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The Lone Wolf by Matt NoOne

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Yeah I've updated this chapter.
I've enhanced the dialoge a bit thanks to the wonderful reveiw by BushtuckerPenguin but I wouldn't call this chapter finished yet.
But still I am moving on. I'll come back to this chapter later when i have more ideas and inspration.

And as for my promise to update faster...
I lied and I am sorry.
I am a man of many hobbies and being new to this one: it sometimes gets put off.

Oh and I Don't own Naruto by the way
(I forgot to put that earlier)
00-Light on a Shadow

The relative time is a year or two before Naruto becomes a gennin.

A boy sat in the back of the class at the ninja academy. Nobody really knew him. He was the new kid and he never talked to any one. He was a good student and a hard worker, but had no friends. He was tan with messy dark brown hair. He was tall but it was hard to notice because his head was always slumped forward; shoulders hanging forward. He had pale green eyes but always kept his right eye closed.

He just kept to himself. The other kids had tried to talk to him, but he mumbled a response and that was that. He was obviously unhappy, but he just suffered by himself. He was the shadow in the back of the room. Until…

Aki was rocking in her chair. She was considering talking to that boy who sat in the back. She had never spoken to him before. She had watch over the past few months. He seemed like a nice guy underneath it all. He was just misunderstood. On a side note, his closed eye confounded her and she just had to know what was up with it. It was decided, she would talk to him at lunch. And so she waited, and waited; zoning out from her sensei’s lecture glancing over at that boy occasionally. She had a short attention span even for her age. She wondered what she’d say to him. She also wondered what was under his closed eye. Did it even open? Was there no eye underneath? Was the pupil really huge or tiny? Was it just a normal eye? Finally lunch had come, Their sensei dismissed the class and as she went into the school yard she spotted him sitting against a tree.

She walked up and said, “Hi”

“hm…,” he mumbled turning his head up to see who it was.

“Can I sit with you?” she asked.

“…sure” he mumbled again letting his head sink down again.

“So what’s your name?” she asked taking a seat next to him against the tree, “ Oh! I’m Aki. ”

“Yuki…” he said shifting himself away from her, “Ookami… Yuki”

Then she noticed that he had no lunch. She opened her little white lunch box sitting on her lap. Inside were several rice balls. She got one out and held it in front of him.

“Here have this” she offered.

“No thank you…”he mumbled, but his stomach betrayed him and let out a ferocious growl.

“Have it. I have plenty” she insisted waving it in front of him.

He took the rice ball and ate it quickly and some what savagely.

“Thank you” he said quietly.

“Not a problem” she said smiling then asked “so how are you?”

“umm… ok… I guess” he begin to mumble again.

“You know, you need to stop mumbling and speak up. It’s hard to understand you” she said quite frankly.

“oh… Sorry” he said blushing slightly.

“ So you’re new here” she said.

“Yes” he replied lifting his head up and speaking clearer.

“So are you from the village?” she asked try to keep a conversation going which was very difficult.

“ No, I come from a village north of here” he said starting to relax .

“Are you getting along alright here” she continued on this one sided conversation.

“Yeah I’m doing ok” he said and now looking Aki in the face.

“Did you move here so you could be a ninja” she asked glad to see him opening up.

“Yeah” he said.

“So why do you want to become a ninja” she asked.

“Well.. I wanted to prove myself… and… I wanted to do something important” he explained blushing.

“Me too” she replied happily

They sat there for awhile in a somewhat awkward silence. Aki eyes wandered and moved towards his closed eye. She quickly looked away but her eyes soon locked on his mysterious eye. She couldn’t help herself. The urge was building and building and she had to ask…

“um…” Aki began to blush “so… your eye… um…”

Yuki twitched and slumped over again, sighing. His eye… more like his curse… It isolated him from every one else. Sadly he said, “ I… I rather not talk about it…”

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright…” he cut in softly.

She felt terrible. It was her big mouth that always got her into trouble and now look what she had done. She just offended this boy who obviously was feeling bad enough with out her help…

“No no no” she said shaking her head“ it’s not… friends don’t do that to friends. How can I make it up to you?”

“Friends?” he said amazed.

“Yes, friends” she said, like it was a well know fact.

Friends. He had never had any friends. Never. He had always been rejected at his old village. He was the outcast. That’s why he left, that’s why he wanted to be a ninja… to prove to them …and himself… that he was not worthless…

“You don’t have to do anything” he spoke up “But thank you… for being my friend.”

Class was starting again and every one began to herd nosily back into their classes. Yuki and Aki walked in with the massive crowd and entered their class. Every one had gotten settled in to their seats. But something was different now… That boy, the shadow in the back was now sitting next to a girl. And even stranger, he was smiling. It was the first time anyone had seen him smile.
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