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Naruto Chronicles by Hinadare

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Table of Contents

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. The guy who came up with him does.
Naruto Chronicles

Chapter One
New Genin

Sakura awoke with a scream, sweat was running down her forehead, and she was shaking. Her breathing fell with sharp heavy gasps. Gripping her bed covers she slipped of her bed and into the night.
Sakura made her way silently down the hall; she just couldn’t shade the image of the haunting nightmare. She had been having the same one for almost a week now. Sakura was almost terrified to ever sleep again. Without a sound she crept through the kitchen and out the front door.
A shiver went up her spine. It was freezing outside. She tipped her head back and looked up into the sky. It was dark with clouds. She could tell it was about to rain. She loved the rain, and the lighting; she loved to watch the lighting.
The thunder began to rumble in the distance, just as the rain started down. Within seconds she was soaked clear to the bone, but she didn’t care right now. All she wanted to do was stand there, forever letting the rain run down her features.
“Couldn’t sleep? Eh? Sakura-Chan.” She turned around so fast the boy had no time to react as she grabbed him and put a knife to his throat.
“Hey, what’s the big idea?” He cried as he desperately tried to get away from her grasp.
“Oh, it’s just you Naruto.” Sakura sighed as she released him. As usual he had ruined the moment.
“Nani? Huh? What did I do?”
“It’s nothing.” What was she saying. What was wrong with her. Normally she would get angry and yell at him. But she had only said it was nothing. Maybe it was only nothing.
Naruto cringed, waiting for her to hit him. But it never came “Sakura-Chan, are you alright?”
She bit her lip. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Okay?” She desperately began to wish Sasuke were there instead of Naruto.
Suddenly she was pulled into his warm embrace, now she was angry.
“Na….ruto….” Naruto began to back away.
“Sakura?” Without hesitation she kicked him hard in the stomach, he went flying.
Sakura pushed back the hair that had fallen onto her face. He probably wasn’t coming back after that, but she could never be too sure. Sakura realized she had a lot to think about. Just yesterday her parents deemed her old enough to live on her own, she was moving into an apartment in just a few hours.
Reluctantly Sakura turned around and walked back into her home, sadly she thought of all the good times she had had in this house with her family. It had all gone by so fast. She would miss it here. Pushing away her thoughts, Sakura quickly grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off. If she was caught like this; she could say good-bye to living on her own.
Morning came all to fast for Sakura, she hadn’t been able to get back to sleep last night at all. Her father was pleased to see Sakura up so early. Almost immediately he was giving her things to carry and was prodding her out the door. He had taken most of the things himself and was following after her. Sakura shook her head and began walking towards the other side of the village. She still didn’t understand why her father had picked one out for her that was so far away. Not like she minded being away from her parents, but she was so sure he would have wanted her really close by.
Naruto sat on his porch, eating ramen. He sighed. Why did Sakura-Chan hate him so much, he just didn’t get it. But to his surprise he saw someone walking towards his direction and it looked like Sakura-Chan. Putting his ramen aside he made his way to them.
For some reason Sakura and her father had run into Naruto and now he wouldn’t stop following them. Sakura tried the best she could to ignore him, but he just kept following them down the road.
“Naruto will you please stop following us?”
“Alright, fine. This is my apartment anyways.” He gestured towards an apartment on their right. Sakura felt like she wanted to scream. His apartment was right next to hers.
Slowly she walked over to her front door and unlocked it. What was inside shocked her, it was such a simple layout, but everything she needed was already there.
Sakura looked to over to where her father had been a few seconds ago and found her stuff was piled in a heap at her door instead.
Why was her father being so cold towards her, she just couldn’t understand why. In silence Sakura unpacked her belongings. It took her nearly the whole day to get everything just the way she wanted it. In her opinion this day was almost perfect.
Naruto watched Sakura though his window. He couldn’t believe she was moving in next door to him. It didn’t seem like something she would do out of her own free will. He shook his head; maybe he’d ask her later. But right now he was supposed to go meet Kakashi-Sensei.
He had waited awhile before going because Sensei was always late. But if he was late and Kakashi caught him, he’d be dead meat. He shrugged it off and headed out his door gingerly locking it behind him. It was a cold day he thought to himself. Looking up he saw storm clouds; it was going to rain, and hard by the way it looked. Shaking off the thought he headed towards his destination.
Sakura looked around her new how, everything was the way she wanted it, but she just couldn’t help thinking she had forgotten something important. And then it hit her; she was supposed to meet Kakashi-Sensei today. She was already really late, but yet she didn’t’ start to panic. Sensei was notorious for being late so she didn’t worry. Not one to waste anymore time then necessary though, Sakura dashed out her door and into the rain.
When she arrived, to her relief, only Naruto and Sasuke were there.
“Hello Sakura.”
“Hi Sasuke.”
“Why are you late? Did you forget?”
Sakura blushed slightly, but lucky the rain blocked Sasuke from seeing it. “Hai, I did forget, but don’t tell Sensei.”
Sasuke smiled a bit. “Don’t worry we won’t say a word.”
“Hi all. Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in traffic.”
“Liar!!!” Shouted Sakura and Naruto at once.
“Listen up. We have been assigned a new member to our group.”
“NANI?” Shrieked Naruto.
“I meant what I said Naruto. We are to meet her in a few minutes.”
“Sensei why have we been given a new teammate?”
“Because, Sakura-Chan, the group she was in no longer has a Jounin to teach them. He was killed on a mission a couple days ago.”
“So how is this new Genin going to be? Eh? Sensei?”
“Wait an see Naruto.”
A few minutes later they arrived in the middle of the village. But instead of find just one Genin they found almost 20. And they were all hoping that Kakashi would take them on.
Sakura was shocked to see so many of them. By the way Sensei had talked earlier, he had made it sound like there was only going to be one. She and the others followed Kakashi as he weaved though the crowd of Genins, and to their surprise he stopped by Hinata. So he had been talking about Hinata, a girl who was in their class back in the academy.
Hinata couldn’t believe it, Kakashi had stopped by her. And by the looks of if was analyzing her chakra.
Then he spoke. “Hyugga Hinata is your name, right?”
“H-Hai.” She stuttered.
He smiled. “Alright, come with us.”
“Hai, Sensei.” She followed with a bit of hesitation. What was going to happen to her now.
Kakashi could sense how nervous the girl was as he led them though the crowd. He noticed she was shaking too. The Third had been right; she was a very timid girl.
Sakura fell into step with Hinata and smiled at her. She didn’t really know her very much; she was always really quiet and shy at the academy. “Hi. I’m Sakura.”
“Hai, I know.”
Sakura shrugged. “I was just checking. Well anyways welcome to group 7.”
“Thank you.”
Kakashi had led them into the Third’s office.
“I have made my choice.” Announced Kakashi. “I will take on this girl, Hyugga Hinata, as my fourth member and no one else.”
“That’s not the choice I had expected you to make, Kakashi. But sense you have made up your mind, I’m going to give you a special mission.” Naruto jumped at the sound of the word mission.
“This is an A class mission.”
Sakura gasped she had never been on an A class mission on purpose before. And by the looks of it Naruto was so excited he was about to explode.
Hinata was almost overwhelmed. Everything was happening so fast. But she just couldn’t understand the luck she was having. First her master was killed, she beaten by her father for being worthless, sent to a horrid place to wait for anew master, and now she was in the same group as Naruto and going on an A class mission.
“I’m sending you five to protect a very important man; that is in immediate danger.”
“When do we leave?”
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