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Those Eyes by A Vampires Butterfly

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Chapter notes: Hi! A Vampires Butterfly or Violet. I know, I know. I just did a sad, angsty fic, but hey. This site needs more...I want to say good fics, but doesn't that sound insulting to other authors. And of course makes me sound too sure of my abilities. Uh...anyhoo. Please enjoy! I'm living for good reviews from you people. Tell me if you liked it and why! Not just 'Good job' please. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Long nights.
Cold nights.
Bloody nights.
I can’t stand those eyes.
I want to close them forever.
I want them to never look at me again.
I never want them to be able to do this to me.
To make me actually feel alive.
They won’t stop staring.
I know they can’t stop staring, but I am prepared to make them.
I just want to kill them all.
End this fated meeting without words.
Without shouting.
Without tears.
Without all these mindless games.
Without the old script.
Without these so well known lines.
The trees whisper around them, curious guests to the scene.
The stars wink and stare with them.
All attention seems to be on me.
Then again when isn’t the attention on me?
I stand my ground.
I stare defiantly back.
And I feel it again.
The same emotions.
That I feel every single time I meet those eyes and their stare.
I thought I had gotten rid of emotions.
I thought they had been gone for good.
But as I stare back into those eyes, they remind me.
Remind me.
That somehow I'm is still alive.
The owner of those fucking eyes turns away from me.
He frees me from their trap and breaks the silent trace over everyone.
He tells his teammates he is the one who wants to deal with this.
He tells them to leave.
He’ll find them when this is over.
As if he will finally win.
As if….
As if he will make me regret what I’ve done to him.
He turns back to me as his teammates nod.
I can tell by the look on their faces that they don’t want to leave.
They want to help.
They don’t want to break anymore of their little bonds.
They want to fight together.
How disgustingly precious.
I can’t help but remember when I had the same things.
Same teammates who wanted to hold me back.
Who wanted to be with me through everything.
As if I needed them.
Same restricting bonds that held me.
That trapped me.
To that forsaken village.
I haven’t thought about the past for a long time.
Why do those eyes remind me?
He starts talking.
I don’t listen.
I never do.
What more is there to say?
I can’t fix the past.
I can’t stop myself.
I don’t want to listen to his hurt.
His pain.
His emotions.
I don’t even want to listen to mine.
So even though I know I was the one who caused his pain.
His hurt.
His endless nightmares.
I don’t listen.
“How could you?”
“What could have made you do it?”
“Why didn’t you let me stop you?”
All common themes to his rants.
His tears.
His shouts.
I watch with blind eyes.
I listen with deaf ears.
They say ignorance is bliss.
But then he stops.
He isn’t supposed to stop yet.
Those god damn eyes.
Now wet.
Stare at me, moving back and forth as if looking for something inside me.
Is he looking for answers?
Is he looking for emotion?
Maybe even love?
Or is he just staring at his reflection?
Trying to measure himself up?
Trying to decide if he has finally passed my ability?
Has finally bested me?
Has finally trained enough to fulfill his goal?
I don’t know.
But his eyes stop moving and I realize he has moved closer.
Too close.
I see his hand, breaking eye contact and smirk.
I guess he found the answer after all.
I send him back with a punch to the chest, dodging the kunai he had ready.
He glares with those eyes.
I wonder if anyone else sees such things in those eyes.
I wonder if anyone else feels such things when they look at them.
I wonder why I care but don’t get a chance to answer myself.
He takes a chance and uses the jutsu he learned at such a young age.
He charges me.
He seems to have gotten more skilled.
Will he finally win this time?
Do I want him to win yet?
Do I have a choice?
He clears the distance between us.
But then…
He breaks the jutsu.
I am surprised.
I am even more surprised when I feel a sharp pain in my back.
I stare into those eyes that seem just as surprised as I am.
I feel cold.
It feels as if I am being slowly covered in snow.
All heat fades.
So slowly.
I just keep staring into those eyes as they fill again with tears.
I fall back and arms that should have held heat just feel colder.
The arms don’t belong to the eyes.
I can’t see those eyes for a moment.
I can’t feel anymore.
So cold.
I look down at myself as I am laid down roughly on the grass.
I can see something shiny wink at me in the starlight.
It is peeking out of my chest, stained with blood.
I am surprised.
Does it really end like this?

“Naruto?! I told you I wanted to kill him! My dream…you…you stole my dream! My revenge!”

I hear him almost scream.
Such hurt in his voice.
Such pain from not killing me.
The demon container stays silent.
I can see him staring into those eyes.
I lay between them.
Those eyes are tear filled and glaring with such burning anger.
Blue eyes stare back with stone like traits.
He isn’t affected by those eyes.
I can feel myself going.
I look up one last time at those eyes.
The eyes turn away from his teammate and look back at me.
He looks as if he wants to save me.
I guess so he can kill me himself.
I wonder what it feels like to have your one wish.
One dream.
One hope.
Taken away from you.
Taken right out of your hands.
I also wonder what my foolish little brother did to his teammate.
What dream did he destroy to make the blond destroy his?
Did I make him ruin the demon’s dream?
Is it somehow my fault that Naruto was the one to kill me?
Instead of Sasuke?
Such irony.
An avenger’s dream taken away from him for revenge.
I stare into those eyes.
Tears drip down.
Eyes that made me feel.
Made me remember.
Made me have emotions.
Made me feel alive again.
Now they just make feel colder.

“Why didn’t I kill you?

A hushed whisper.
My eyes close.
The world leaves me.
My wish was granted.
I will never see those eyes again.
Chapter end notes: Hope you liked. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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