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Journals of Teenage Ninja by gaaras_girl343

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Uggh! Why is it always Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke with Sakura?! Why can't she think of me for a change?! Whew! Glad I got that out...

Anyway, Hinata started talking to me. She's weird, but talks to me more than Sakura or Sasuke do. She talks when she wants to, and listens quietly when I have something to say. I actually think she's kinda cute.

Now, on to more ranting. D-RANKED MISSIONS! I hate them with a passion! They're so boring! All they are is walking dogs, pulling weeds, or watering gardens! Why can't we have something EXCITING for a change, like the one where we escorted Tazuna to the Land of Waves! RAWR!!!

AND SASUKE! Damn that guy makes me mad! All he does is stare like he's gunna rape you or say "shut up" like he's cool or something! Sure, half the girls think he's cute, but he's nothing special! And he's EMO! I'VE SEEN HIM SLIT HIS WRIST IN THE BATHROOM AND CRY STUFF LIKE "life isn't fair" OR "i want to die".

Now that my ranting is complete, it's RAMEN TIME! Let me look at the clock... SHIT! It's 6:30 and I promised Sakura I would help her do something at 6:00! I gotta go! Dammit!!
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