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Sounds of a New Destiny Redux by Jareth Dallis

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: All characters except Original Characters are owned by Kishimoto. This is the rewrite of Sounds as it was going poorly.
Author’s Notes: Okay now as you know I decided to do a rewrite, for one thing, I had trouble finding what to write about. The fic was stuck, and I really feel like it’s hard to sell the angle I had originally since it makes no sense. What with the plot development of the manga. Also I had introduced OC’s half way into the fic originally and I want to make them an integrated part of my personal extended universe.

This being said, there will be some modifications to my overall plot and I will see to it that I make this fic better this time around. So say good bye to the Shodai relation angle, the order of mysterious monks, blessed seals, and other aspects I had done. I will work something greater this time around.

At age five, Naruto had grown accustomed to the villagers trying to maim him on a regular schedule. He was running through the village, at a panicked pace, he needed to get away. “Get him, kill that monster!!” shouted one of the villagers as they chased after the young child. The blonde youth rushed into a clearing but tripped over his feet falling to the ground, this is when the villagers got their chance, picking up a large rock, and they were intending to finish what they set out to do.

Before the villager could take a step closer, the sound of a biwa being played echoed through the clearing, the villagers then set their gaze on a man with black hair and white make up on his face. It was Orochimaru, better known the genius of the Sannin, and an S Ranked criminal in Konoha’s bingo book. But he was not alone he had been accompanied by his personal guards. Satsujin Kuroken, bearer of the horrific Narakugan (Hell Eye), and Kanshisha Shirotoku, gifted with the Houshuton (Gem Release). The two had been ranked as A Class Nuke-nin in the Bingo Book, and they didn’t seem too worried about the villagers.

“Kukukuku…I would advise you people not hurt the child. If you know what's good for you…” rasped the Snake Sannin, his tongue slithering out of his mouth slowly, the slits of his eyes becoming much narrower. “It’s Orochimaru!! Someone go alert the ANBU!” one of the villager’s shouted out, another villager nodded their head and began to run in the opposite direction. “Hmmm hehehehehe…who said we would allow that?” moving his hands through intricate gates of hand seals the white haired Nuke-nin spun and pressed his left hand to the ground, sending a burst of chakra out. The ground in front of the villager cracked open and formation of crystal burst upward running through the villager’s chest, killing them immediately.

“We don’t need a body count Shirotoku. Let me…” growled out the pallid black haired shinobi as he stepped forward, closing his eyes, lacing his fingers into an intricate seal for spider, something detailed in the advanced arts of ninjutsu. He opened his eyes slowly, his Narakugan now active, the whites were black, and the irises were orange, pupils completely gone. A horrific ability, using the psychological training his clan had put him through as a child, he was granted the power to weave horrible Genjutsu which could make even the strongest shinobi fall to pieces.

“Genjutsu: Naraku no Souku!” was exclaimed as the Shinobi shouted and thrust his palms forward, the illusion was cast, and hellish canines rose from the ground. Some looked as if they were resurrected from the dead, while the others looked like they were spewed forth from the darkest pits of Hell. The hounds kept rising from the ground, eyes aglow, snarling their maws in anticipation. The villagers were panicking because to them this was very real, the canines only circled them, for the worst thing a person could endure is waiting for the attack to happen. With a wave of the Shinobi’s hands a rain of senbon rained forth and struck each of them with precision placing them in a death like state.

Dispelling the Genjutsu the pallid shinobi turned and walked away deactivating his Dojutsu. As he did this the howl of a wolf echoed through the area, and the two bodyguards of the Sannin snapped to attention knowing the very sound they heard. Only one Shinobi within the village used wolves and wolf summons, Jinketsu Ginshin, they had to hurry now.

“OROCHIMARU-SAMA!” shouted the white clad nuke-nin as he prepared some of his crystalline kuani. “Yes, yes I know. Naruto-kun…would you like to leave this wretched village? I can offer you a home where you would be appreciated. Where you can flourish and become a shinobi of great power. They will respect you in my village.” the white snake dropped down into a crouch as he looked at the boy, trying to show he was honest with his intentions.

