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Christmas Carols with a Twist by MyLittleDemonKitsune

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Story notes: I don't own Naruto at all... or myself... I should explain that someother time... later. But anyways, Alyssa owns herself, Dessi owns herself, Syreeta owns herself, and I'm owned by Usagi who owns herself as well.
Chapter notes: This story is dedicated to my best friends in the world who read these, Dessi, Alyssa, and you the readers of the TONFA world! Thx!
Usagi: On the first day of- *gets hit with frying pan*
Alyssa: Not yet damn it!
Kat, Dessi, Syreeta: *cowaring in corner* So violent Alyssa
Kat: Hey! *snatches frying pan* Mine! *coos over frying pan*
Alyssa: *growls* No! Mine! *tackles Kat*
Kat and Alyssa: *fight* *frying pan flies into Dessi's hands*
Dessi: Shit! *gets mauled*
Syreeta: *sigh* I guess it's up to me to explain this. We the Physcos *coughallofuscough*,and The Asylum Escapies *coughKatUsagicough* Have taken the Christmas carols and turned them into an extremely funny line of randomness, including our dear Naruto characters that we've come to know, love, wish for for presents, and kidnap who have been forced wilingly obliged to join us. In lame-mans terms, they'll be here in a delivery truck with iron bars few minutes!

  • Love ya,
    Demon Kit
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