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The Great Question by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! Violet or A Vampires Butterfly here! Hm...I'm not really sure if I should put this on this site. Since it is only for Naruto. But guess what?! Not only have I recently discovered Death Note (L is the sugar smex!) But also I have written my first non-Naruto fic...for Death Note! Poor guys don't get to read it...*pouts* Anyway...tell me if this was a bad idea.Oh if any of you are on deviantart, I'm on there too now, same username. You can see my Death Note fic! >.< Oh and major spoilers for both Death Note and Naruto. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Violet- Hello there! I’m Violet and I will be your host to this week’s, Great Debate! Where we try to sort out some of anime’s greatest arguments! With us today is L and Light Yagami from Death Note and Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto!! Please give them a round of applause!

Random Fangirl- “L! We love you!”

Random Fangirl- “Naruto! Naruto! Look over here!”

Random Fangirl- “SASUKE!!!!”

Light- “Wait…where are my fans?”

Violet- “You don’t get any, Light-kun. After the whole L thing….your lucky that you died in the show…”

L- “I told you not to kill me but no…you just had to let Rem save Misa. You just had to be the god of a new world. I would’ve shared my cake with you too…”

Light- “It wasn’t my fault! You were in my way! If you had just agreed to rule the new world with me, you wouldn’t have had to die!”

L- “Sure, sure. Of course, I have to give up my whole life, just for you! Did you ever think that maybe the Kira case was important to me? Huh? And I thought you loved me, no you just could only think of you and your new damn world!”

Light- “Well the new world is important to me too! I just want a place where our children could be safe!”

Naruto ‘stage whisper’- “Who are the maniacs? And why does one look like Gaara?”

Sasuke- “I don’t know…I think they may be crazier than Orochimaru though.”

L- “What about me and my needs?!”

Light- “It’s always you and your needs! What about my new world?!”

Violet- “Okay! Okay! You guys! No need for violence, please sit down.”

*both sit down, glaring at each other*

Violet- “Okay, so the discussion topic for today is: Who is the cuter couple? Sasuke and Naruto or L and Light?”

Sasuke- “Well it is obvious my Naru-chan and I are the best couple. At least I didn’t kill my love.”

Light- “Shut up emo brat! At least I actually have nice hair.”

Sasuke- “Did you…just insult my hair?”

Light- “If you call that chicken butt, poorly conditioned, wig, hair, then yes, I think I did.”

Sasuke- “Oh it is on! Bring it notebook boy!”

*pulls out kunai and starts to form fire jutsu hand signs*

Light- “What was your name again? Sasuke Uchiha? Is that one u or two?”

*pulls out Death Note*

Naruto ‘stage whisper again’- “I always did think Sasuke’s hair looked like a chicken’s butt, but he can be so sensitive. Your hair kind of looks like his, you know.”

L ‘stage whisper’- “Hm…it does, doesn’t it? Except mine is a bit messier. Your hair looks nice though.”

Naruto- “Ya think? Cause I thought it might have looked kind of forced into an ‘I just got out of bed’ look.”

L- “No, no. It is perfect. Are you really a natural blond?”

Naruto-“Yep! And proud of it too! Oh! Look a shiny penny!”

L- “So the thing about blonds is true…Interesting….”

Sasuke- “I’m going to make that notebook into ashes!”

Light- “Just one more letter, Sasuke Uchiha! Just wait, you will die of a heart attack and I will sell your love on the black market! Ack! My eye! Damn my awesome writing style! Why did I have to use such a pointy pen?”

Sasuke- “Here’s my chance! I will kill you! And then I will use your notebook to kill Itachi!”


Everyone, even the audience- “Yes Ma’am!”

Violet- *smiles pleasantly* Thank you! Now back to the matter at hand. Emo-kun, I mean Sasuke-kun, why do you think you and Naru-chan are a better couple than Light-kun and L-chan?

Naruto- “Umm…why are me and L the one’s with chan at the end?”

L- “Yes, I would like to know why as well.”

Violet- “Well, of course because you both are the cuties in the couple! Which means you are cute enough to be girls! Which means you have chan at the ends or your names. Happy?”

Naruto- “We are the…

L- “…..Cuties in the couple?”

Violet- *nod nod*

Light- “What about me?! I’m handsome! I’m hot! I’m way better dressed than L!”

Sasuke- “I’m cute! Haven’t you seen my chibi pictures? I want to be called Sasu-chan!”

Light- “I want to be Lightie-chan!”

Sasuke- “Wait….what are we saying?”

Light- “She had us there for a second…It’s the fangirl powers…”

Light and Sasuke- *shudder*

L- “I wonder if they have any cake around here….”

Naruto- “Oh! You know what’s better than cake?!”

L- “Straight sugar?”

Naruto- *blink blink* “Dude….you must have like the best dentist and life-o-suction doctor ever if that is all you eat….”