“I don’t know…would people there try to kill me?” the child queried in response, as he did this he fidgeted with his fingers. He was scared for the most part of the two men. Especially the black haired man, he didn’t seem right, like he was a twisted depraved monster. “Of course. There are other children like you in my village, hated because they are different. You may even find people to be your friends. It will be the childhood you deserve.” sweetly the Sannin explained, as looked at the boy with a compassionate look.

“Okay! I want to leave this village. I don’t have any reason to stay here.” Naruto excitedly replied, this made Orochimaru pleased he never forced the young ones to come, he lets them choose.

“We should get moving Orochimaru-sama. If I know him he’ll be fast on our tails…” the black haired Ninja stated coldly almost with a sigh, as he walked over and grabbed Naruto and took to the trees. Orochimaru nodded and took to the trees along with Shirotoku.

Not a moment too soon as it would happen, as an ANBU squad arrived in time to find the aftermath of the event. “GAROU-Sempai! It looks like another attempt on Naruto’s life, but they ran into complications.” explained one ANBU wearing a cat mask to another who was wearing a wolf mask.

“I can see that YAMATO. I know who did this too they never learned to not leave a calling card.” GAROU stated with a growl to his voice, he then pulled his mask off, and sighed. The silver haired ANBU was none other than Hanzo Ginshin, or rather Jinketsu Ginshin. A survivor of Yamagakure, like Kanshisha Shirotoku.

“YAMATO, Inform Hokage-sama that Naruto has left the village. MESUNO, get the Medical Corp, and KAEN, report to ANBU headquarters. Tell them I’m resigning as an ANBU Operative.” He ordered the rest of his team, as he walked away from the scene leaving his ninja-to behind. The squad nodded their heads and took flight they headed to their ordered destinations. The silver haired ANBU or in this case former ANBU clenched his fists and ran off into the forest intending to find the culprits, but he was already too late. The trail had grown cold they could be anywhere at this point.

Sometime later…at Otogakure

“Naruto-kun as of today you will be training under my direct tutelage, and as well as training under Kuroken, you are to succeed him as the Kuro Keibi. Kaguya Kimimaro another of my students has been training to succeed Shirotoku as the Shiro Keibi. This position is the most important position within Otogakure. But while you are training, you will be studying among other children I have rescued.” the white faced Sannin explained silently as he sat upon his throne, with the recently rescued Naruto kneeling in at the center of the audience chamber.

“Hai, Orochimaru-sama!” the boy responded eager to get some training in an atmosphere that didn’t worship the ground that spoiled Uchiha brat walked on. He could find a way to prove himself in a village that didn’t judge him. He had been told by Shirotoku that Orochimaru loved to have the suffix of sama added to the end of his name. Probably an ego boost for the depraved Sannin.

“Good to hear. Shirotoku will show you to your quarters. As well as get you a change of clothes. You will begin your training tomorrow at the crack of dawn.” The snake Sannin stated decisively, this was the beginning. A new beginning for the boy, he was bound to be great in this village. Also it would work as the catalyst for Orochimaru’s plans.

The days would pass and Naruto got acquainted with all the residents of this village, mostly the ones near his age. He first learned that there were two red haired girls in the village, one was just a tad creep, and the other was a ticking time bomb. Karin seemed to be fond of chasing after boys she thought were cool. And Tayuya taught him fast that he better what he said around her because it resulted in a punch to the jaw.

He then got acquainted with, Kidomaru, Jirobo, Sakon and Ukon. They were all strange, one was the size of an adult already, the other looked like a spider, and Sakon and Ukon were like Siamese twins. He found them to be interesting none the less. But Kimimaro was another story, the two developed an intense rivalry right away, as it became apparent Orochimaru was investing more time into Naruto.

In time Naruto came to learn that Kuroken wasn’t as frightening as he appeared, in fact it was just years of psychological training that made him like that. He was still a bit disturbed, but Naruto came to learn that he was a good teacher, especially in the arts of assassinations.

