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Adventures in Angst by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! A Vampires Butterfly or Violet here! Okay, before you start reading the story, please, PLEASE read it till the end. The very end. I promise you, it will be great. ^-^ Or at least unexpected. I hope. *ish now doubting self* Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
It had been a warm night. He remembered it clearly. They had been drinking at a bar, remembering far too many memories, few good, many bad. He had known they had been drinking too much, but he hadn’t cared. Too memories needed to be drowned. They all needed to be destroyed.

And the other had seemed to understand him, more than even he, himself, did. So they had drunk. A lot.

Maybe it was him who did it, maybe his drunken friend. It really didn’t matter because somehow they had ended up kissing, touching, feeling. Being alive.

They burned the pain away with white hot touches. They had stopped the pain with kisses. They had created new pain and enjoyed it.


Here he was now, naked in an unfamiliar bed, thin sheets the only thing covering him. He knows the other occupant isn’t asleep either, but they are both pretending. Neither of them wants to be awake. Neither of them want to see how true of a mistake was made.

He knows that his love isn’t here. That this was a mistake. A bad one. And that he didn’t have many choices now.

He shifts under the sheets and peeks over his shoulder, not seeing onyx spikes, with midnight blue highlights, reminding him of the night and all of its beauty. He doesn’t see dark, dark eyes staring at him, penetrating him, watching him, reading his thoughts while hiding his own. He doesn’t see a pale lips smirking at him, words of love or playful mocking waiting on a red tongue, ready to be whispered in the early morning air.

No, instead he sees a shock of blood red crimson short spikes, reminding him of an inferno made purely of blood. He sees teal eyes, not a natural green, not a sea green, not a grass green, not an emerald green; they are a pale, cold green, like a frozen pond, or frost covered grass. They are unnerving as they stare at him, not as lifeless as they once were but more dead than any eyes he has ever seen before. He sees pink lips, closed into a thin line, unwilling to speak, unwilling to be either a smile or a frown.

He closes his eyes, willing the other to say something, anything to help him feel better about this. Yet at the same time he doesn’t want the silence to be broken and make them have to talk about what happened, have to admit that it was all a mistake that he at least didn’t feel anything but friendship for the other.

“I called him.”

His eyes shoot open and he stares in horror at the other, who looks just as emotionless as before, though those unnatural eyes seem to be burning with his hair. They seem to be in an ice-cold fury.

“Who did you call?” He already knows the answer, but doesn’t want to know it. He doesn’t want to believe it.

The other doesn’t answer, he just stares at him.

He feels a coldness run through him. He breaks into a sweat before practically jumping out of the bed, pulling the sheets with him. He doesn’t look at the other. He can only hear his own heart beat ringing in his ears. Beating and pulsing. It seemed to be repeating again and again.

‘You shouldn’t be here. He’s coming. You shouldn’t be here. He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming.’

He finds his clothes and puts them on quickly, noticing with disgust at the muskiness of his own skin, the sweat still sticking to his skin. A smell not belonging to him surrounds him.

He wonders if he tastes like the other. He wonders just how much the other said. He wonders how big of mistake he has made. He wonders if he will be able to fix it.

He hears the other shift in the bed, watching his every move. He ignores him and finishes dressing. He looks over his shoulder, knowing he doesn’t have much time.

“…I’m sorry it had to be this way…”

And then he was gone. Out the window and into the early morning sky. Like a bird escaping.

But there was no escaping what would happen. There was no way around it.

At least that was what he convinced himself as he ran away.

It was afternoon before he saw his love. His true love. His betrayed love.

He finds it strange to be on the betraying side this time. It hurts. It hurts even from the other side. Maybe because he knows he has does wrong.

Blue eyes followed a pacing pale body. The silence was killing him. And the state the dark haired boy was in was disturbing. His ANBU uniform was stained with blood. This in its self wasn’t unusual. But he hadn’t had a mission today.

And sand grains dusted each and every stain.

“What did you do?” Finally the silence broken. He wasn’t sure which was worse. The silence or the silence and those eyes looking at him, burning him with such hate, such betrayal, such intensity. He had to look down at his feet. Did his eyes look like that before?

“What I had to.” A short, curt reply. Of course, no emotion is held within the voice, the words. But the tone is icy.

“Sasuke, please don’t tell didn’t…please…” he begs, he pleads, but one look into those unforgiving eyes and he knows. He knows.

“But he was the Kazekage! You can’t just do that! You- you will…” his eyes go wide and tears start to well up. He closes his eyes and looks away.

“No. No. This isn’t happening.” He refuses to believe it. He won’t believe it. He can’t believe it.

The next day, Sasuke Uchiha was executed on the confirmation that he had killed the Kazekage of Suna.

With both Gaara and Sasuke dead, Naruto had no one to turn to, but refused to die with them. He became the Hokage a year later. The ruled for many years before getting killed while saving a young genin from a Missing Nin.

They put on his gravestone,

‘Here lies Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage, friend, teammate. Never a more determined or kinder man will ever be known. No wrong did he ever do. May he find peace.’

It will never be known if he would agree with such words.

When Sasuke came home that evening after a mission, he found his blond boyfriend writing frantically on a piece of paper, crying, and constantly checking his wrists.

Sasuke sighed. What had the idiot done now?

“Naruto? What are you doing, dobe?” Sasuke called, peering over the other’s shoulder.

The title of the piece of paper seemed to say in skinny, quick handwriting, ‘Naruto Uzumaki’s Will and Testament.’

Sasuke raised and eyebrow. Since when did his idiot ever think of dying and wills?

Naruto turned towards him and tackled him to the ground, still crying.

“Sasuke! You’re alive! You damn bastard! You left me for Orochimaru! But damn it, I love you so much! You’re not dead! And I promise I will never sleep with Gaara or Itachi or anyone. Even though you seem to be sleeping around an awful lot! But I love you! And no one else! You love me too, right? You better not be sleeping with Itachi! And no! I will not have a threesome with you and Neji! How dare you try to make me do that? But then you saved me from those horrible villagers! They almost raped me you know? But you rescued me! But then you still left! Even though I was pregnant with our child! How could you do such a thing, Sasuke? But don’t worry! You came back and everything was all right. We had a beautiful little girl! But then you went off and married Sakura! I thought you said you hated her! And you died! And you just kept dying! Oh and make sure I’m not bleeding! Everywhere I go, something is going to hurt me! Everyone hates me, Sasuke! But you love me! And I love you! And you’re alive! And it is a happy ending! Because we’re not dead! Right? We’re not dead are we, Sasuke? I’m not an angel or a ghost am I, Sasuke? Don’t you lie to me!”

Naruto finally stopped ranting and took a deep breath. He wiped at his eyes and stared down at Sasuke, before kissing him and then hugging him tightly.

Sasuke blinked at Naruto, before sighing.

“What did I say about looking at angst on the computer?”
Chapter end notes: Hehehe...What did I tell you? See, this is me, really wanting to write an angst story, while at the same time knowing I should be writing a humor story. I'm such a genius, I amaze myself at times. Can anyone else tell I'm very proud of this? >.< Please review! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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