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Journals of Teenage Ninja by gaaras_girl343

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Dear Diary,

Tobi’s a good boy! Tobi decided to stop liking ponies and start liking Barbie! Tobi hasn’t told the rest of the Akatsuki yet. They’ll probably just tell Tobi to go away. Tobi also likes green frogs! Tobi doesn’t like brown frogs. Tobi thinks they’re too ugly. The rest of the Akatsuki thinks Tobi babbles too much. Do you think so? Tobi doesn’t. Neither does this new horse that Tobi bought. He’s brown and soft. And you know what? Tobi named him Sue! Tobi has so many good things in his life. Tobi drew a cool picture of me and my friends. My friends are Kisame, Deidara, Hidan, Itachi, and Sasori! Tobi knows they all love Tobi so much! Just to prove that I'm manly, I go commando in public!

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