The years pass…

Now nearly thirteen Naruto left his quarters wearing his Kuro Keibi robes which did not bear the same patterns as Kuroken’s but instead bore the spiral that Naruto was always so fond of. In the years Naruto had managed to work up to the position of succeeding Kuroken. It was of course necessary as Kuroken and Shirotoku had new responsibilities one of which was training other students that had come along. Including a girl named Sakuretsu Rekka, who had a life very similar to Naruto’s.

“Naruto-kun!!!” bellowed the voice of his most rabid fangirl, Karin. The blonde Genin was heading for Orochimaru’s audience chamber when he heard his name shouted out by the rabid girl. He sighed as the girl latched herself onto his arm, he was hoping Orochimaru would transfer her to another base to get her out of his hair.

“Would you get our mitts off Naruto you fucking tramp. He obviously doesn’t want you or he would be dating you, you fucking slut!” vulgar as always Tayuya rescued Naruto, the bespectacled kunoichi flared as a vein popped out of her forehead. “And before I forget!” the foul mouthed girl exclaimed as she brought her flute down on top of the boy’s head.

“Ouch!! What the heck was that for?” the blonde growled in response to the redhead, he didn’t think it was really necessary.

“Oh! Don’t think I didn’t see you with that fucking bimbo with the dye job. I saw you and her kissing! You’re a man whore!!” snapped the red head as she moved to smack Naruto on the top of the head again. But it was stopped by Shirotoku grabbing her arm.

“Now that will be enough. Naruto-kun has a meeting with Orochimaru-sama. You can resume showing your love for him later Tayuya-chan.” As the white haired shinobi said this he looked quite pleased with himself as the red haired girl was red in the face, but not in anger. For it was true, and needless to say Karin was quite pleased, before the girl could latch onto him again he bolted away, and ran for the audience chamber. He really had no time for this, he was a proud Shinobi of Otogakure.

Now normally Yakushi Kabuto handled a lot of the inner workings of the village, but due to Orochimaru’s planning he was in deep cover in Konohagakure. The duties then were split up between Shirotoku and Kuroken depending on which was better suited for the task. Naruto assumed a kneeling position in front of Orochimaru’s throne, “I have come as you requested Orochimaru-sama. What is it you ask of me? Say and it will be done.” the young shinobi said in a low tone as he kept his gaze directed at the floor.

“Stand, Naruto-kun. I have a specific task in mind for you. You will go to Nami no Kuni with two other Shinobi on a mission to retrieve three girls that have acquired my interest. Mamochi Nami, Mamochi Kaisui, and Haku are their names.” the serpent like Sannin rasped as he looked down at the prodigy he molded. He was confident that the boy could achieve this task with no problem.

Naruto raised his head remaining kneeling, he wanted to show respect for Orochimaru at all times. He would never show disrespect to the one who had saw fit to train him in more deadly arts of Ninjutsu. “The daughters of the Demon of the Mist? You really think I am capable of such a mission Orochimaru-sama?” the boy asked curiously as he looked to the white faced man.

“Hai, you will be accompanied by Tsuchi Kin, and Sakuretsu Rekka. Kin-chan has a grasp on genjutsu and Rekka-chan has a grasp on ninjutsu. This will compliment your mastery of Taijutsu and Otojutsu. You will leave as soon as you are prepared, they shall meet you by the front gate.” the Snake Sannin explained as he further instructed the genin on the details of his mission. Which he had the most faith would be a success, if his seven year plan was to come to fruition.

That plan being the acquisition of Uchiha Sasuke. As his plans to get Uchiha Itachi had failed miserably. He could have plotted to acquire Uchiha Furuchi, Uchiha Kako, Uchiha Ima, or Uchiha Mirai. But they were seen as inferior parts in the eyes of the snake. Furuchi was impure as he was born outside the clan, the Uchiha triplets were female, and he didn’t even know if they even inherited the Sharingan, since the trait was rare enough, and in a female even rarer.

