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Waiting by A Vampires Butterfly

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Chapter notes: Hi there! A Vampires Butterfly or Violet! I am so back! I can just look at a Word program and write up a one shot. Sorry I'm in such a angsty mood. But I should have something funny up soon. Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
He watches out the window. He doesn’t see much. Nothing really of interest. He doesn’t know what he is supposed to see, or if he is supposed to see anything at all. He just keeps watching. Waiting.

Soon the sun sets. He watches the light fade, moving slowly across the horizon. He keeps looking out the window watching. Just staring out the window, even as the moon comes out. He can’t see much now. Too dark. But he looks out the window. Waiting for something he knows might not even come. But he waits. He watches out his window. Not moving. Trying not to blink. He waits.

The sun comes back up, first rays peeking over treetops and buildings. It seems so shy as it comes up, reaching tenderly across the world. He watches it through his window. He stills hasn’t moved. He hasn’t slept. It feels strange, watching the sun’s process start over. He thinks he should feel tired. He hasn’t slept in so long. But he can’t close his eyes. He just keeps staring out his window. He wonders if the sun is surprised to see him again. He wonders if it knows he is still waiting. Will keep waiting. Forever if he has to. Just waiting.

He blinks as he realizes his eyes were closed. He opens them to find he isn’t staring at his window. He finds himself on his bed, a warm quilt thrown over his body. He can see the moon glittering at him from outside his window. He tries to sit up, wondering how he got there. He is supposed to be waiting. He can’t fall asleep, not when…not if…. he shakes his head and tries to get up again. He feels something warm circle his waist and pull him back. He holds back a gasp and looks at the bed.

“Is that anyway to greet your boyfriend on the night he gets back from a month long mission? Huh, dobe?” Sasuke teases him sleepily, sitting up with him, kissing him softly on the lips. Naruto kisses back and pulls his boyfriend into a suffocating hug. He never wants to let go, but knows for some reason Sasuke needs to breathe. It has been so long….too long. He had thought for sure that…that…that he would be waiting forever.

Sasuke smirks as he pulls away. “That’s more like it.” He says, then yawns. Naruto sees in the dim moonlight that he is still dressed in his ANBU outfit, which is torn and dirty. He can’t see if any of the stains are dirt or blood, but cringes at even the thought.

The price of being a ninja. Being in love with a ninja. Being a ninja yourself. Is knowing that you or someone you love will always somehow get hurt. Or never come back. He hated when he was left home when Sasuke was on a mission. If he didn’t get a mission he was stuck waiting. Just waiting. And he always stares at the window. The window is cracked because sometimes he can’t just wait and has to do something and ends up trying to break it. Just to make something hurt as much as he does. He only ever hurts his hand.

But now he doesn’t have to wait.

He kisses Sasuke again, whispering against pale lips. “I missed you.” He wants to say that he is glad he is back. He wants to make him promise to not leave again. To make it so he will never wait again. But he doesn’t want to make Sasuke break his promise. He knows that Sasuke will have to leave again. That maybe he will be the one with the mission next and Sasuke will be stuck waiting.

The price of a ninja.

“I missed you too.” Sasuke whispers back and kisses him once more before pulling him against his torn clothes. Naruto holds onto him tightly and lies down with him. He knows Sasuke is tired. He is tired too. So tired of waiting. But now they just need to sleep. Tomorrow they will go on with their lives, enjoying what time they have together.

They will keep waiting.

Watching the sun go up and down.

Watching each day and night pass.

And wonder if the other has the pleasure of living through the day and seeing the next.

Always waiting to see if they should celebrate or mourn.

Waiting to see if the life of a ninja has taken their most precious thing.

Waiting to see if their price has been paid.


Just waiting.
Chapter end notes: Hope you liked. Reviews are loved. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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