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Christmas Party Hook Up by A Vampires Butterfly

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Chapter notes: Hi there! Violet or A Vampires Butterfly here! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! This was just a mindless, almost plotless, drabble thingie that I just decided should be posted as a Christmas story....It's seriously not one my bests, but hey. It's for the holidays. ^-^ Love you all! Hope you have a merry Christmas or whatever. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Sasuke was ready to shoot himself….


He had been dragged to a freaking Christmas party for no good freaking reason by a stupid freaking Kakashi, who said he was being too ‘emo’ and needed to freaking socialize.

A gun. He just needed to find a gun. Or any kind of weapon.

He needed to end this torment now.

He was leaning against the wall in a corner in the very back of the room. They were all gathered at Sakura’s house. The only house that had parent’s stupid enough to leave their daughter alone on Christmas Eve.

His teammates, sensei, and other assorted idiots were gathered in the large house and either getting drunk off their asses or suffering the presence of the drunks. Sasuke was the latter of course, though he did have a cup of spiked eggnog in his hand that he had been sipping at over the hour.

He looked over at the room and sneered in disgust. Kiba was drunk off of the eggnog drinking contest he had had (and lost) with Kankurou who, with Temari, had only been invited because of Gaara who had been invited by his lover. Rock Lee and Gaara had been going out forever and right now the only thing keeping the green clad idiot from destroying the whole house was tight sand bondage which he was incased in, gag and all, on the couch.

Kiba kept hitting drunkenly on Hinata, who was blushing on another couch, but ignoring him easily enough. She seemed to be about to leave with Shino, who had done a much better job than a drunk Kiba at flirting. Kankurou seemed ready to pick up the ignored Kiba and sat next to him on the couch, seeming to get closer every minute.

Keeping a careful eye on Kiba, Neji sat in a kitchen chair that been moved into the living room. Shikamaru sat across from him, a table between the two. Shikamaru looked as if he was asleep, but Sasuke saw he was really making the hand seals necessary to distract the young Hyuga boy. Sasuke had heard that jutsu felt like real hands and smirked as the jutsu started to crawl up Neji’s shorts.

The hostess of the party was tipsy by now and was giggling on a large armchair with Ino, who was just as tipsy. Both had tried to get Sasuke under the mistletoe at the beginning and both had tried to impress him with their some what slutty Christmas outfits. Sakura dressed as a Miss Claus with only a red tube top with white fake fur and a matching mini skirt. Ino had gone with an elf design, with what looked like real green Christmas ribbons wrapped around her body and a short green mini skirt.

Now they were both sneaking upstairs to Sakura’s room, still giggling and some what groping each other. Sasuke shook his head in disgust and took a sip of eggnog.

Chouji was the only one semi sane at the moment. He had been by the snack table the whole night and hadn’t moved. He was now talking to Temari for some reason, who was leaning heavily on her fan. Sasuke had seen her knocking back a few good glasses of eggnog and guessed she had to be pretty out of it. Chouji seemed to be offering to take back to his house to rest, they both left shortly after. Sasuke was surprised by that, but didn’t really care one way or another.

Tenten seemed to be trying to work up the courage to talk to Neji, as nobody but Sasuke had noticed Shikamaru’s attack and Neji was keeping control of himself nicely, considering what he had to be going through.

Sasuke saw the girl knock back a glass and start to walk over to him, when Hinata, Shino at her side, stopped her and offered to drop her off at her house. Sasuke smirked as the bun haired girl looked about ready to refuse when Neji suddenly let out a low moan that was heard by the very close people around him. Tenten blushed and quickly hurried after Hinata and Shino out the door.

Sasuke sighed and took a long drink from his eggnog. Wait. He opened his eyes and looked around the dark room.

Where was Naruto?

Sasuke frowned and looked around, trying to remember what the idiot had been doing before he had stopped paying attention. Just talking to people, being himself, nothing special…Where had he gone?

Sasuke was about to start looking around when a something grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of his corner and into the small sitting room next door. He frowned in confusion and blinked as he found himself looking into blue eyes.

“Merry Christmas, bastard.” Came a low, mumbled voice. Sasuke looked up and saw a tanned hand holding up a tiny green plant with white berries hanging down. He looked back down and was about to ask what the hell this was about when lips crashed against his in a hot and delicious kiss.

Maybe he should go to more parties after all…
Chapter end notes: See...Not so good, but at least it's something...*sweat drop* With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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