Naruto stood to his feet walking out the door silently, the doors closing behind him slowly as the slabs of marble came to a loud stop as they sealed the room. Naruto came out to find a glaring red head, of the irrational kind, not the fangirl kind. The fangirl kind was easy to deal with, but Tayuya was irrational, very irrational. Quickly the jabbing of her finger came, right into his chest. “You can’t go alone with those bitches! They’re fucking useless! You need someone you can rely on to back you up! Not Miss Pretty Hair! Or that fucking whore with her fucking dye job!” roared the red head as she continued to jab Naruto’s chest.

Pushing past the redhead the blonde walked to his quarters silently, waving his hand as he walked. “We’ll talk about it when I get back Tayuya-chan. Until then…try and calm down. You act like a jealous girlfriend too much.” the Genin said with a cheeky smirk on his face as he looked back at the redhead. A rather irritated look was on the explosive redhead’s face at the mentioning she acted like a jealous girlfriend. Oooh she could just throttle him for that.

Strolling into his chambers, the blonde shinobi picked up his katana which was housed in a black ornate scabbard depicting the nine bijuu from top to bottom. Sliding the sheathed blade into the crimson obi he walked towards a sitar which was resting on a desk, turning it over, he pressed a switch which caused the sides to pop open, and the neck to rise up. This revealed hidden trench knives, and butterfly swords. He closed the compartments and brought the instrument to rest on his back. Lastly he took from the hooks on the wall his Kitsune mask, and a canonical hat which was dyed black. Pulling the mask and hat on he walked out the door.

He headed towards the village gates, his arms resting inside his yukata as he walked. When it came to missions in the name of Orochimaru and the Village, he would never show his true face. It was for the sake of his safety, as well as the village’s safety. He stopped in front of the two girls and glanced at both before walking past them “Let’s go. We have to arrive in Nami no Kuni within three days. I would like to arrive ahead of schedule to get an idea of what we are in for.” his voice cold, and sounding more efficient, this was how he earned his place as the Kuro Keibi, efficiency on missions.

The two girls nodded their heads and moved behind him, they knew that in truth Naruto was a bit different outside of battles. The two kunoichi said nothing they only nodded their heads and followed him silently, they knew there would be time to talk later, but right now the mission took priority.

Day’s later…

The trio of Oto-nin had come upon the middle of a fight between Sharingan no Kakashi, and Mamoichi Zabuza the demon of the mist. Pulling the mask off for a moment, Naruto looked down at the field, “I think we will make ourselves known…Rekka flank to the right, Kin flank to the left. I will go center…” he gave the two girls orders and sprung from the tree using Shunshin no Jutsu, the two kunoichi did the same. Appearing in the middle of the battleground the Kuro Keibi stood between the two combatants. The steel plate on his canonical hat coming into view, Kakashi’s eyes widened. “Sharingan no Kakashi…an honor to meet you, but....” Dryly the shinobi said from behind his mask as he trailed off, reaching behind and unsheathing his katana which had a set of prayer beats wrapped around the tsuba and hilt. “This is purely business. The Otokage sent us to acquire some people for him.” He finished as he pulled the blade out and rushed across the water.

“Hmph…foolish little brat…you will die here!!!” the demon of the mist shouted as he begin to swing his zanbatou towards the interloper. The two blades collided fiercely sparks flying as the blades struck one another, applying some pressure to the blade, Naruto vaulted himself upward. Using this momentum and space he acquired the shinobi grasped the hilt with his other hand as he came downward, the demon of the mist brought his sword upward connecting with the sword but used his greater strength to knock the boy back. “You’re out of your league brat. I heard that Otogakure let their Genin go on their own but this takes the cake HAHAHAHA!!!” Zabuza roared with laughter as he placed his sword in its holster before he began to move into a long series of hand seals.

That is when two senbon struck Zabuza’s neck seeming to have killed him, that’s when a girl dropped from above and landed on the water grabbing hold of Zabuza’s sinking corpse, Naruto could tell this wasn’t the work of Kin for his recollection she never had that pinpoint accuracy. “Thank you for keeping him busy. I have been trailing this one for some time. I will now take him someplace to dispose of the body.” she quietly said as she lifted the body up over her shoulders showing incredible strength.

