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Lithium by Squishy chan

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: The same. If I was Masashi Kishimoto-sensei, and I owned Naruto, this would be a manga, not a fanfiction.

The following is dedicated to Hina88, who so kindly requested to read something of mine, and who was my inspiration. Thank you, Hina88!

If you're going to flame, at least be witty about it! And in the borrowed words of Hina-senpai "reviews are my happy crack".
"Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan! Ne, tell me again how you got over Sasuke-kun?" Naruto pleaded for the hundredth time in their two year relationship. His cerulean blue eyes begged her over his bowl of ramen, now his second favorite thing, next to Sakura, and what she was about to say.

"(sigh) Naruto-kun, I got over Sasuke because of the great, blonde-haired, blue-eyed man in front of me. When Sasuke left, I was finally able to see what my ignorance had left me blind to." She replied, smiling and reaching across their booth to give his hand a squeeze.

It was her constant reply, and there was nothing untrue about it, but even now it started to sound a little automated. Naruto finised his bowl and they stood, paying.

They left hand-in-hand.


Naruto reached his apartment, turning to bid good-bye to his girlfriend, when he saw the look on her face.

"Sakura-chan! What's wrong?" He said, stopping to eye-level and gripping her shoulders.

Sakura offered him a weak smile, before sadly looking him in the eye and saying, "N-Naruto? Do you mind.... if... if I spend the night here tonight?"

"Of course not! Come on in!" He said, stepping aside in the open doorway.

They entered, Naruto tossing his keys inside, and Sakura making a beeline for the shower. The blonde lay out an old T-shirt for her to sleep in, and made his way to the kitchen to wait.

Sakura found him staring absently into an empty cup of tea, and she took a second to fully take him in before she tapped him on the shoulder and pulled him out of his reverie.

"Oh! Sakura-chan. I didn't hear you come out." He said as he stood.

Sakura grinned at him. "It's a sad day indeed when a ninja doesn't hear his own girlfriend coming."

Naruto just shook his head.

"Sakura-chan, you can have my bed. I'll take the couch tonight."

Sakura looked at him, startled, then nodded in acception.

They left the kitchen, heading to their appointed spots, when the pink-haired kunoichi stopped him.

"Ne, Naruto-kun? Thank you."


"For not.... taking advantage of me. For never asking to much of me."

Naruto shook his head again.

"I would only wait for you to come to me, Sakura-chan."

She smiled at him, sadly. That night, she lay awake thinking about his response, and guilt crept over her.


The next day they had plans. After breakfast, they went to the training grounds together, and ran into some friends, who invited them to lunch, but they declined, having planned to spend the day together.

They sparred a little, until they were well worn-out, and Naruto suggested they go rest awhile. Sakura agreed.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?"

"N-Naruto! What are you--whoa!!"

Sakura's words were cut off when Naruto scooped her up into his arms and took off onto the roof-tops. The leaf nin set her down and she looked around to see a great view of Hokage mountain, the cherry blossom trees surrounding it in full bloom. As a flower fell, caught on the breeze, he snatched it from the air and handed it to her.

"Naruto-kun! It's so beautiful! Thank you!"

Sakura wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him full on the mouth, startling him. She was surprisingly dominant, reaching with her tongue to prod at his lips and request entry. Naruto closed his eyes, opening his mouth and waiting for her tongue to explore, but it never came. Instead, a moment later, she pulled away harshly, and he was forced to open his eyes to see what was wrong.

Sakura stood, staring over his shoulder at something he was not aware of. He turned, his breath catching. There stood a dark-haired man, slightly taller than himself. He started as Sakura cried out,

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