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Torn Rogues Gallery by Shadowbell

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Table of Contents

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Please note that this biography is far from complete. There are certain things about Fumito, including his family name, which would be spoilers for my story if I were to reveal them now. As the story goes on, more information will be added.

Fumito was living in the Rice village before Orochimaru took over and turned it into Otogakure. Seeing an opportunity to further himself, he became a sound shinobi. His skills were amazing, and within 5 years, he had become a Jounin. Otogakure came to respect his power, but Fumito wanted more. His arrogance led him to believe that he was the greatest in the land, and he challenged Orochimaru for leadership of Otogakure. The sannin bested him with little trouble, horribly scarring his face as a reminder of his defeat. Ashamed, Fumito went rogue.

What Fumito lacks in brute force, he makes up for in skill and cunning. He is an expert at reading opponents’ moves and launching appropriate counters. He is good at ninjutsu, but truly excels at genjutsu. When conventional jutsus fail, he falls back on his clan’s secret. Using chakra infused bells; he can create various effects in enemies. He most commonly uses this to cause blindness or physical pain, but he can also use it to make foes hallucinate, or cause animals to lose control of themselves and go berserk. This ability is not truly a kekkei genkai, but rather a closely guarded clan secret.

Seiko’s chapter will be added soon.
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