“If that’s so…you should dispose of the body here…right?” the black clad Shinobi coldly stated as he looked at the masked girl. A click was heard as he adjusted the grasp on the hilt of his katana. Narrowing her eyes the girl used Shunshin no Jutsu to teleport away. ‘Target one of three spotted…’ he quietly thought to himself before following suit and disappeared into the trees.

“…Who the hell was that Kakashi-sensei? He looked like he was stronger than me…but he can’t be any older than me.” the raven haired, Uchiha Sasuke queried, feeling somewhat inadequate having seen the masked boy take on Zabuza with out much challenge.

“Only rumors circulate, he’s what they call a Kuro Keibi, they act as body guards to the Otokage. And that was the Kuro Keibi. I could only tell by the style of dress. But something about him seemed familiar…lets get Tazuna to his village first. Sakura, Saiyuki lets go.” the white haired shinobi explained to the team before walking ahead, counting his graces that he didn’t need to use his sharingan. ‘…Ginshin may like to know I may have found Minato-sensei’s son.’ he silently thought to himself as he walked ahead.

A few days later…

The three genin sat around a fire quietly, Naruto was idly poking the fire with a stick, his mask and canonical hat resting on the ground beside by his tent. He could relax for the moment, “We have to wait…I only found one of them. According to the dossier I was given by Orochimaru-sama there is a dark haired girl associated with Zabuza’s group. Her name is, Haku, no last name given, and she possesses a Kekkei Genkai. Next is, Mamochi Nami, she has neck length black hair, and wears a pair of gauntlets. Last is, Mamochi Kaisui, his adopted daughter. Her hair is blue green, gill like marks on her neck, and she brandishes a trident.” he calmly told the two girls as he read the dossier.

“Any information on their abilities Naruto-kun?” the blonde kunoichi asked silently as she peered at him fidgeting with the hem of her unusual dress, hands hidden beneath her long sleeves. Her light blue eyes watching the boy quietly, it was no secret in Otogakure, that the girl was crazy about Naruto. In fact it had gotten him a lump on his head.

“Not much, just info on their favored fields. According to the dossier Kaisui seems to have had a life similar to ours Rekka. Nami on the other hand seems to be an engineering genius and created her gauntlets to amplify and respond to her chakra. By flaring it in a specific way she can shift her gauntlets into different functions. Usually claws, and katars are the functions. She also appears to be a taijutsu specialist. Lastly Haku appears to have a Kekkei Genkai. Most likely identifiable as a Hyoton, unlike ninja of Yukigakure, she can create her own ice…” calmly the shinobi explained as he rolled up the dossier scroll, and tossed it over to Rekka. He just quietly stared into the flames of the campfire he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Something about this mission didn’t seem right, like this would be the very incident that spurred a revolution that would change everything he had come to know. He didn’t like this feeling, Konoha Shinobi, he didn’t like the very thought of them being here. It made the operation more difficult, he would have to work to keep his anonymity at all costs.

A few days later…

Leaves from the trees fell spiraling towards the ground, in the middle of the clearing in disguise, Naruto was playing his sitar, while Rekka and Kin whom were also in disguise danced quietly as he played the sitar. The plan was simple, while posing as performers the two would find out what they needed to know, if the targets came their way they could easily acquire more intel on their targets.

As luck would have it, three girls came their way, analyzing the tallest girl Naruto could tell he had seen her. ‘Big mistake…always change your hair...’ the Kuro Keibi quietly mused as he continued to working his fingers over the strings of his sitar. His eyes shifted to the second one, instantly spotting the gill like markings on her neck. Finally his eyes set on the last of them, dark hair, dark eyes, and gauntlets. Now here was the hard part they could move now and capture them, but this was not the method of Orochimaru, acquire them through persuasion. But no, he had to work the way that would result what he needed to do.

