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Help Sasuke? by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! This A Vampires Butterfly or Violet! is like three a.m here I am so tired,my brain is melting, and I've been looking at too much fanart. I have no idea where this idea came from. But it is a round robin. Which means you guys can keep this going! Heck, help poor Sasu-chan out! By all means. I would love to read why you guys think we should stop! Or why we shouldn't....Enjoy my insomnia! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Everyone should feel sorry for Sasuke Uchiha.

No, not for the dying clan, murdered by older brother, blah…blah…blah.

And if not for that, then what?

For surely I have been following the anime and have heard all the spoilers everyone has been spreading around!

Of course I have. I’m a fanfiction author. That knowledge keeps me writing.

So why the heck should you feel sorry for Sasuke? He left poor Naru-chan! Or….if your one of those weird Sakura/Sasuke fans. He left poor Sakura-chan!

Yeah…I know that.

But really. Have you seen what we do to him?! I mean, if we’re not making him gay. We’re making him emo. If not that, we’re having him raped by Orochimaru. If not that, we’re having him raped by Itachi, or tortured by him at least. If not, then we’re pairing him with Sakura! Or Hinata!

People….authors….girls! For the sake of keeping poor Sasu-chan living, we must stop!

Surely there have to be more characters to mess with? Sure, Sasuke is very hot, emo, and a freaking bastard!!! Latest manga has more than proven that. But come on. Why don’t we mess with….




Heck…why not even….


All are close enough in personality to mess with! Well…Shino is a long shot, but that’s for the more creative people.

Neji is hot, plus with girly hair and could possibly be blind! Come on, don’t you want to mess with him? Plus he never shuts up about destiny. And he has a weird mark on his forehead. Like Sasuke!

Well…Sasuke has it on his neck.


And he has a bad past, with his family! Like Sasuke!

Well….Neji only had his father killed…and then we found out he wanted to be killed…


Also, Neji made fun of Naru-chan!


Yes, so he is a bastard too!

Perfect, no?

If not Neji, then how about Gaara? He wears eyeliner and has a raccoon thingy in him! Also, I heard he likes cookies! Don’t you want to feed him cookies? Or make fun of him? Something! He likes to kill people! Like Sasuke!

Well….Sasuke just wants to kill Itachi…


And he ‘Love’ tattooed on his forehead! Like Sasuke!

Well…actually…Sasuke has the curse mark on his neck and it is not a tattoo and has nothing to do with love….


Oh! Oh! He has a bad past! Yes, yes, very bad. So sad. Like Sasuke! Except…you know….he kind of killed the only person he thought loved him….and that person was his uncle though he looked like an aunt to me….But his mother died! Like Sasuke!

Well…except…his mother died giving birth to him…But his father hated him!

Yet…we don’t know if Sasuke’s father hated him, just he didn’t really pay attention to him….

But! He said he was going to kill Naru-chan!

Gasp! Again!

Yes, he is a murdering bastard too!

Also perfect, no?

And now Shino!


Oh! They both barely talk!


See! We should stop torturing Sasuke. So many other bastards to torture, why only stay on one? Besides….you know he loves the attention. He’s an attention whore.

Orochimaru’s attention whore.

But not for long!

For Naru-chan will prevail!

And get his bastard back! And they can go off and have angsty, smexy, smut!

“Violet! Stop messing up the script!”

You know what, Sasuke! I quit! Fix your own freaking image! It’s not my fault you had to go be a bastard and run off to Orochimaru! Besides, you deserve everything the fangirls throw at you! In fact, you know what? I’m going to go write the next chapter of ‘Unspoken Pain’ and make sure Orochimaru rapes you good and hard!


“Wait…Damn it….Anybody else want to convince these fangirls to stop torturing me?”
Chapter end notes: So yeah....Add if you want! I'll check this randomly if you guys want to actually do it. Hope you liked. Reviews are welcomed with cookies, cake, and plushies! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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