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Losing Fight by koncia

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Table of Contents

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I don’t own naruto so don’t sue!

This isn’t my first story but the others never seemed too turn out well, and I never got many reviews I’m hoping this one will be different. Please review I don’t care if you like it are not.

Chapter 1: captured

He ran from tree top to tree top intent on making it back to his home. The home he had abandoned a little over four years ago to get strong enough too kill his brother. Now that his ambition was over he had decided to return to his home village if they wanted him are not.

He knew his teammates had tried to get him back many times; he had even run into them about a year ago. He had still refused too go with them he had even fought with them, his goal still wasn’t complete at that point in time.

Thinking about his old teammates got him remembering his loud blond teammate that always seemed to flow with energy. That he had once wished he had. The blond had fought him twice in hopes of bring him back and had failed both times.

His pink haired teammate that had confessed her love to him in hopes he wouldn’t leave. Sasuke didn’t know what too think about that so he didn’t. He hoped he would be welcomed back into the village even if he was a traitor.

He had killed the snake he had ran of too along with his brother two less people Kohona had too worried about. He speed up he had a long journey in front of him.

Something was off. It had been a few hours sense Sasuke had started his travel back home and it was well into the night.

The moon was his only light but of course this didn’t stop the Uchiha from traveling threw the night he wanted to get back too kohona as soon as possible. Sasuke also felt he had nothing too worrier about he did defeat his teacher and his brother he felt kind of invincible.

Something was off though a couple of hours ago he had felt someone fallowing him but paid it no mind. He wasn’t worried about some low level ninja that couldn’t even hide there presence. That was the problem whoever it was wasn’t even trying a little, even Naruto did better then this when they were Genin.

Sasuke got tired of the little game and dropped down from the trees and landed on the ground quietly, to wait for his follower. After awhile he sensed the person disappear right into thin air like they were never there.

He knew someone was still out there so he activated his family blood line; still he saw nothing. He stayed still trying to hear any type of moving but heard none, right when he was about to give up the bushes in front of him rustled.

A woman in very revealing cloths stepped out he couldn’t make her out very well in the dark. ( I know he would probably be able to see in the dark with his blood line but I’m to lazy to think about what she should look like.)

Sasuke didn’t waist anytime, he threw a kunai at the women but missed completely. Sasuke was known for perfect aim but he missed the women and she didn’t even move an inch. The women made a ticking sound.

“sasuke you shouldn’t throw things at people.” The women spoke. Sasuke wasn’t surprised she knew his name she was fallowing him. “What do you want?” his low voice demanded. The women was unfazed by this and smiled evilly.

“You will find out soon.” She said. Sasuke began to fill tired very tired. He couldn’t stop himself from falling to his knees; it was harder for him to breath. He couldn’t believe this was happening too him.

“w-hat do you want…?” he asked again as he felt himself passing out. The women smirked. “You, my new salve Uchiha Sasuke.”
How did I do good bad I don’t care just tell me please review!
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