He looked towards Kin and played a specific melody on his sitar one with an alluring sound to it. Nodding her head, once the three girls were past a tree which had a musical note etched into it, the dark haired girl moved her fingers through hand seals and a set of trip wires snapped out into place. “What the!?” shouted Kaisui as she looked about in shock as the trap kept them from retreat, she then released her trident from a seal on her wrist brandishing the peculiarly shaped weapon which a large weight on the end, with writing for the name Isonade.

“Big mistake girls…yet an interesting scheme you have going…what kind of father would do such a thing to his daughters…seems kind of cruel if you ask me…” began the blonde Shinobi as he stood to his feet, releasing the Henge, his face hidden behind his mask as he stood up. “Do you really like this life? You’re bound to slip up eventually and an Oinin will find you with out trouble…and…end this ruse…” he continued as he moved his left hand to rest on his katana quietly.

“SHUT UP!!!” roared the green haired girl as she rushed forward, thrusting her polearm forward a series of powerful thrusts coming straight for the masked boy. One swift motion almost unseen by the eye, stopped the assault as the katana was unsheathed and the blade struck down the split of her trident.

“Kaisui stop! He stood up to Tousan!! He can deal with you in your angered state!” Nami shouted to her sister trying to calm her down, it was possible she was the one who was the voice of reason in this family unit. But her voice wasn’t reaching her sister who was about to frenzy, she was losing her control fast. “No…NOT HERE!!!” shouted the girl with jet black hair in dread of what her sister was about to do.

“His chakra…IT’S LIKE MINE!!!” the frenzying girl roared as her eyes shifted from a gentle green to an aquamarine color as her eyes became slitted and demonic. Her chakra poured out as two visible tails of chakra spread out, the gill marks deepening as her strength increased. Forcing the blonde back, with relative ease, she twisted her arms and knocked the sword from his hands and into a tree.

“Naruto-kun watch out!!” the sleeve wearing Rekka screamed in fear of what would befall Naruto with this dangerous opponent.

“Soujutsu: Suigyoku Kisei…” the girl rasped as she bit her thumb wiping the blood over a seal on her spear, creating two Mizu Bunshin from the moisture in the air. The appeared flanking the boy, all immediately thrusting their spears rapidly forward, effectively striking him.

“Naruto-kun!!!” the blonde Kunoichi shouted in sorrow afraid that Naruto had been struck fatally. She then began moving her fingers through hand seals ready to make a strike of her own only to see the Naruto before her dissolve into mud.

“Tsuchi Bunshin no Jutsu?!” exclaimed the black haired girl in shock that her sister had effectively been outsmarted. Nami shifted her eyes left and right eventually looking up to see the masked boy standing on the tree. ‘He must have done it when we watched his sword fly into that tree…he’s a clever one…clever…like a fox!’ the gauntlet using girl quietly thought to herself as she was now full of dread, the rumor had spread through all the elemental countries, this couldn’t be the one. “Haku!! We have to stop Kai-chan! She’s going to get herself killed if she awakens what’s inside that boy!” she exclaimed in fear of what would become of her sister, even if they were not related by blood she still worried about her all the same.

“Otojutsu: Kaze no Aiseki!” he shouted as he struck a series of chords and notes sending out a fierce blast which struck the green haired girl knocking her into the ground. She managed to stand to her feet, her bruises and scratches instantly healing as she did a dark smirk on her lips. “Rekka…Kin…get out of here…looks like I have to take this to another level…I’ll link up with you once I get done here…” the masked shinobi rasped out as he gritted his teeth, releasing the compartment which contained his butterfly swords.

“But!” Rekka objected, until she saw the fierce look in the masked boy’s eyes, in defeat she nodded her head and along with Kin retreated from the area, bounding and leaping through the trees.

‘I have heard the rumors…Orochimaru gave Naruto a special gift…very different from the Sound Four’s gifts. And even more powerful than Kimimaro’s gift…I'm afraid…he’s going to use this power…’ the dark haired kunoichi thought to herself as she bounded from tree to tree. She wanted to stay away from this power, it was too deadly for someone like her. She knew her own short comings and didn’t want to go past her own limits.

