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The Interview by suzieuchiha

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: [Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Naruto cast] This is purely for fun. If you have any questions you would like to put to the Naruto characters then send them to me. They can be questions to the whole cast or to specific characters! Have fun!
Chapter notes: [Disclaimer: i do not own anything about naruto] Ah, the fun begins!
SuSu: Konichiwa! Well hello to all you lovely people who thought this was going to be a story (it’s not by the way) this is simply me (SuSu as I have been newly dubbed by a friend) interviewing the brilliant cast of Naruto. Okay simple questions to start off with! And of course Naruto you get to answer first!

Naruto: Brilliant! Why? ‘Cause I’m… *queue music* simply the best! Better than all the rest! Better than Sasu-chan! *music quickly stifled* Eh? Eh SuSu-chan? *elbows me in side*

SuSu: NO! I told you earlier no singing! And it’s ‘cause the show is called Naruto for some stupid reason.

Naruto: Oh… *sad music*

SuSu: Cut the music!

Naruto: Well still it’s called Naruto for a reason!

Sasuke: Yeah ‘cause I turned them down. *smirk*

Naruto: NANI?!

Sasuke: Kukuku yep! They wanted me for the main character but I’m too talented for that so I settled for being the cool, angsty, emo, that’s best at everything, admired by all and ultimately steals the limelight in every possible way! *extra smirk*

Naruto: Sasuke-TEME!!!

SuSu: Okay, okay calm down Naruto! Sasuke if you steal the limelight in this interview Itachi said he’ll never give your plushie back!

Sasuke: *bright red* YOU! You’re in touch with Itachi! *points finger at me*. Please don’t let him hurt Mr Foxy-Paws! I couldn’t bear it!

Naruto: Mr Foxy-Paws?! *ROFLMAO*

Sasuke: *Uber bright red* *stutters incomprehensively* *hides in corner*

SuSu: Kami-sama! Okay so not a great start, but moving on. Naruto what’s your favourite colour and why? [Said I’d start easy]

Naruto: Orange!

SuSu: … Because?

Naruto: Well… err… cause it’s orange

SuSu: I’m not even going to bother. Sakura?

Sakura: Pink! Like cherry blossoms because it matches my name!

SuSu: Big surprise there! Sasuke?

Sasuke: *still sulking in corner* …

SuSu: Oi Sasuke!

Sasuke: …

SuSu: Do I have to remind you that with a quick call Mr Foxy-Paws could end up taking a dip in the toilet?

Sasuke: NO!!!

SuSu: So just answer the damn question!


SuSu: Good! *pats on head* And why?

Sasuke: …cause it is!

SuSu: That’s not a proper reason!

Sasuke: You let Naruto get away with it!

SuSu: It’s his programme!

Naruto: *sticks tongue out*

Sasuke: Fine! ‘Cause it’s the darkest colour you can get! *huff*

SuSu: That’s better! *smiles insanely* Right then, Kakashi? And let’s not have any more sulking!

Kakashi: Silver like my hair!

SuSu: Original. Iruka?

Iruka: Brown like chocolate!

SuSu: Aw!! That is so you! Ino?

Ino: Purple! Cause it’s sooo much better than pink!

Sakura: Is not!

Ino: Is too!

Sakura: Is not Ino-pig!

Ino: Is too forehead-girl!

SuSu: Dammit I see where this is going! Sakura pink clashes with your hair and Ino you can wear other colours aside from your favourite!

Sakura: 0_0

Ino: 0_0

SuSu: Okay so then my ‘deer’ Shikamaru *nudge nudge* what’s your favourite colour?

Shikamaru: *Sigh* Troublesome!

SuSu: I’m pretty sure troublesome isn’t a colour.

Shikamaru: Sky blue

SuSu: Because you like watching the clouds, ne?

Shikamaru: *Off in dreamland* Hmm

SuSu: Well I think that’s the best I’ll be getting out of him! Neji?

Neji: White for calm, purity and destiny.

SuSu: Destiny?

Neji: Ahuh.

SuSu: O.K. if you say so. Hinata?

Hinata: O-o-orange.

Naruto: Hey good choice Hinata! Orange is so the best cause it’s like bright and vibrant and warm but it’s also like citrus cause it’s orange you see like the fruit and there are loads of great things about the colour orange-tebayo!!

SuSu: *muttering to Itachi who just popped into the studio* -and all he could come up with earlier was ‘cause it’s orange’!

Sasuke: ITACHI!!! Where’s Mr Foxy-Paws!?!

Itachi: Oops! Must dash, you know, important criminal stuff to do!

SuSu: *shouting after Itachi* Okay but we got to catch up some time!

Itachi: *shouting over shoulder* Defo!

Sasuke: *Runs towards the door*

SuSu: *Blocks path* Oh no you don’t! One more step and Mr Foxy-Paws takes the plunge!

Sasuke: *Major evils* Fine! *Goes back to emo corner*
Chapter end notes: Got any questions you want to put to the Naruto characters? By that I mean more inventive questions than mine. They can be to the whole cast or simply to specific characters. So please send them to me! Have fun!
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