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I Only Dream of War by f a i t h

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Story notes: There will be mini-shorts in here, and updates may take awhile. I'll post random things, and specials so stay alert!

"Call 911!" a man yelled. In his arms was a young girl. She had blacked out... People circled and watched as the medics picked her up. The poor child. Her own mother strangled her in the middle of a street. Not long before running off with an alcoholic. One young man saw it all, he saw the deadly image of his friend being nearly killed...

Eight Years Later...

"Father! I've perfected the healing spell!" exclaimed the sixteen year old girl. In her hands was a heirloom staff with a cresent moon placed on top. A small shining crystal sat in the middle...

"Well done my daughter, but do not forget you have physical training next," her father replied.

"Yes. I've still only improved the strength of my kick..."

"It is fine. You still dented the large boulder. And without your magic as well."

"Mhmm... my flips have also improved, and that new jutsu is working well too."
Yes, this girl is special. The power of magic flows through her. Not only that, she could qualify as a high level ninja. Her village forbides it though...

"Do not forget my daughter, you must perfect the teleportation spell in two weeks," her father reminded her.

"Yes father. That is when we shall flee...," she said with a stotic look on her face. She looked out upon the horizon and watched as the sky became a multitude of colors.
"The day we leave this horrible place..."

In the Country of Dreams one girl has been chased for her magic, and strength. Her father fears they will kill her if she is captured. This is why they must flee. For their lives. Her father is related to the Hokage of the Leaf Village, so that is where they must go...

- - - - -

Very short prologue!
Anyway here is a note from your creator...

Mia :: Alright, so... um... yeah... read on! Once I update... who knows when that'll be... alright... Ciao!
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