“…So…you want to play…I’ll have you know…I don’t play…” he trailed off pulling the pair of swords from their compartments as he flung the sitar off towards a tree where the strap flew over a sturdy branch. He then bolted from the tree and swung his short swords at the green haired girl, “NICE!!!” he finished with a shout as the girl spun nimbly and dodged his first slash, before she spun the weighted end of her spear at the boy. The blow connected with his stomach causing him to go sliding back across the ground nearing a tree. His body collided with the wooden body, before he could regain his footing the female Jinchuuriki rushed forward spinning her polearm and struck him against the tree knocking him through the tree and towards another.

“Gah!!!” Naruto groaned as he hit the other tree slumped down to the ground, he summoned what strength he had and laced his fingers into a series of hand seals. “Doton: Doryuuheki!!” he exclaimed as he placed his hands to the ground forming a barrier of rock, the green haired girl rushed forward and thrust her spear into the barrier of stone dismantling it with ease. As the debris cleared she prepared to make another thrust with her three pronged weapon, but as the dust cleared she found the tree was covered in exploding tags which were burning.

With a thunderous blast the tags exploded shattering the tree into a series of stakes which flew in all directions. Numerous stakes found their way into the girl knocking her back towards a tree, bursting from the ground behind her having used Doton: Shinjuu Zanshuu no Jutsu he now had the advantage. Spinning behind her he dealt a fierce side kick to her back sending her reeling forward. He spun again and thrust his swords forward dealing a two precise slashes across her back to wound her, but as soon as he cut into her, her wounds instantaneously healed.

She smiled bearing her teeth like a shark, she grasped her trident tightly and thrust it forward and bolted forward running the blade through him with relative ease. The blades burst out of his back skewering him to the tree. Coughing up blood he weakly grasped hold of the spear gritting his teeth as he pushed it out of his body, just before slumping against the tree.

“Such great entertainment, please beg for your life wretch!! I want to see you grovel-guh…” she taunted him but was silence when she was struck in the neck by a senbon laced with tranquilizers. Crumpling to the ground the girl fell, releasing the boy from his torture.

Nami rushed over and picked up her sister slowly, lifting her up off the ground, “Haku-chan get her spear! We have to get out of here!” she shouted as she took flight with Shunshin no Jutsu. Haku pulled the trident from the Kuro Keibi’s body and followed suit in taking flight.

‘Is this…this where it all ends? No!! I can’t die yet…I have to become the most powerful Shinobi ever…so…tired…no…’ his thoughts grew hazy as he felt his consciousness slipping away, he felt dread washing over him at his failure to handle this girl. He could have simply tapped into the seal on his back but, he didn’t want to risk it, the sensation of blood lust and to rend the land couldn’t be controlled. Then, darkness it came over him and took him.

Naruto’s mindscape

Awakening in an unfamiliar environment, glancing around this new eerie world he was in, he found himself in what appeared to be furnace. Long series of pipes going down a long corridor, he pulled the mask off his face and began to walk down the corridor silently. Eventually he found himself in front of a large cage with a series of bars a large seal on the door to the cage.

“Well…took you long enough…to think the person who contains me got there ass kicked by that good for nothing shark!” the bijuu lord bellowed as he appeared at the edge of the prison, his glowering smile showing.

‘I remember now…Orochimaru-sama had told me after I came to his village that I contained the most powerful Bijuu. The Kyuubi…this must be him…her…it!’ he quietly thought to himself as he stared at the horrifying visage of what he acted as a warden of. “Yeah…not a lot I could have done you freeloadin’ furball.” he snapped angrily at the Kitsune Yokai, infuriated by the beast already.

“INSOLENT BRAT!!! You stand before the greatest of the Bijuu and you speak with such disrespect to me!? If you want to defeat that wretch next will obviously need my power. Since you can’t handle her on your own, I will give you my chakra, but not because I like you…but because we are connected in fate. If you die…I die…” the beasrt bellowed loudly as he continued to glower down on the boy, with a look of hostility to its eyes.

