped in fear. The child was a demon. Rai had heard that some people actually trapped demons inside of young childrens’ bodies, but she had never in her wildest dreams thought she would care for one. Weren’t they supposed to have some kind of markings on them to show they were…were…unnatural? She hadn’t noticed a thing up until now…

Sorano turned around, smile gone as she looked down at herself. She saw sharp claws coming from her tiny fingers, small shoots of golden strings crackling over her skin. She started to cry, sounding like thunder again and again, till the whole house shook. What almost looked like six tails of electricity waved and shivered behind her, swishing, eating and biting at the air.

Rai couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed over to the two year old child and gathered her in her arms like she had when she had first found her. Her arms were cut from claws and electricity flowed through her freely, burning her. But she didn’t let go. Even as she opened her eyes and saw those beautiful stormy blue eyes had gone a dangerous liquid gold. She just squeezed her eyes shut and held on even tighter.

Soon Sorano calmed down and feel asleep in an instant, exhausted from all the energy that had been used. Rai looked down at the young child and bit her lip, gently smoothing down long pitch black hair, wincing in pain at her burns and scratches.

She lifted Sorano and placed her in her bed, tucking her in before going to tend to her wounds. She was housing a…a…demon…What was she going to do? Should she try to give her away? Would anyone take her? She shook her head. No, no one would take her. They would kill her. They would hate her. She bit her lip as she put a bandage on a deep scratch down her left arm. She would have to take care of Sorano herself. No one else would be able to handle her.

But she was just a villager. She knew someone with Sorano’s charka needed to be trained as a ninja. She knew that she would need to learn how to throw kunai and control her charka…

Rai shook her head. No. She wouldn’t have the child that she was gong to take care of risk their life like that. And the less Sorano fought, the less excited she would get, and the fewer wounds would be caused. She nodded to herself and finished bandaging the last scratch.

Her child was a demon. But she refused to let it fight.

She refused to let it be known
Chapter end notes: Ugh...I'm ashamed, but now I don't have the heart to take it down. I was just going to let this rot in my Word graveyard, but now it is alive and kicking me in the head. Hopefully somebody likes this >.< With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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