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Bloody Water by koncia

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Chapter notes: PLEASE REVIEW!
This fic is about sasuke and it’s set in the real world kind of.
Summary: when sasuke was seven his half brother, Itachi killed his whole family. his mom dad and little sister and got away with it, because of Itachi’s uncle who is a lawyer saying there was no way the thirteen year old boy could have done it even through sasuke saw the whole thing. So sasuke is out to find and kill his brother nine years later and it proves to be hard with Itachi now a big time gang leader. Can sasuke do this alone are will he have to find help in the friends he has ignored.

Declaimer: fanficton must I say more?

“Please stop!” a frightened man pleaded as he was thrown up against the brick wall behind him.

Lightening flashed over the darkened alley where this crime was taking place. The lightening reviled the man’s bloody bruised face.

His dark hair matted to his face by blood, his eyes bright and shinning with fear. His attacker ignored his words and threw him to the dirty ground of the alley.

Another flashed of lightening showed the attacker young yet angry face, his eyes showed complete hatred as he stared down at the beaten man. “Where is Itachi?” the boy asked.

He gave the weak man a kick to the stomach. “I- I told you I don’t know.” The man stuttered out pathetically trying to crawl away.

The boy’s face twisted into disgust. “Don’t lie too me!” he shouted kicking the man again. The man dropped to the ground no longer able to move.

“He’ll kill me!” the man said closing his eyes tightly. With a loud clash of thunder rain began to pour throughout the silent alley.

“What makes you think I want? Tell me now and quickly, where Itachi is?” the boy asked pulling a dagger from inside his black coat.

The man’s eyes snapped open he stared at the serious black haired boy and gulped. “Like I said, I don’t know, but ask Tobi he’s a red headed boy about your age.” The man said quickly.

The boy smiled scaring the man; the boy’s smile was so unnatural on a human; like a growling wolf. “thanks.” The boy said his voice changing, it almost sounded happy.

He walked closer to the man. The man’s eyes widened. “No, no stop!” he pleaded to the smiling boy. The boy tired of the man’s pleads kicked him one last time.

The boy stared down at the unconscious man, he wouldn’t kill him, and he would only kill one man.

He turned his back on the beaten man and put his hood over his head. “I hate the rain.” He muttered to himself as he walked out of alley.

“Sasuke come on where going to be late,” an irritated blond shouted to the black haired teen, whose face was glued to his computer screen.

Getting no response from his black haired friend the blond grew more annoyed, “what are you doing anyway?”

The blond asked walking over to his friend, trying to see what he was keeping so hush hush. Before the blond could see sasuke quickly cut off the computer, he glared at his friend.

“Some privacy would be nice, Naruto.” Sasuke mumbled, picking up his school bag from his best friend’s messy floor. Naruto huffed,

“You’re the one that came busting into my house at five in the morning saying you needed to use MY computer! Hey, you have a computer why don’t you use your own?” Naruto asked,

anger replaced with confusion. Sasuke only stared at him blankly as an answer; Naruto shook his head and sighed. “Damn you’re weird,” Naruto mumbled scratching the top of his blond head.

“Dope what are you waiting for? Where going to be late for school,” Sasuke spook to Naruto already heading out the door. “What!” Naruto shrieked, “I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past eight minutes!”

The only answer he received was the sound of his front door closing, “Bastard!” Naruto shouted after him.

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