“Alright then…you better be honest about this. Cause I don’t like the idea of feeling pain. So…that girl she was like me huh? Does that mean you can regenerate my wounds too? Cause frankly…I don’t wanna go around with a hole in my chest. Not really my idea of living.” he quickly smarted off to the Demon Beast, earning a loud roar from the best as it began to growl and crash against the cage.

“Yes…but watch your tongue kit…I won't share my power if you keep being rude to me.” the beast growled out in irritation to the boy, he then began to unleash enough of his own chakra to heal the wounds on the boys body. “Now rest…when you wake up…your wounds will be gone…you will be able to tap into my power as you need it.” Explained the maliciously grinning beast as he looked down at the boy, he was in for a long annoying ride with him that was for certain.

The next morning…

Dawn was breaking, and Naruto was still resting under the tree, his wounds were now gone, but he was not alone. Walking into the clearing, an athletic frame of a girl came into the area surveying the damage, her brown eyes shifting around until she found the boy, walking over to him she looked in shock. “The Kuro Keibi…a big fight must have erupted here…I wonder…” she quietly spoke to herself as she knelt down and pulled away his mask to see in shock he was someone she knew. “N-Naruto…it can’t be…he ran away seven years ago…it just can’t be…” she stammered in disbelief.

His eyes fluttered open as he looked up to see the girl in tank top, blue jeans, unzipped black utility vest standing over him. “Saru-hime…wait!! My mask!?” he exclaimed as he snatched the mask away from her and placed it back on his face. “Saru-hime you have to forget you seen me…its better if Konohagakure thinks I'm gone for good…no one ever cared that I was there…” he weakly said as he managed to get to his feet and stagger away slowly. Before he got to far away, she ran up and wrapped her arms tightly around him, trying to keep him from going away again.

“That’s not true…I noticed, so did ojiisan, and Bara, and Hinata noticed you were gone most of all…” she frowned some as she kept a tight hold onto him.

“I have a mission Saru-hime…I hold loyalties to the Otokage. Things can’t be the way they were. Now let go of me…” he stated with a sigh as he got free of her arms and grabbed his butterfly swords and took to the trees getting to the branch where his sitar rested, pulling it off the branch. He opened the compartments and slid his weapons into place, and closed it up before vanishing with Shunshin no Jutsu.

Moments later he arrived at the camp and dropped his sitar to the ground staggering over to the camp slowly feeling a tad weak yet. Before he could fall to the ground the two kunoichi that made up his team rushed over and caught him. “Naru-kun!!” came a concerned call from the braid bearing kunoichi, her blue eyes looked at him with concern.

“I won’t lose a second time…you can count on that…” he managed to say before he drifted to sleep in the arms of the two girls.

“Get some sleep Naruto. You’ll get to redeem yourself.” Kin quietly said as she helped carry Naruto over to a sleeping bag.

Author’s notes

Okay now, this is closer to a good vision of the fic, my personal Expanded Universe cast. Now expect things to go much differently this time around. For one I wanted to expand on themes found in the manga so at times I may be slow with updates cause I wanna keep it AU yet at the same time work with the canon.

Others Changes
-New OC’s
-Different plot to reflect what I feel will make a good story
-Ginshin’s Surname is now Jinketsu as there is already a Hanzou in the Canon
-Kuroken and Shirotoku also have new Kekkei Genkai which make more sense

-Otojutsu (Sound Technique)
-GAROU (Hungry Wolf) [Yes its not just the name of a group of werewolves]
-MESUNO (Vixen)
-KAEN (Flame
-Soujutsu: Suigyoku Kisei (Soujutsu: Jade Death)
-Otojutsu: Kaze no Aiseki (Otojutsu: Wind’s Sorrow)
-Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
-Doton: Doryuuheki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall)
-Doton: Shinjuu Zanshuu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique)

Brief explanation of Houshuton: Combining earth and wind style jutsu the bearer of the Kekkei Genkai can effectively create gems by fossilizing the ground.

Brief explanation of Narakugan: The bearer gains a zombie like appearance to their eyes and can weave stronger than average genjutsu which cannot be disrupted by flaring ones chakra.
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