L- “I eat strawberries too!”

Naruto- “Sure…and I eat the vegetables in my ramen.”

L- “You eat…ramen?”

Naruto- “Yeah. So?”

L- “Without sugar? Or anything?”

Naruto- “Ew…Who would eat ramen with sugar?”

L- “Who could eat ramen without sugar?”

Naruto- “Ramen is the food of the gods.”

Light- “No apples are.”

L- “And how would you know that, Kira-kun?”

Light- “Will you ever drop that?!”

L- “No. Never.”

Naruto- “Kira?”

Sasuke- “Don’t even try to understand, dobe. You’ll hurt what little brain cells you have.”

Naruto- “Take that back bastard!”

Sasuke- “The part about you being an idiot or the part about hurting yourself?”

Naruto- “Both!”

Sasuke- “Don’t get mad, Naru-chan…As soon as we are free me and you can find some place a bit more…secluded.”

Violet- “Aww! I love it! I think Sasuke and Naruto just might be the cuter couple!”

Sasuke- “I told you.” *clings to his Naru-chan*

Light- “Psh. Whatever. Me and L can be so much cuter, watch. Okay, L, you know what to do.”

L- “You mean…”

Light- “Yes.”

L- “Okay then…Light-kun, you are my only friend. You are the only one I would ever let actually start to know me. I just want you to know that I truly cherish your friendship.”

Light- “L, I don’t know what to say. But, to me you are more than a friend. I wish…I wish there was some way we could be together. Please forgive me.”

L- “I’ll always forgive you, Light-kun.”

Violet- *holding tissues, crying* T-that was s-so beautiful! Such caring! So much compassion! Light and L have to be the cuter couple!

Light- *smirk* I told you.” *feeds L cake as a reward*

Sasuke- “Wait! Me and Naruto are much cuter! We just weren’t trying before! Naruto, plan 5b.”

Naruto- “Huh?”

Sasuke- “Sigh…Plan Get Sasuke Back.”

Naruto- “Oh! Yeah! Okay. Sasuke! How could you do this to me? After all we have been through? Just come home, please. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.”

Sasuke- “You know I can’t go back to that place. Not until I kill Itachi.”

Naruto- “But you don’t need to kill Itachi! Aren’t I enough? Isn’t the village enough? Just come home, bastard!”

Sasuke- “I can’t. I just can’t. But…”

Naruto- “But what, Sasuke?”

Sasuke- “But, wait for me, Naruto. When I get my revenge, I’ll come back. I’ll come back…for you. Don’t try to stop me until then, Naruto.”

Naruto- “I’m not going to wait for you, Sasuke. I’ll convince you to come back. I’m going to stop you from ruining your life.”

Sasuke- “I hope you can, Naruto. I hope you can.”

Violet- “*is sobbing uncontrollably* Why Sasuke?! That was so sad! And loving! And…And... *breaks down in tears* Sasuke and Naruto must be the better couple!”

Light- “That isn’t fair! They have way more episodes than us! We only get 37 and L dies in episode 25! How can we get so much past and emotion in such little time space?!”

Sasuke- “If you were truly the better couple you would be able to figure it out! Hn and you call yourself a genius.”

Light- “I’m much smarter than you, you little angst brat!”

Sasuke- “Angst brat!? You’re the one always whining about how bad the criminals are blah, blah, blah. At least your older brother didn’t kill your own clan!”

Light- “If I had an older brother I would’ve stopped him easily before he laid a finger on my family! You must have just been weak!”

Sasuke- “Ah! The flashbacks! No Itachi! Not mother! Father!”

Naruto- “Sigh…not again. L-chan, can you convince your boyfriend to stop being such an evil genius for one minute. I got to take care of Sasuke.”

L- “Sure. Sure. Sorry about him, he can’t stop himself from tormenting people. *shakes head*”

Naruto- “Sasuke does the same thing. Poor Sakura-chan.”

L- “Poor Misa-chan.”

Naruto- “It’s okay, Sasuke. I’m here. Everything’s okay. *huggles Sasuke*

Violet- “Aww….More points for Sasuke and Naruto! Light-kun…you are so in the negatives…*stare*

L- “Light-kun…I’m sorry you got your ego hurt, would you like some cake?” *offers forkful of white cake*

Light- “Thank you, L. *opens mouth*

L- *feeds Light cake*

Violet- “Aww!! I just can’t decide! So I’m going to leave it to the public! Which one is the better couple, Light and L or Sasuke and Naruto? Vote in comments and next week I will count up all the votes and see who is the better couple!”

Light- “Vote for me and L! You know we are better.”

Sasuke- “You must vote for us! Do it for Naru-chan!”

Light- “Do it for L-chan!”

Violet- “Vote before they kill each other!”
Chapter end notes: So vote! (like I don't already know what a Naruto fanbased site will pick >.>) With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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